How to Break in Jack Rogers Sandals

I tend to get this question emailed to me quite a lot at the very beginning of summer. I recently started getting it even more than usual because I mentioned that I had just replaced my old white Jack Rogers with a brand new pair. It’s been years since I broke in a pair of Jacks and I truly forgot how horrible the process was. I do believe that the pain of breaking them in is worth it though because, in the end, you get a pair of sandals that feel great.

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Mother’s Day Gifts


Kate Spade Convertible Bag

As much as I love a super fun and quirky bag, there is something so right about having one go-to bag. The classic bag that you know you can count on to be a staple in your closet. I’m partnering with kate spade new york to feature their ridiculously smart convertible handbags. With these clever features, you can turn your classic bag into one that has some extra personality… and then back again.

So for this post, it looks like I have three different bags… but it’s one with a couple of accessories. In the personalization shop, you’ll find everything you need to make a bag really yours. Start with the bag and a cover, or two. Swap in a different strap. And add a charm and/or a sticker!


9 Recipes to Try This Spring

Is anyone else excited about cooking with fresher fruits and vegetables now that it’s spring? I can’t wait to find a local farmer’s market to pick up fresh ingredients for meals. Louisa’s recipes this week has my mouth watering– especially all the asparagus! 9 Recipes to Try This Spring Guest post by Louisa from Living…


Charleston Recommendations

This is a major photo overload post. I tried my best to narrow it down and considered breaking it up into multiple posts, but I wanted everything to be in one spot. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Alex asked if I would be in Charleston. She’s the owner/designer behind one of my favorite…


J. Crew Eyelet Dress

I didn’t take any outfit photos while I was in Charleston and I’m planning on doing a recap of the trip next week on here. But, I did want to share this incredible dress from J. Crew. I had to stop by the store to return something and saw these new arrival eyelet dresses. The…


On My Radar

I’m writing this in the Charleston airport with slightly sunburned shoulders. I’m quite sad about returning to Connecticut, but I miss those pups too much not to return. I had a great couple of days in the south, and it’s always so hard to say goodbye to my friends there. Luckily, it’s a short flight, and…


On Getting Personal

Can we get real about being personal today? I don’t think that sentence makes sense, but I’m not sure how else to say it. The other day, I was getting so frustrated with Instagram. It started with me checking my battery usage on my phone and realizing that I spent far too much time on the app….


Easy Ab Exercises

Okay, I hope you guys don’t think this is a click bait title. I do think that when you break down ab workouts, they’re not that hard. The specific movements are pretty easy to nail down in fact. But, well, when you actually put the timer on and have to do it? It can be really hard….