Summer Reading

I haven’t been doing as much reading as I normally like. I’m lucky if I can squeeze in ten pages before my eyes can’t stay open any longer before I go to bed. Even our vacations have been so go-go-go that it’s not like I’m sitting on a beach with a good book. (Now that…


How to Actually Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I love my comfort zone– leaving it makes me queasy. For better or for worse, though, it’s necessary for growth. Maxie and I have both supported each other (and been there for each other) as we ventured outside of our comfort zones. If you’re ready for a change or need a little push to get yourself to your next level, Maxie’s tips can help get you there.

Talk about a Maxie Monday Motivation


Tennis Whites

I love being able to wear dresses all day, every day during the summer. But I’ve been trying to branch out and wear my shorts more. I don’t know how, but I completely forgot about a huge stack of shorts I had in a basket in my closet. Critter shorts, printed shorts, chino shorts. I was flipping through and rediscovered my scalloped white shorts. They ended up inspiring this outfit.

Lacoste Polos // Scalloped Shorts // White Sweater // Sneakers // Sunglasses // Baseball Cap // Similar Necklaces


Great Home Items on Sale

As great as the Nordstrom sale has been for clothing, I think the home items are just as great. I’m actually kind of in love with so many items. (Maybe even more so than the dresses and shoes!)

There are so many things that I already own and recommend, plus quite a few things that I have my eye on.
The Dash and Albert rug we have is included in the sale as well as similar navy greek key pillows. I also have a couple of these Turkish towels that I use for trips to the park and beach.


On My Radar

Can I just reiterate here how much I love you guys! This week was an exciting and frustrating as far as the website/rebrand goes… but your support made it beyond worth it. It reminded me just how awesome you are, and how lucky I am! It seems like everything is up and running for the…


#spreadsoftness with Splendid

The news lately has been far from good. It seems like I start every morning by standing in the shower feeling helpless. The steady stream watering my sadness and masking my tears. I wipe the fog off the mirror to find my plain, makeup-free face staring back at me. My reflection begs for, demands, an…


A Day in the Life Vlog

So in the midst of all the new-blog craziness, I shared a vlog on Youtube that I filmed last week. Literally every day for me is different. (And sometimes days go completely different than I expected, like this week!) But I thought last Thursday was the perfect day for filming as I was hosting a meet and greet in the city.


Graduating to a New Look

If you’re swinging by today, you may notice big changes around here. I’m beyond thrilled that my new website is finally up and running. Other than the content, pretty much everything is different. It’s been a long time coming, too. But I have to admit, I’m one of those people who…