Friday, April 18, 2014

Congratulations Kendall!

Kendall Ciesemier is a sociology major at Georgetown. We had a little bit of overlap at Georgetown and have stayed in touch. Watching from a little bit of distance, it has been amazing to see how much she has accomplished. (And she hasn't even graduated.)

Kendall was named one of Glamour's Top 10 College Women this year and won the grand prize this week. She has such an inspiring story that I just had to share with everyone!

Kendall is the definition of a go-getter and I can't wait to see what she does next!

Congratulations Kendall!

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On My Radar

This has been a tough week. Teddy is thankfully healing, but keeping him immobile is like a full time job. I can't wait for this month to be up... I think he's even more bored than I am worried!

On top of that, I finally figured out why I've been so darn tired recently. (Did I mention on here that I had been dozing off in the middle of the day... falling asleep around 9pm... and utterly unable to stay awake if things ever slowed down at all?) I've been sniffly for a while and I attributed it to allergies. #finallyspringinNYC But the sniffles didn't go away and I had to admit defeat to the Cold. I get a bad cold once a year and I think this is it. I'd definitely choose to have a more intense cold once rather than be sick a few times a year. Anyway... I've been hit and I've been hit hard.

I'm talking 10 pillows to elevate my head so I can breathe while I'm sleeping. Nose spray, tissues, watery eyes, and early bedtimes and lots of "snoozing" in the morning. It's kind of good timing because I've basically cooped myself up in my apartment, perched myself on my bed + laptop, and grabbed little Teddy so he can recuperate on the bed with me. Best rest for everyone.

I typically hate being knocked off my feet, but with a crazy first quarter of 2014, it's been nice to be forced to slow down.

ONE // Babies Eating Lemons

I can't get enough of these videos. Babies eating lemons will always be funny. Add in slow motion and roly poly baby bellies? Amazing. My mom and dad thought feeding my sister and me lemons was so funny. This is the perfect video to watch if you're having a down day!

TWO // The Confidence Gap Between Men and Women

(Apparently there's a lot of GAPS being talked about recently!) But the confidence gap between men and women is a particularly important one. This article is long and dense, so I recommend bookmarking it so you can read it when you have time. Honestly, some of it resonated more than other parts, but it did get me thinking about it. Most specifically, I started to notice my own behavioral patterns.

THREE // Justin Timberlake Evolution

I can't tell if I'm proud or embarrassed that I watched this seven minute video. I was never too into boy bands although my first concert was Backstreet Boys and my first CD was 'N Sync. These guys did an impressive job going through the evolution of Justin Timberlake. I couldn't help but ask myself a) who taught them all of this, b) how long did it take, c) did they have time to actually go to class.

FOUR // Harry Potter Theory

I love a good conspiracy theory and I love Harry Potter. Two together?! Bah! Brilliance. I obviously got super into this guy's theory and it made me want to reread the books!

FIVE // The Mini Mobile Robot Printer

Welcome to 2014. The future seems to have finally arrived. This has to be the best Kickstarter campaign I've ever seen. It totally blew my mind and made me wonder why no one else have thought of it! These guys are kind of my new heroes. I had a printer in college, but donated it when I graduated because it was such a hassle to pack and move. I now do all my printing at Kinkos (inconvenient) or Garrett's (I have to beg... haha). Would love one of these little machines!

What's on your radar this week?

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Remember the trip Mackenzie and I took to Rhode Island with Sperry? The full feature is now available on I'm sharing some of my favorite photos from the escape below, but swing by Teen Vogue to see my whole travel diary. We both had so much fun and are still talking about it. Road trips with best friends are pretty much the most fun!

Red Gingham Shirt (similar) // Lobster Sweater // Madewell Jeans (c/o) // Audrey Boat shoes (c/o)

(On Mackenzie: Striped Espadrille)

Oh! We had so much fun!

Have you ever gone a road trip with a friend? Where did you go?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've really been missing my mom lately. Truly missing her. I just want to drive through our favorite Starbucks together in the afternoon or help her follow through with one of her "visions." (That's when you know I'm really missing her because that generally ends with me standing on top of some sort of furniture on a chair trying to hang lights up... Or 3,027 trips to Michaels for more ribbon... Or dipping 800 cake pops in neon sprinkles.)

