Friday, March 27, 2015

On My Radar

It's hard to believe that I was in Mexico on Monday morning. This week was a complete whirlwind complete with travel, migraines, bad weather, and a lot of catching up.  I sadly had to miss a few things (including a yoga class... boo!) from my workload and the migraine situation. But there were some serious gems throughout the week:

First of all, I love traveling but I hate having to leave this little muffin behind. He absolutely adores the people he stays with so he gets extra special attention and TONS of doggy play time. (I doubt he misses me!) Coming home to him is the best feeling. I mean, look at that face!

Probably the coolest thing on my schedule this week was swinging by Martha Stewart headquarters to watch a demonstration of how to make jam. So. Amazing. Martha was exactly how I expected her to be, and then some. Learning how to make the jam was very interesting– I've always been curious about the process. However, it was hearing her stories that I found to be the coolest part! 

Right after meeting Martha Stewart, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet Rosanne Karmes, the founder of Sydney Evan (famous for creating the iconic "love" necklace). I've known about the brand since the very beginning because a boutique in Tampa carried it and it was really, really nice to meet Rosanne. I left the quick visit feeling inspired... and with a list of forty five things I wanted to purchase. 

I'm actually heading to Washington, DC today to speak at a conference held at Georgetown. I've been to DC twice (for two super short trips) since graduation, but I haven't been on campus since. Should be interesting. Garrett is joining me and I can't wait to show him around campus and take him to my favorite places.

On my radar for the week:

ONE // Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook

I know I already blogged about it yesterday, but I am just too excited to not share again (in case you missed it). I'm just obsessed. I promised myself when it was announced not to get overly excited just because I know it's going to be crazy and probably sell out by 8am. Oh.... but then I saw everything in the lookbook and, well, I want everything. The little mugs, the candles, the bikinis, the pom pom shorts. Sheesh, I even want the hammock even though I have nowhere for it to go.

TWO // Photo Composition Tips Video

I love how this video features beautiful photography and practical tips. It's great for photographers in training and Instagrammers alike.

THREE // How Netflix Creates Addicting and Binge-worthy TV

How does Netflix do it?! I was surprised at the answer. And truthfully, I had thought about it... a lot. I never considered the pressure a traditional show has to produce an entertaining show in the first episode. If you've ever found yourself obsessed with House of Cards or blowing through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in one week.

FOUR // Two Week Old Clouded Leopard 

This tiny little leopard is exactly as cute as you'd imagine him to be. I watched the video on repeat it. It is so stinking cute. I have bookmarked this little guy so I can revisit whenever I'm in a bad mood. Those squeaks and squeals!

FIVE // "I Have Cancer... And It Sucks"

My friend Deanna has been undergoing treatment for cancer. She used to write a column for Prep Talk way way way back in the early days. We've stayed in touch via social media since then. Deanna is, like, really funny and also really cool. She's been documenting her treatment, emotions, and everything in between on Tumblr... and she recently penned an article for Cosmopolitan (where she's a beauty editor) about having cancer when you're 25.

What's been on your radar this week?


PS You know the dress from this post? It sold out within three of hours of the post going live... nuts. I talked to Nordstrom and it looks like they're not doing a reorder. BUT, I was in LOFT this week and saw this dress in person and think it's a good alternative if you had your heart set on the one I wore. It's absolutely adorable and the scalloped detail on the back 100% knocks it out of the park. 
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lilly for Target Lookbook

The Lilly for Target lookbook is live and let me tell you... it's pretty magical.

When I saw the preview a little bit ago, my one question was about how the pricing was going to be. I have to say, I'm surprised (and excited!) at how affordable the line is. The dresses are under $40

The home collection is especially great. I absolutely would love to have the little mugs and the napkins and the beach towels... uh oh.

Browse through the lookbook! I'm guessing the collection is going to sell out fast (some of the items are online only too), so I'd create an account on and have your billing/shipping information all good to go. You can also save the items (by clicking the heart), which I'm guessing will help you purchase items faster when the collection launches on April 19th. 

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Three Book Suggestions

I blew threw three books last week– special thanks to long commutes and a vacation for that! In college I used to read at least a book a week and I miss that steady pace. I miss meeting new characters every week and being able to transport myself somewhere new. It was nice to have a taste of that again recently!

I keep track of all the books I read with Goodreads and you can always see what I'm reading or wanting to read there. While I rate the books there, I don't really "review" them in depth. I personally find reviews, well, personal. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't. I don't necessarily let a review deter me from a book and there are people I know in my life who have similar taste in books. I'm also always open to suggestions! I like walking into the bookstore with a huge list of books.

