Fall Staples

This is an updated post that I’ve done for the past couple of years. What I love about this post, is that even though this is not the first time I’ve done it, I still 100% stand by the staples. They are truly timeless. This time around I’m going to try to add a bunch…


Some Wednesday Thoughts

A random collection of thoughts today: ONE. I have no concept of time this week. All week I’ve thought that it’s a different day than it is. Without Google Calendar alerts, I would have been in trouble! (I keep having to remind myself, “It’s Wednesday, it’s Wednesday” because it feels like Thursday. TWO. Last night…


How I Blow Dry and Curl My Hair

After years of dealing with my hair, I finally know how to do it myself. I actually prefer doing my own hair now versus going to get it done somewhere else. (Although, I do love it when I have my hair washed!) Here’s a little backstory on my hair: – I was born bald. And remained bald…


Black and White (x2)


3 Ways to Handle a Transition Gracefully

Just this weekend I was talking to three friends all going through different transitions. One was starting a new job, one is looking for a new job, and another is moving across the country for a new job. They were three separate conversations, but all revolved around the same anxieties about transitions. I will be…


Falling for Gingham

It’s no secret that I love gingham. The print, especially of the navy and white variety, constitutes a large portion of my closet. While I wear gingham mostly in the summer, it can work for fall, too, when done right. I put away my very summery gingham dresses this past week but kept a few…


Under $25

Happy Saturday! Today I’ve rounded up 10 great products, all under $25! You can’t beat that.


On My Radar

This felt like the world’s longest week. I’m hoping I’m not getting sick, but I have been feeling super run down. On Wednesday, I even woke up at 8 am. I normally wake up well before that even on a weekend. (I don’t set alarms unless I have to be up before six because who needs…


Kate Spade Fall