The Ultimate Summer DON’T Do List

This is the first time in a while where I haven’t created a summer bucket list. I’ve been so swamped with traveling and June is already flying by– I just kind of forgot about it completely! I love Maxie’s idea of setting a list of things to not do this summer to make the most of this…


A Crop Top I Like

I hate when people start off posts with apologies, but I have to do it here. My top and shorts in today’s post are both sold out. I’m sorry that I didn’t get this post up sooner! (This is also my last Paris post, so if you’ve been annoyed by those, this is it!) The top is available in two other colors (light blue and navy), and the shorts are still available in three colorways/prints.

*Update! Thank you, Ashley, for letting me know that the shorts are available at Nordstrom!!! You can buy them here!*


Favorite Pajamas

I used to always sleep in random pajamas. Boxer shorts I received as gifts, long pajama pants I bought on a whim, and (of course) t-shirts that I randomly collected over the years. I always had at least one pajama set, but they would sit at the back of my drawer collecting dust. At some…


On My Radar

It’s been a surprisingly good week over here. It was low-key, and I loved it. Sometimes I miss summers as a kid when school would get out, and there were zero responsibilities for two months. No homework, no tests. Just days mindlessly spent playing made-up games with my sister and hours that melted into each…


Outfit Inspiration for the Fourth of July

This is a MAJOR photo overload post. I try to stick to eight (or fewer!) photos per post, but this is going to be a big round up! I went through and grabbed all of my best red, white, and blue outfits fit for the fourth of July! There’s a little bit of everything here, so whether you’re heading to the beach or a backyard barbecue, you’re covered.

I’m going to be on Nantucket (just a little excited!). I’m not 100% committed to it yet, but I’m leaning towards wearing this cute little red romper during the day! And probably something a little warmer if it cools off at night. We’ll see. I do know that I’ll be packing all of my favorite red, white, and blue pieces! And when in doubt, go for stripes.


Kicking Off Summer on Nantucket

Two weeks ago (omg how has it already been two weeks?!), I went to Nantucket with Kiel, Sarah, Sophie, and Dave. We were invited by Nantucket Island Resorts to stay in the White Elephant Easy Street Loft. Especially since it was such a short trip, I loved being right in town! We had a bumpy,…


100 Days of Meditating

I just finished my one-hundredth day of meditating n a row!!! One hundred days! It seems like such an accomplishment honestly. This is not my first (or second) time trying to commit to meditation, but it’s the first time where I truly understand the benefits of it. The last time I tried, it was actually…


7 Pasta Recipes to Make this Summer

I think Louisa must have taken a peek at me pantry this weekend when she put this post together. I just stocked up on boxes of pasta. I went to make some last week and realized I was down to my last box! It’s my go-to comfort meal, even in the summer. These dishes are perfect…


Draper James Gingham

This dress isn’t exactly a “blend in with the locals” kind of dress. But I loved wearing it while touring around Paris nonetheless. When I saw it online, I bought it and said a little retail prayer that it would be as cute in person as I hoped it would. Guys, it’s even better. A huge gingham check is difficult to pull off without looking like a picnic blanket. The details on this one work though– the neckline, the bow, the pockets. How is a gingham-obsessed girl supposed to say no to this?