Sunday, May 24, 2015

Summer Essentials

With Memorial Day almost here, it's the unofficial start of summer. That means weekend jaunts, dinners al fresco, and a cute wardrobe. I'm ready to tuck away all my heavy sweaters and pull out all my swimsuits.

Some little pieces of clothing that are inspiring my summer wardrobe:

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Minnie and Emma Giveaway

Hope everyone has fun Memorial Day plans this weekend. It's the unofficial start of summer and the weekend I look forward to the most. One of the best parts of summer? Peony season. There's something wonderful about bringing tight little blooms home and watching them grow into gorgeous displays of color.

I love the idea of having a phone case that celebrates the cutest flower all year round, which is why I teamed up with Minnie and Emma to create six (three last year and three new designs this summer) peony phone cases! And we're giving away a case to one lucky winner (choose your favorite!):

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Good luck!
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer in Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer's "Splash Into Summer" gifts with purchase promotion kicks off today! Receive a starfish bracelet with any spend, spend $200 and receive a sunglass travel case + bracelet, spend $600 and receive two towels + lower spend gifts, spend $800 and receive a Kadima set + lower spend gifts, spend $1400 and receive rolling beach cooler + lower spend gifts. (Do it for the towels guys, omg they're so cute.)

To celebrate, I'm sharing a new Lilly look that I wore last week.

I don't spend nearly enough time in Brooklyn. It sounds like a cop out, but when you live on the Upper East Side, it can take a while to get there (especially with backed up L trains!) and I rarely feel like spending the $30 for a cab. I happened to be downtown for a little meeting and Garrett was wrapping up a haircut in Brooklyn so I decided to meet him over there.

It was an incredible day. Clear skies, perfect temperatures. Just the right amount of wind. We spent a little bit of time right on waterfront of Williamsburg taking in the sights, doing some people watching, and getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D. 

I love a good Lilly dress, but sometimes they don't exactly work in New York. I found this top to be a really cute alternative and the number of compliments I received was unreal. Although I was a little hesitant when I first picked it out, it only took one second of trying it on to realize how universally flattering it is. Something about the cut and the detailing down the middle just really works.

I think my biggest concern was that the neckline won't allow a traditional bra and I'm not the biggest strapless bra fan. Because of my larger chest, I decided on the size 2 and it fits perfectly... and (shhhh) I'm not even wearing a bra.

It's a keeper. Now I think I need it in the solid colors too.

That skyline though!

Instead of taking the train back home, we opted for the ferry. I honestly can't believe I've never taken the East River Ferry before. It was pretty fun and officially a must do if you're visiting on a nice day. It beats taking the subway hands down.


PS There's a super cute dress in the same print,!
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

On Her Radar

While I'm away in Alaska, I've asked some of my friends to share what's been on their radar lately to mix things up a little bit. (And a day early! Surprise!)

Letters to a Young Poet is a must for any creatives looking for inspiration. Within 10 powerful letters, Rilke reminds us that all creations come from within. So too does approval. The most punching lesson I took from his letters is that solitude is creativity's greatest gift– exactly the reminder I needed while living alone in bali for five months! 

I just finished the book 100 Summers. It's the perfect beach-read featuring a mix of mystery and summer love, set in 1930s high society. I couldn't put it down!

As a creative professional working in NYC — who also has an affinity with California and LA specifically— this NY Times article spoke to me! The culture on the west coast is very communal, generous, and friendly... plus, bursting with creativity. 

Is it just me or can you never find a book recommendation when you need one? I bookmarked this list of what celebrities are reading right now on my iPhone for easy access next time I’m at the library (yes, I still use a library card!). I couldn’t love Reese Witherspoon any more if I tried so I love the idea of following along on her unofficial Instagram book club. Book club besties with Reese? Yes please!

Pitch Perfect 2! (Yes, I am 33 years old (not a tween...) I could not be more excited for the return of the Bellas! I saw the first one when it came out and loved every minute... I've been counting down the days to its return. The singing, the dancing, the costumes... and of course Anna + Rebel. It's going to be fun.

