April Showers

It’s the second day of April, and the second rainy day in a row.  My lifesaver for days like these: Vineyard Vines Nor’Easter Jacket.  I find myself wearing this nearly everyday.  It’s light enough for warm days, but can be layered with fleeces for colder days.
The hood makes you look kinda like a duck, but it’s perfect for keeping your hair dry!  Also, the hood can be stowed away when not in use.  My favorite part is the fleece-lined pockets.  It’s so nice to tuck your hands away in a warm pocket.  And trust me, after a cold, wet practice on the Potomac, it’s downright amazing.
I’m really quite sick of this weather, especially since my umbrella is still kinda broken. had been telling me all week that today would be 65 and sunny.  I planned to wear a Lilly dress and everything!  I woke up this morning and the high was 62 and rainy/cloudy.  I was so sad 🙁  Hmph.
Because I had an all-day poetry symposium on Tuesday for my Humanities & Writing class, our regular class was cancelled this morning.  I kept checking my cellphone to make sure I wasn’t going to be late.  It gave me time to study for my accounting quiz though… AH I’m nervous!
-College Prepster
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This time of year many companies give advertising umbrellas away with a purchase. Check it out soon as its always good to have more than one anyway. Brighton was the last free one I received with purchase. Hoping the sun comes out soon for you!!!


Just saw you aced your quiz! Never expected any different from you…you have always been an exceptional student!!! (:>)

Kathie Truitt

When do you have crew?? I drive over the Memorial Bridge every morning at about 8:15 – are you the ones I see at that time every morning??? I’ll wave at you – ha!

John S.

Good luck on your quiz!

I actually need to invest in a rain jacket soon because it just gets really rainy here during the winter!


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