Charleston Recommendations

This is a major photo overload post. I tried my best to narrow it down and considered breaking it up into multiple posts, but I wanted everything to be in one spot. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Alex asked if I would be in Charleston. She’s the owner/designer behind one of my favorite…


J. Crew Eyelet Dress

I didn’t take any outfit photos while I was in Charleston and I’m planning on doing a recap of the trip next week on here. But, I did want to share this incredible dress from J. Crew. I had to stop by the store to return something and saw these new arrival eyelet dresses. The…


On My Radar

I’m writing this in the Charleston airport with slightly sunburned shoulders. I’m quite sad about returning to Connecticut, but I miss those pups too much not to return. I had a great couple of days in the south, and it’s always so hard to say goodbye to my friends there. Luckily, it’s a short flight, and…


On Getting Personal

Can we get real about being personal today? I don’t think that sentence makes sense, but I’m not sure how else to say it. The other day, I was getting so frustrated with Instagram. It started with me checking my battery usage on my phone and realizing that I spent far too much time on the app….


Easy Ab Exercises

Okay, I hope you guys don’t think this is a click bait title. I do think that when you break down ab workouts, they’re not that hard. The specific movements are pretty easy to nail down in fact. But, well, when you actually put the timer on and have to do it? It can be really hard….


Spring Gingham with J. Crew

In a group chat with friends, we’ve been sending each other “signs of spring.” Photos of a few buds on trees, some actual green leaves, flowers popping through the ground. Collectively, we’ve been just so excited to see the light at the end of the (winter) tunnel! Hello, spring! I’ve partnered with J. Crew today for…


Stay Super Focused with These Three Tricks

As I was putting together this guest post by Maxie, I found myself super distracted. I was bopping between multiple tabs. I had Hamilton nipping at my toes for extra belly rubs. I got up to make another cup of coffee. I got an Instagram post up. My attention was everywhere, and as a result,…


Pottery Barn Small Spaces

Even though I dream of having a big house one day, I love living in an apartment right now. I can call down to the office when something breaks. I don’t have to worry about landscaping. And it’s pretty convenient to have a trash shoot right down the hall. Oh, and there’s way less to clean! Since it’s just me and the pups, it’s nice to have a small space!

I’m partnering with Pottery Barn on this post for their small spaces collection; it’s perfect for maximizing your space with great style. The collection has great pieces that have either slim profiles or double uses. This sleeper sofa is genius (and looks super comfortable), and I really love this lift coffee table!


Draper James x Jack Rogers Sandals

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday weekend. It’s supposed to be gorgeous out here, so the dogs and I will be spending as much time as possible outside. I’m also hoping to get my closet turned over (it’s a major task!) and maybe some good reading if I’m lucky! Just wanted to share the most…