Garden State

I picked up this skirt from J. Crew last week and it goes with a surprising number of things. At home, I tried it on with a striped tee, a black sweater, a blue/white striped blouse, and a white oxford shirt. I ended up going with a white tee just to keep things simple for an easy daytime look, but the black sweater dressed it up nicely.


4 Boundaries You May Not Know You Need

I’m late to queue up Maxie’s post for today for the best possible reason. I hardly touched my laptop or phone this past weekend. I went out of town and, to disconnect, I left my phone upstairs for most of the trip. Max and I have been doing our own mini experiments to start creating some…


Vintage Plaid

I tend to be pretty boring when it comes to white jeans. Don’t get me wrong, white jeans are a staple in my closet, but I almost always wear them with blue and white tops. I picked up this vintage plaid top from J. Crew last week and knew it’d be a hit with blue and white denim. If you’re into the overall trend, the top would also work.


Under $100

When I asked a week or so ago what kind of content you guys were interested in, I heard a lot of you talk about more budget-friendly pieces. I HEAR YOU. To be very frank, I don’t like to buy super cheap clothes if I know they won’t last a while, but I also am not the kind of girl who can just drop $1,000 on a pair of shoes. (In case you’re wondering, the most expensive shoes I’ll buy are Stubbs and Wootton because I think they’re immaculately made, and they feel like they were specially made for my feet. I’d happily splurge on a pair of their loafers.)


On My Radar

I’m blogging from Upstate New York right now. It’s really nice to get away from everything and put my phone down for long periods of time. Looking forward to time on the water and hopefully reading a bit more outside. (Just pass me the bug spray!) Anyway, here’s what has been on my radar this…


Nantucket Purchases

Whenever I travel, I never really want to do any major shopping. I find it incredibly boring after a while. Maybe it’s because I live an hour away from New York City, but most of what I would want to buy, I could just purchase at home. And then, there’s the internet on top of…


… Introducing Carter

A lot of you guys have guessed it, but today is the official announcement! I’m so excited to announce that Carter Fish has officially joined the Prepster team. I’ve worked with accountants, lawyers, managers, and a slew of freelancers but Carter is my first full-time, in-house hire. It’s a huge deal for both of us:…


Two Books to Read RIGHT NOW

I’m back today with two more books. I feel like I just posted about two books to read, so I hope you’re not sick of my recommendations. These two books are AMAZING. I hope you get the chance to read them as soon as possible because they’re that good. I downloaded 10% Happier on a whim. (I…


8 Ways to Celebrate Fresh Summer Produce

I’ve been getting in the habit of going to the grocery store without a list (if you know me, this is huge progress) and sticking to shopping along the perimeters. That is, I skip all the middle aisles and try only to buy fresh food like produce. It’s kind of fun to see what’s in…