Friday, May 22, 2009

I Miss You Packages

Remember two posts back when I showed off the goodies I had been baking?  Well, what I couldn't mention was that the "Soccer Player Cookies" were for two of my rowers from school!

I miss California Funk and Georgetown Boy so so so much!  (And you too, Lili Lover!)  I think it's very wonderful that we all came to school as strangers and left as best friends in just one short year.

Here's the packages I did up for them!  PS I know the tins are two different sizes, it really irritated me when I noticed that.  They were in the same display at the store.  Oh well!

CF gets my beat up copy of The Count of Monte Cristo.  It is seriously one of my favorite books ever.  I studied it in eighth grade and then again in tenth grade.  It is the ultimate adventure book.  CF hasn't read it (which I just can't believe... everyone should read this at some point!) and I know he will just LOVE it!

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-College Prepster


  1. How lucky your friends are to receive gifts, always with such interesting packaging!!! You have a very special knack to make everything look beautiful!!! A real talent indeed!!!

  2. what a sweet idea- I'm sure they will really appreciate it!

  3. How nice CP! I need you to know that you have the best handwriting I have ever seen! No lie. Stylish and full of personality!

  4. What an awesome gift!! I am also hosting a giveaway. Come over and enter!!

  5. I read The Count of Monte Cristo right before ninth grade. It was pretty awesome.

    The boxes look super cute :)


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