Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Prom and Formal Dresses

Whew! My inbox (and Tumblr inbox) is filled with requests for prom dresses. I thought it was really early and then I remembered that my senior prom was the second week of March. And, um, it's already the middle of February.

I'm including dresses here that would be great for a prom but that would also work for any kind of formal event, whether it's a sorority formal in college or a black tie/fancy wedding. So don't be deterred by the word "prom" in the title if you're not in high school.

The best advice I could give while searching for *the* perfect prom dress is to consider the dress' longevity and versatility. I loved the dresses I wore to my proms: a long white dress my junior year and a Lilly dress my senior year. But I couldn't really wear either of them past prom. In college, I attended formal events and even a couple of balls (lived the life back then) where a simple gown would have been perfect. It would have been so much more useful had I picked out dresses that would work for lots of events. I think if were to do it again, I'd get a nice short formal dress for junior year and go for a long gown my senior year so I'd have two great options to wear in college. 

The other thing I'd recommend considering is wearing what you feel confident in. Wear what you want to wear even if it's not a traditional "prom" dress. You only get a chance (or two) at going to prom so wear what you want... but at the same time, I'd avoid trends. (Especially if you intend on wearing the dress for college events.)

(I hate doing disclaimers, but I've been doing this long enough to anticipate certain comments/critiques.... So here we go.... Everyone has different budgets for prom dresses. I did my best to include all options.)

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Friend Ski Trip

Three things I love: spending time with friends, skiing, and traveling. When all three are combined... even better

This was the second annual ski trip and I think we all were in agreement that we want to keep doing it every year. We have so much fun together. Garrett and I only knew two of the people on the trip last year (including G's brother) in Okemo, so this year was an absolute blast reuniting with the whole group in Killington, VT.

It was also better this year since I knew what I was doing. Last year's trip was only my second and third day of skiing ever so it was rough. My only goal for this year was to not hold anyone back and to do one blue square run. I kept up with the group well enough and went down a blue square without a problem. 

Typically I don't like doing things that I'm not good at (not something I'm proud of) and it really seems like skiing is the exception. It's so uncharacteristic for me in just about every way. I'm not athletic. I don't like being cold. And I definitely am not a risk taker. But for some reason that I do not understand I love skiing. I don't even care that I suck at it; it's still fun!

G and I were both disappointed in the lack of snow this winter, but I think we still got some great skiing days in. (And we have a trip out to Utah with his family planned for March!)

It was kind of overcast on the first day and the views from the top of the mountain were unreal. Even when I'm feeling scared and intimidated by the height, it is so worth it to get to the top. 

I bought this coat this year and it is so warm.

I look forward to these waffles every trip. They're really, really good and taste even better while exhausted from skiing.

On the second day, the group split in two. Two of the couples stayed on one side of the mountain for a half day and then we went to the other with Michelle and Karl, our friends from Connecticut. (We also carpooled together.) Michelle and I stuck together doing our favorite runs while the boys went off on their own doing the terrain parks and black diamonds. We found the best spots where no one else was skiing. It was gorgeous and a lot of fun.

On the drive home, the four of us stopped at The Vermont County store. If you're ever remotely in the area, you have to go. They have everything!!!! Including delicious samples everywhere. We walked out of there with coffee, bottles of Moxie, jars of maple syrup, and maple candies. The store just goes on and on and on– it would be impossible to leave without a bag of goodies.

The gorgeous sunset.

I put together a video for the group and uploaded it to Youtube if you want to watch. The whole thing is from Garrett's point of view since he was wearing the GoPro... but that also means he captured an epic tumble down a black diamond.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

This bow back dress (also comes in a pink) is absolutely stunning. It would be a really fun prom dress if you were opting to go short. Or just a fun LBD to have in the back of your closet for fancy occasions. I think I'm going to get this dress, I've loved it since I saw it at the fashion preview a couple of years ago... but never bought it. Now I think there's no excuse not to ;-) 
Happy Shopping!!!
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Celebrate Love, Coupled or Not

Valentine's Day can feel super commercial and cheesy (although I still find that fun). Regardless of the pomp and circumstance, it's a good reminder just to celebrate love

Celebrate Love, Coupled or Not
Guest post by Maxie McCoy

It’s that time of year again! The shelves are brimming with pink and red candies. Flower shops are gearing up. Ashton Kutcher in Valentine’s Day is cycling through cable television on repeat. Some companies are marketing to the giddy and in love. Some companies are making their bucks by capitalizing on the single and resentful. 

