Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Peek into My Dorm

I have an hour (actually less than that now ah!) until my next class, but I thought that I would show y'all what my dorm looks like! I know you guys are at the edge of your seats with suspense!

Here's my bed... The refrigerator doubles as my night stand, woo! Yes, that is my American Girl alarm clock from elementary school. Our room doesn't allow for much flexibility in floor plans. Our beds are both against walls, which makes making the bed a hassle!
Little vanity nook thingie.
We have a large wall unit of shelving that includes our closets... Here are my three shelves. So exciting, I know.
My desk! It's a lot smaller than mine last year, but I like it!

Sorry for the short post! I'll be back later with more details of my first week back!

-College Prepster


  1. It appears you can do magic with soooo little space in your room...what an adjustment to have to make...Kudos for you!!!

  2. It looks nice! I like all the pink and green!

    Your Georgetown posts make me want to apply :)

  3. I love seeing all the dorm room photos! Good use of space!

  4. What a great room! I love love the flags with your initials!

  5. It looks great! I too love the flags and the pink and green-I am obsessed with Lilly and pink and green so I think you did a great job! Especially with a small space. Very cute and preppy chic!

  6. Your room is ADORABLE! The flags with your initials are just precious!

  7. Did you make the Lilly flag thing over your bed? I love your room. So colorful!


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