Monday, February 23, 2009


I am seriously freaking out right now!!! My roommate thinks I'm officially psychotic.  

I was studying and I got an email on my Blackberry saying I got tickets to the Martha show!!!  I'm not sure if they did another round of tickets after the initial batch or not though. After I didn't receive an email about them earlier, I sent them an email basically BEGGING them to let me come.  I sent pictures of my oar, the table runner, the pennants, my dad and I at my graduation decked out in Lilly, and one of my prom dress.

I am SHAKING right now!  Literally shaking! YAY!!!!

Thankfully the show falls right in the middle of my spring break, so I won't miss class!!!  Unfortunately, my rowing team is training, so I'm going to have to miss a few practices :(

OK! Back to studying!!!


  1. So exciting, I'm super bummed, I was offered a ticket but it falls on my Spring Break as well and I will be in the Dominican Republic!


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