When I watched this video (if you haven't watched it... You definitely need to!) I cried my little eyes out by the end.

With Mother's Day around the corner, it's an extra special time to think about our moms and treat them like the royalty that they are! #MomsRock

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Favorite Movies

I love watching movies. I'm normally not the biggest fan of rewatching movies... unless I absolutely love them. I watch all kinds of genres and have a few too many favorites. Really though, it takes a lot for me to dislike a movie. At the very least, I just love watching a movie– in a theatre, at home, when I'm tired, when I want to be entertained. When I'm working from home, I tend to put on Netflix or iTunes so I have background noise. I'll either choose a terrible TV show with a million episodes or an old favorite movie I don't have to pay attention to.

I'm also always so interested to know what other people's favorite movies are. I recently went to a group dinner meeting and that was the ice breaker question. It was hilarious how the movies everyone chose were so so so their personalities.

Okay, so I tried to gather some of my favorite movies. I excluded documentaries because, well, the whole list would have been documentaries. My list was well over 25 and I tried to narrow them down, but I'm sure I missed a few.

10 Things I Hate About You | Confession: I have a serious thing for guys with long hair. No but really. I'm pretty sure it stemmed from watching this movie far too many times. I love the plot and the characters and I more than love the 90s grunge. Driving to crew regattas would always be super stressful for me, some guys would watch sports movies to pump up, but I'd watch and rewatch this movie on my iPod just to keep my emotions and adrenaline in check. Sometimes I'll put this on iTunes and feel like I'm back in high school on my way to a regatta again!

13 Going on 30 | When this movie came out, I was just obsessed with it. I wanted to be 30, living in a killer apartment, and working for a magazine. Would I sing "Love Is a Battlefield" on repeat? Yes, followed by an intense craving for Razzles. (Not going to lie, I think this movie inspired me to start that digital magazine in college!)

A Walk to Remember | This movie gave me terrible unrealistic expectations about dating in high school. I really wanted the "hot guy realizes he loves the weirdo" thing to happen to me. (I also blame Boy Meets World.) Oh, I could watch this movie again and again. And you know, cry my eyes out. I also love the soundtrack for this movie.

Breakfast at Tiffany's | I was super late to this bandwagon. Mostly because I didn't want to like it because it's so cliche. Oh well, it ended up totally capturing my heart. I'll never look at a Little Black Dress the same way again. 

Crazy, Stupid, Love | All-star cast. I went and saw this with my parents (my dad is Cal). I don't know what else to say about this movie other than I'm just obsessed. (And I have a girl crush on Emma Stone.)

Dead Poets Society | This movie really gets to me. Beyond the clothes and scenery (and rowing cameo!), I just love the relationships in the movie. Coming of age films can be so overdone, but I think this one is done perfectly. 

Mona Lisa Smile | Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actors and I love her in this one. Well really, the whole cast is great. My mom went to a woman's college and I love watching this thinking of her on campus.

Phoebe in Wonderland | Definitely my #1 pick for movies. I would watch it every day if I had the time. My favorite line: "At a certain part in your life. Probably when too much of it has gone by. You will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are. Especially for everything that made you so different from all the awful normals. And you will say to yourself, 'But I am this person.' And in that statement, that correction, there will be a kind of love."

The Princess Diaries | Can't every girl relate to miss Mia a little bit? Who wouldn't want to find out that you're a princess and get whisked away for a royal makeover. (Fun fact: I used to straighten my hair, do a small French braid, but leave the pony-tail down and call it a "Princess Diaries braid.") We have the DVD at home and I loved watching all the behind-the-scenes footage. It's one of my favorite Anne Hathaway movies (I'm in the minority apparently, but I like her!) and Julie Andrews is my spirit animal.

The Parent Trap | My sister and I are OBSESSED with The Parent Trap. We know absolutely every single line and would watch it every Saturday morning essentially speaking the whole movie. I'm a huge sucker for kids movies and this has to be my favorite, especially since it was one my sister and I would watch together. #memories

Do you have favorite movies that you can watch over and over again? Please share! 

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