Thank You Loves :)

Gifts from the Easter Bunny aka SM: Vera Bradley Highlighters, Vera Bradley Binder Clips, Vera Bradley Post-Its (which match my umbrella!), Dogeared necklace, and bunny sugar cookies!!!  Thank you 🙂
My roommate gave me this clipboard!  (The H is for my last name!)  She was very lucky and went to Florida for Easter break with her mom and sister.  I was very very very jealous.  I was even more jealous when she came back über tan.  How adorable is the clipboard though?
Oh my goodness!  Today was the most beautiful day.  I didn’t even wear a jacket in the boat. YAY!  The only time I wish I had it was when we went through a kinda big wake.  But, no big deal.  It was a little chilly this morning when I left for class, so I ended up wearing cropped white jeans (white after Easter!) with a VV belt and a blue polo.  Lilly skirt tomorrow? Definitely.
-College Prepster
PS For all my lovely followers, I apologize for some of the comments that are appearing.  You’d think Georgetown students would be a little classier, but apparently not.  Thanks for understanding 🙂

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Soooo glad you finally have a gotgeous day!!! Have a great weekend, hopefully with continuous sunshine!!!


Hopefully you and all your followers have heard Susan Boyle on Utube…such a surprising talent has now pleased the whole world with her talent. She has touched everyones heart. filling their eyes with tears, goosebumps on the skin…she is absolutely amazing and is now a STAR around the world. Such a delightful addition to the music world!!!


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