Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Too Hot To Think

I am in love with the unseasonably warm weather.  I thought that I would enjoy going to school in the north (Yea, I know, DC isn't really the north) but I have certainly missed the warm winters from back home.  

There is one problem with the warm weather, however: THE HEAT STAYS ON.  (Ironically, we discussed Dante's Inferno in my Humanities and Writing class earlier this morning.)

My roommate and I have been having issues with keeping our dorm cool.  We've resorted to keeping the unit on what we call "Double Frosty," which is literally the lowest setting on the dial (there are two little stars instead of numbers).  

I was sitting in a class of about 100 students in a medium sized lecture hall.  It had to have been 80 degrees.  Between the heat and a lack of internet connection (SO frustrating) I could not concentrate.  So, what do I decide to do?  Write a blog about cute drinking glasses because all I could think about was how I wanted a cold glass of Iced Tea.

Once I had my internet connection back, I quickly got typing looking for these adorable Lilly Pulitzer glasses I had seen a few months ago.  I finally found them.. YAY!  They're so cute!  I definitely want one!  Check them out at 2PreppyGirls.com. :) UPDATE: The glasses can be found on their Etsy store.

OK, my accounting class is about to start. UGH. At least it's not boiling.

-College Prepster


  1. I went to the website and I can't find them! bummer!!! They are sooo cute.Let me know if you locate any!

  2. I think all dorms do this. They switch over to heat too soon and don't turn the AC on soon enough!!

  3. Ouch! I remember those days in the dorms. We had fans posted up all over our room & would immediately change into the lightest pajamas we could find just to survive!

  4. You are so consistant finding your "favs" pink and green. Believe me, I am even paying attention to your incredible shopping suggestions. Love it...keep blogging!!!!

  5. Just found your blog and its super cute! Wasn't it unseasonably warm in DC today? In Annapolis it was almost 70.

  6. HGB:
    It's 2PreppyGirls.com here... sorry that you checked the site and the Lilly Drinkware wasn't there any longer! Contact me through the website and I can help!

  7. College Prepster:
    Thanks for writing about my web store
    www.2PreppyGirls.com !
    I definitely have fun with it and I am in love with all of my monogrammed stuff! I wish I had known you were going to post about the Lilly Drinkware since I don't carry it any more...have your readers contact me directly if they would like to purchase some.

    Did you check out my car monograms? They are our best seller....

    Great blog, terrific colors and Love the uber cute gal working at her computer!

    Smooches - now, get back to class!

  8. Love the the Lilly Glasses. Hope you have a good time at home for the weekend and at Rick's Cafe!


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