I’ve had years where I was totally annoyed by February 14th. And years where I couldn’t have loved it more. And it wasn’t always dependent of my relationship status. It was always more related to how tuned in I was to the meaning of the day. There’s a lot of different meanings a quick google search of “Valentine’s Day History” will offer up. Some will make you question the day. Other will make you nod. But regardless, I think we can all agree that the modern day meaning of this holiday is love. If ever there’s a truth about love, it’s this.

What could be more beautiful?? Love is a source energy that makes our lives go round. It characterizes the most special relationships in our lives. It causes us to do amazing thing. Crazy things. Beautiful things. Love, truly, is one of the great experiences of this life. To love and be loved. It’s all that really matters.

Whether you’re ragingly single (hi, right here!) or in a full-fledged partnership (hi, C + G!), Valentine’s Day this weekend can be a giant excuse to revel in love, whatever that means for you. Here’s some fun ways to celebrate love:

Pen a Love Letter
This is my favorite V-Day tradition, writing out Valentines circa elementary school style. If you’re single and ready to mingle, get a stack of heart shaped cards and write little love notes to all your besties. If you’ve got cupid’s arrow in your bootie, take the time to pen an old school love letter to your hunny. And maybe even spray it with your perfume. It’s the perfect day to be a love-drunk cheese ball!

Give Out a Million Hugs
A hug makes everyone smile. And feel warm. I’m a giant hugger. And on Valentine’s Day, it’s a great reason to give hugs for no reason. To your parents. To your friends. To your people. Your lover. Whether they’ve just walked in the door, or you get out of the car to greet them..give a hug that someone wasn’t expecting as your celebration of Vday.

Get a Bag of Valentine Candies and Give Them Out
What’s a more amazing outward expression of your love than with your favorite candies?? From chocolate to sweethearts, I promise it’ll make the receiver smile. I’ll never forget being in a cab on Valentine’s day and receiving heart-shaped candy from my driver just because. It put the biggest smile on my face and made me feel the collective love we all celebrate on this day.

Vocalize Your Love
Have you taken the time to tell someone how you feel? Like actually tell them? Maybe it’s your work wife that you literally would not survive another weekday without. Or your best friend who makes every day funnier. Or your partner who always knows the perfect thing to say. Or your mom who you’re endlessly grateful for. Take a moment to call them up and tell them. To text them and tell them. To walk up and say it. Make sure those you love have heard you say that. It’ll warm their heart as much as it warms yours. 

Whoever you’re celebrating with come the 14th, make sure to celebrate what really matters: love. 

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Friends

With Valentine's Day only a week away, I was thinking about what to do for my girlfriends. I was planning on picking out a cute card for each friend and mailing it out... but I was also thinking of throwing in a little something extra too.

Having great friends is a unique kind of love and that should be celebrated as well, right?

Here's some cute gifts for friends:

Bobby Pins... for your little sister.

Lilly Pulitzer Pillow... for your Lilly-loving best friend's new apartment.

Kate Spade Cookie Cutter Set... for your coworker who always brings the best treats.

Rosebud Salve... for your very long list of BFFs. (Each tin is only $6!)

Kate Spade Glass + Silicone Water Bottle... for your SoulCycle/yoga/running buddy.

L'Occitane Set... for anyone on your list!

Great Things Notepad... for your fellow to-do lister. 

Mini Diptyque Candle... for someone you really want to spoil.

Pink Essie Nail Polish... for the girliest girl.

Rifle Paper Co Cards... for your long distance friend.


PS Still shopping for a Valentine's Day gifts for you significant other or need to drop a few hints? Here's suggestions of gifts for her and gifts for him!
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Quick Inspiration

Sometimes I get super caught up in everyday life that I forget to look at the big picture. I focus on the to-do lists and almost let myself get buried in just accomplishing the next thing. Last week, I was feeling a little lost in it all.

Finding this video couldn't have come at a better time for me and I hope you find it helpful and inspirational too!

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