The Magnolia Story

Here today with a book recommendation!!! I sat outside Sunday morning, in the warmest February sunshine, finishing the second half of The Magnolia Story. It’s a quick read– perfect for to read on a lazy weekend or to tuck in your carry-on for a flight. My friend Nicole gave me the book when she was in town…


Kate Spade Scallops

I am obsessed with this outfit. It’s not something I could feasibly wear as an everyday look, but I kind of wish I could. It feels like I can conquer the world in the matching tweed. Luckily each of the pieces can be mixed and matched with my existing wardrobe to create different options that I can wear more frequently– like the cropped jacket with a pair of black pants. Every year my love for kate spade new york grows a little bit more, and these scallops have taken that love to a new level.


What Knowing Yourself Actually Means

I am so obsessed with this post from Maxie. I honestly go through intense periods of “finding myself” where I do (or try to do!) everything Max has laid out here. I wish I had known to do it much, much sooner in life, though. It’s an important practice to get yourself in the habit…


Trench Weather

I know it’s still February– and I know we will definitely have more snow in our future– but this weekend is the springiest weather ever. I’m talking perfect sixty-degree pure sunshine days. The birds are non-stop chirping outside, and I can’t stop smiling.


NYC Conference | Create and Cultivate

I’m so excited to share that I’m going to be a panelist during the Create and Cultivate conference in NYC May 6th. I’ve always wanted to attend the conference, so I’m feeling pretty honored that I’ll be on one of the panels. Create and Cultivate puts on the most incredible events and all my friends who…


On My Radar

I think I’ve finally rounded the corner of this sinus infection. So gross, but glad I’m through the worst of it. I canceled as many plans as I could so I could stay inside and recover. I’ll have to do a little bit of makeup work this weekend, but I think I’ll still enjoy the…


Fun Facts

I’m still feeling pretty sick and I couldn’t come up with a good blog post idea. So I’m pulling a cop-out card and calling it a sick day by doing a “fun facts” post. If you’ve been a religious reader for years, some of these might not be new, but you’ll probably at least learn one…


A New Playlist

It’s been way too long since my last playlist. Whenever I’m in the car, I’m almost always listening to an audiobook (right now I’m listening to Hidden Figures, so good) instead of the radio. Luckily for me, Spotify keeps my apartment bumping all day long with the best tunes. If you’re not already a fan of…

gift ideas

Red and Pink!

Do you guys have any fun plans for Valentine’s Day? It’s a little bit hard to have it fall on a Tuesday, right? I celebrated this weekend and it really got me in the mood for all things pink and red. For me, it’s the perfect way to start re-introducing color into my wardrobe after navy, black, and brown all winter long. I’m looking forward to spring now more than ever. (Hallelujah for the sun setting after 5pm. I feel like there’s the light at the end of the tunnel!)