Friday, May 8, 2009


I'm packing for two reasons: 1) It's SUMMER & 2) We're leaving for Worcester, MA for Eastern Sprints tonight!

My room is SO barren right now.  I almost feel like I'm camping because I'm down to literally the bare essentials.  I spent almost all of Wednesday packing boxes.  Thankfully, my room was very organized so it wasn't too bad.  But, I had to go through all of my clothes to see what I needed to put into storage and what I needed in Florida.  Obviously all of my sweaters and corduroys will not be making the trip down.

Due to the regatta on Sunday, the entire team is allowed "Late Stay."  Everyone else is supposed to be out of the dorms by tomorrow, so we have a ton of parents floating around campus lugging boxes to overstuffed minivans.  It's a bit more complicated for my boat though.  Depending on how we do on Sunday, we could possibly have to stay on campus until early June.  So, I've had to keep some bedding and towels just in case.  I really like being on a schedule and not knowing whether I'll be home this Tuesday or in June is KILLING me!

I just finished packing for the regatta.  I have a small duffel bag and a Lilly tote (of course).  The duffel is filled with blue and grey!  It's kind of overwhelming!  I have to make sure I have clothes for pretty much all types of weather (rain, sunny, cold, hot, windy, etc.) because you never know with regattas.  

My Cox Box is all charged up and ready to go!  My parents bought me my own box for my 18th birthday.  It's so nice knowing I'll always have a working cox box.  (If you have ever coxed a boat without a box, you know how much your vocal cords and rowers hate it.)  The 1V coxswain (Little V's boyfriend) just bought the new version of the cox box.  I am VERY jealous.

In high school, the 1V girl's coxswain had a cox box also.  We both have the blue bags (WAY better than the black boxes) and we were always getting them mixed up.  At one of the holiday parties, I gave her a luggage tag for it.  I bought an orange tag and a pink tag.  I bought matching scrapbook paper for them: orange and pink paisley.  I gave her the orange one and kept the pink one for me.  It has our contact information in the cutest font.

OK, I'm going to go make sure I have everything ready to go!  I won't be back on until Monday afternoon, but I'll keep everyone updated via Twitter!

-College Prepster


  1. Good luck this weekend! I know how it feels when moving out, but have a great summer :)

  2. Good Luck this weekend...will follow you on twitter...

  3. Race + two seat - Cox box= HORRIBLE! I sure wish all of our girls had owned cox boxes, NIGHTMARE! I will be in worcester next weekend for my sister's race also! I guess I missed you by a week :-). I will be in lowell, ma tommorow bright and early for a race as well. Good luck!!!

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  5. Aw, this photo makes me miss my Cox Box! I haven't had the chance to use it in over a year! :( I hope everything went well!

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