Saturday, June 20, 2009


After seeing some of my earlier posts about my cookie creations, some of my friends wanted me to make cookies for them!  Obviously, being so obsessed lately, I happily agreed to.

I made these fun pink & green cookies for my friend's surprise party!

The pink bucket is from Michael's... and I took seersucker fabric and tied it on the handle.

A pink ribbon to complete the package :)

These cookies were for one of SM's friends.  She gave it as a birthday gift... isn't the teapot perfect?

These blue and red stars are for a hostess gift... I just LOVE the americana tins!

A cute girl from my high school asked me to make 40 cookies for her sister's wedding (which is happening TODAY!).  The cookies were for the out-of-town guests so they had to be individually wrapped.  
All 40 lined up and ready to go.

I dusted the cookie with gold luster dust and then used royal icing for the palm tree.  I made those cute little labels to tie on to the cellophane bags.
All done!

It's a great job in addition to my babysitting... I have lots of fun experimenting with different techniques and colors and packaging.

Happy Weekend!

-College Prepster


  1. You are amazing!! These are so great. You should open a little cookie business!!

  2. what a great way to make money, it sounds like so much fun, and the cookies are SO cute!

  3. So fabulous!! It looks like you have a great little business on your hands!

  4. Hmmm!!! Have you ever done fortune cookies??? Seems they could be lots of fun!!!

  5. How cute! You get the lettering on their just perfectly!

  6. Watch out'll be baking millions of cookies before you know it! These all look really cute!

  7. I am so impressed! Thank you for the wonderful ideas because cookies are such an inexpensive gift to give.

  8. Those look great! Love the cookie on a stick. What kind of royal icing are you using? I use the one from the Lilly entertaining book but it seems too thin. Yours look fab!

  9. you are so crafty!! Those cookies are amazing I wish I had your talent!!

  10. Mmm those look delish! Xoxo-BLC

  11. you are so precious- what a great friend and the packaging makes the cookies even more fabulous!


  12. So adorable and super impressive. I'm still trying to master the best way to use royal icing so your post has truly inspired me!

  13. All of your cookies are absolutely adorable!! I can see why you've got people willing to pay you for them :)

  14. These are adorable, I especially love the red, white and blue!


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