The books I read last week and a bit about what I thought (in case you're so inclined...):

The Girl On the Train: I had heard amazing things about this book. The common thread that I kept hearing was that it was similar to Gone Girl, which I really loved. I listened to it on an audiotape instead of actually reading it because I knew I was going to be commuting a lot between meetings. I'm not sure this was the best book to test-drive audiobooks (different narrators for each chapter) with so maybe my opinion on the book is skewed because it took me a few hours of listening to get the hang of it. I will say though, it was an entertaining plot. I did want to keep reading– er, listening– to see where it was going. It's a bit of a mystery/thriller following three women whose lives are quite intertwined through romance and happenstance.

The only major criticism I had was that I wanted to yell at all the female characters. Interesting story, yes. Continuous stream of stupid choices made by everyone? YES. My friends were right, if you liked Gone Girl, you'll like this book too.

Delirium: Maxie recommended this book to me a while ago. I knew it'd be the perfect "beach" read. I'm a sucker for dystopian teen novels. Ever since I devoured read Hunger Games, it's turned into my favorite genre. I like the teen-y romance plots. I love the thought of a terrifying could-maybe-happen-the-author-might-be-onto-something society. High entertainment factor! I absolutely blew through this book and couldn't put it down. It takes place in Portland and features a government that has "cured" love.

I really loved this book. I think it had some of the best character development I've read in teen literature. Whereas I felt like Katniss was the same ole Katniss throughout Hunger Games, Lena's character evolves and goes through a subtle, yet key, coming of age. Some of the word choice threw me off ("crappy" was one example I can remember), but it definitely read as an 18 year old narration.

Paper Towns: If you only have time for one book from this post, I recommend this one the most. I love John Green. The first book of his that I read was Looking for Alaska back in 2011 and I've been a fan ever since. Some of the books I've loved more than others. Paper Towns was one of my favorites. It's a simple and quick read. The characters are interesting, the plot is entertaining. I felt emotionally attached to each character throughout the whole book.

I 100% read the book because I wanted to have read it before the movie came out. I didn't let myself watch the trailer until after I completed the book. Cara Delevingne plays Margo (I know!). One of the reasons why I think I loved the book as much as I did... is that I had watched this video of John Green (nerdy-yet-lovable author) and Cara Delevingne (supermodel) hanging out on the set. Paper Towns is about a kind of nerdy guy who ends up reconnecting with his childhood friend who is now the coolest girl in school. I feel like Paper Towns is John Green's way of blurring the lines of high school cliques... and he gets to play it out in real life. 

What new books have you read recently? Any books added to your nightstand?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kate Spade Mint Maise (ON SALE)

Hurry! Kate Spade's Maise bag in Mint Mojito is $100 off (today only) when you use the code "minted" at checkout. The Maise is one of my favorite handbags from Kate Spade. I already have it in pink and also in black... and find the Mint Mojito color to be absolutely darling.

I think it's a great springtime color and would also look nice with white dresses or navy stripes this summer!

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Coral Scalloped Dress

Shopping in the juniors department is always a risk. As a 25 year old, I find that a lot of juniors items are pretty tight and very short. A teenager, I am not. And the prices are great, but the quality is sometimes not there. That being said, I do give the juniors department a try every now and then.

I bought this scalloped dress hoping that it would be a fun summer dress, and it is. 100%. The length is exactly "mid-thigh," long enough where I feel comfortable and short enough to have some fun. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear. It runs true to size, but if you're in between sizes I'd definitely consider going up– especially if you're larger chested. 

The first night we were in Mexico, we ate outside for a Mexican fiesta the hotel put together. A little cheesy and every bit amazing. (I love a good mariachi band.) I picked this dress because it was colorful and felt very festive for the occasion! Plus a touch of monogrammed tortoiseshell.

I ended up borrowing my sister's crossbody bag! Can you believe that it's under $20? Love this similar option as well

There's nothing better than eating outside near the beach. Something about that salty air just makes great food taste even better and amazing company even more enjoyable. It also does wonders for the hair... Beach hair just can't be replicated!

Photos by Stacy Heitlinger

Sadly the dress has been tucked to the back of my closet while I wait for warmer weather here in NYC. It's definitely a great summer dress and I know it will get lots of love in a few months!

A few more adorable scalloped dresses that are available right now:

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