Our days here in Charleston are lasting longer so I've been running outside as much as possible. I couldn't do it without my workout playlist.

I just finished Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and LOVED it. I was in search of a good love story and this book was just the answer. An easy ready that completely pulls you into the characters and leaves you sad to turn the last page. 

I found this earlier in the week and I'm obsessed. The Social Security Administration released the most popular names for any given year. This calculator gives your name's equivalent for any given decade since the 1890s. Alison was the 97th most popular name the year I was born — and in the 1890s, the 97th most popular name was Bertie. Let's just say I'm glad I was born in the 1980s ;)

Music! I'm always listening for new sounds and songs that inspire me (and I collect them on my Soundcloud profile, which you can follow here).

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Teddy's Favorite Toys

Picture overload today. Goodness knows I'm in trouble when I have kids. The number of photos I take of Teddy is borderline embarrassing. I just think he's the cutest pup in the world and I'm not sure how we got so lucky. Adorable, snuggly, playful, obedient. Everything you could want for in a pet.

When I look back at my first few months with Teddy (remember how hard it was??), I never in a million years could have imagined the impact he'd have on my life. I'm thankful that I can work from home and see him out of the corner of my eye all day. Leaving him behind while we're in Alaska is terrible for my heart.

(With that being said, we have the BEST caretakers for Teddy. They love him like their own and you should see how excited Teddy gets when he knows he's going for a visit. And I know he has the best time ever because when he comes home it takes him three days to sleep off all the fun, ha! Email me if you'd like the name– happy to share!)

I've received a few requests to share Teddy's favorite toys. In full disclosure, I've never bought Teddy any toys. He is quite the popular dog on Instagram so companies send him a bunch of stuff and he's an influencer (lol) for PetBox so we get those boxes every month. We LOVE PetBox. Using "Teddy10" checkout gets you 10% off. It's a great way to try out treats and toys and if you have a dog you know how quickly toys get destroyed. 

The favorites I'm going to share, however, are really his favorites. While he gets a ton in the mail, it's quickly obvious which ones are "keepers" and which ones go to the neighbors in our building.

Smart n Tasty Seafood Medley Treats | Teddy isn't a big fan of treats. At all. I think there's something wrong with him because he doesn't go crazy for them. These little fish treats are his favorites though. They came in one of the PetBoxes and we've since repurchased. I think they stink (I mean, they're dog treats) but Teddy will actually eat it versus burying/hiding it in the couch like he does with other treats.

Chuck It Frisbee | A friend gave this to Teddy and I have to say, I don't know why we didn't get him a frisbee sooner. So much fun. He's playing with this in the pictures above. 

Squeak and Chic Chew Toy | When Teddy was gifted this for the event we did with Bendel's I was just counting down the minutes before it was destroyed. But this little bone has seriously held up beautiful. The material is quite durable and even the squeak still works. It's fun to throw around indoors.

Nylabone Wishbone | Nylabone sent Teddy a whole bunch of bones and treats. This is the one that he loved the best though. He can kind of grip the bottom part with his paws to hold up for him to chew the other side. If I'm in the middle of a work project and he starts begging for attention, this is what I give him. Keeps him occupied and happy!

Bunny | This is BY FAR Teddy's favorites. It's not technically a dog toy, but he doesn't let Bunny leave his side. He even grabs Bunny before being lifted into the bed at night. The best is when you say, "Teddy, go get Bunny!" and he runs through the apartment until he finds and retrieves him.

Crazy Critter Duck | This is a close second in terms of Teddy's favorite soft toy. We can tell him to "go get Duck" and he'll bring him to us. 

Collapsible Water Bowl | Not really a toy but this thing is great. There are so many water bottles around the parks so we just fill it up and keep it nearby wherever we end up!

Does your dog have any favorite toys?

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