Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Summer Obsession

Last summer, I was hooked on Desperate Housewives.  I watched every episode over the course of my vacation...

This year, I am OBSESSED with The Partridge Family.  I've been watching full episodes on Hulu.com.    They are hilarious!  Oh goodness, I might have to check into rehab...

David Cassidy= LOVE.  I really was born in the wrong era!


  1. Haha, we used to watch these when ABC Family was still "FOX Family" during the summer!

  2. LOL....I forgot about the P Family!!
    Dang, I feel ooooollllllddddd! haha

  3. Back then (yes I am that old) I so wanted the albums of theirs that came out.

  4. My goodness...when they say "what goes around, comes around"...is proof right now...wonder what 30yrs. from now will be shown to latch on to...Hmmm!!! Just have to wait and see I guess!!!

  5. I love The Partridge family! I have it on DVD and I have about 14 of their records! If you go to my record player I can garuantee one of theirs or just a David Cassidy record will be in there. Haha. I love David Cassidy! I was deffinitally born in the wrong era too.... I have a record player for goodness sake! Haha.


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