I’m Back!!!

My closet at home is seriously a third of the size of my entire dorm room!  I’m so happy to have my walk-in back!!!!
Oh goodness, it has been a week!
We got word that the 1F (the first freshman boat) would not be going to the IRA regatta in June on Tuesday.  I had to pack my entire room up that afternoon because my flight was early on Wednesday.  This was literally the hardest thing of my life.  After I finally got everything into four boxes (not easy), I had to figure out how to get the boxes from my room to the UPS store right outside the front gates.  After two or three hysterical phone calls to my mom, I managed to get the boxes into a rented cart by myself.  OK, well I had to pull a ‘damsel in distress’ with a custodian to help me lift one of the boxes.  While it may seem like loading the cart would be the hard part, but NO.
Georgetown is on a hill and I had to push this EXTREMELY heavy cart up it.  To make matters worse, my phone fell out of my pocket.  I knew it fell of my pocket, but I couldn’t stop to pick it up.  So, I had to cross my fingers that it would be there when I got back from delivering the boxes.  Of course, when I went back, it was missing.  I was so relieved to have finally gotten those boxes out of my hands, but I was SO upset about my phone.
Long story, but I ended up getting a Facebook message from someone saying they had my phone.  At 11 pm, I sprinted to his house (just a few blocks off campus) and retrieved my phone.
Anyways, the next morning I flew home!  I was so happy to be back in the sun.  SM surprised me by getting me the A. Tierney bracelet I just blogged about!  I love it 🙂  It’s even cuter in person!  She got Sporty Sister the pink one with bees.  SO ADORABLE!
I spent the entire day cleaning and organizing my room.  My closet turned into the dumping ground for the rest of my family, so I had to do a major overhaul.  I finally got everything back to normal.  Phew.   
I’m also getting really excited about my etsy shop!!!  I’m working on a few fabulous, and of course, preppy things!  Expect a giveaway in the near future 😉
-College Prepster
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Finally you are back!!! Pictures all look very familiar…obviously I have been there before. Can’t wait for more 411 on your etsy shop!!! As I always end….Go Girl!!!!
P.S. Had to return the A. Tierney bracelet for your B-day…SM beat me to it!!!!!


I’m glad you were able to recover your phone before heading out of town! And, I can’t wait to see etsy shop this summer!


Oh my god, carly, your room. carly, oh my god, oh my god, your room. (exactly what I would have expected) god help us all…


So it it etsy or esty…seems to be a conflict…I need to know…think I am confused…this is new to me!!!


I just love your blog! I came across it a few minutes ago, all of your posts are wonderful! Love, love your room, especially your Lilly- filled closet! I just started blogging and I am definitly inspired by your ideas! Keep up the preppy work!

Katie B.

I know how you feel! It took me almost a week to figure out how to move everything back home from school and get organized!


Oh goodness, I remember having to drag all of my boxes to the UPS store at the end of every year. SUCH a pain. I lived in Darnall freshman year so it was quite the trek! I feel your pain!


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