Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Case of the Missing Bathing Suit

I just love love love Lilly Pulitzer bathing suits... I'm typing this as I eat Girl Scout cookies... Hmmm...

Anyways.. First, let me say how I am not a fan of the beach.  I have very pale skin and the sun is not my friend.  My family always ends up going to the beach for vacations (not my idea!).  The only part I do like about the beach is wearing fun Lilly suits!

In 2007, we went to Seaside, FL for spring break.  If you haven't been there, you should really consider it.  It is a quaint little beach town where everyone rides bicycles, drinks soda in bottles, and eats seafood by the sea.  It is absolutely beautiful.  

I had just bought a new suit to add to my collection and this one was my favorite!  It had a few patterns in it and was just adorable.  I wore it twice during the break.  When we got home, I started to unpack and couldn't find the top!!!  I freaked out and made my entire family scour the suitcases.  I called the cleaning services that cleans the houses and they hadn't seen it.  I begged them to call me back if they found it.  I seriously called a few times a week for a couple months.  I was SOOO sad that I lost it.  

I still had the bottoms, so I kept my eye out everywhere for a top that would match.  I ended up finding a pink and white polka dot top that matched one of the patterns from the bottoms, so I have been using that.  

But just the other day while searching online, I found a three-piece bathing suit that was one of the dominant patterns of my missing suit!!!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was!  I forked over a good chunk of my monthly allowance.  Happily.  

If only I were going somewhere for spring break...

-College Prepster


  1. That suit is SUPER cute! I can see why you tried so hard to get it back!

  2. I'm glad you found something to replace your suit!

    (and I'm eating thin mints now!)

  3. Eat some for me, thin mints if you have them...we don't have any Girl Scouts here on our little island... anyway...Bon Appetit to all you who have some!!!

  4. That's so cool you found that! That's a really cute pattern!
    I love swimming but I have pale skin too. I burn really easily and DO NOT tan. I can burn really bad and it goes right back to white. LOL! My arms and collarbone areas are the only part that get any color...but not much. LOL!

  5. yay for finding coordinates...

    I have heard about Sea side before and how precious it is, and living in Fl, I suppose I don't have much reason to put off seeing it!

    have a great weekend,and I agree with you that every closet needs white eyelet...

  6. Glad you found the 3 piece swim ensemble. Love the "jumping" picture-check out this link Jane is a senior rep for a photographer and she is "jumping" in one of her pictures in the slideshow. I love your posts and am glad that your exams are almost over!

  7. Love the bathing suit!! So glad you were able to get another top. I haven't heard of Seaside, but sounds like a cute place!

  8. hop over to my blog- you've got some 'splainin' to do :)


  9. And what a great pattern and colors - classic Lilly! It's cool you were able to replace the one you lost the tops to!

  10. AHH u look so funnnnnnnnn!!! i hate the sun too cuz i burn like u!;) BUT 143 LILY!!!!!


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