Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's In My Tote?

I've seen a few versions circulating around the blog scene in the past about what people carry in their purses.

Here is some things I carry in my tote:

  • Pink Georgetown binder (I have a light pink one too!)
  • Pink Georgetown notebook (I have a turquoise one too)
  • Lilly cosmetic case which I use to hold Lilly pencils and pens! (Not pictured: Vineyard vines pencil & pen, Vera Bradley highlighters)
  • Pink TI-84+ Silver Edition
  • Lilly agenda (I know, it's for 2010)... I use a Kate Spade one currently
  • Lilly post-its... I am OBSESSED with post-its! I use them for everything! I even have Vera Bradley ones!
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Eyeglasses
  • Earphones
  • Pink USB flash drive
  • Heavy textbooks
Sometimes I carry around this Lilly bag and I also use a Vineyard Vines one!

Yesterday morning was the first time I have been back on the Potomac since last spring. It was the first time out on the water for the season... The guys had been doing some erging and land training up until Saturday. I was very, very nervous to be coxing with the varsity (ask Little V, she knew I was about to cry!) but everything went well! Every time I get on the water, I remember why I love it so much.

I got some good work done yesterday, thankfully. I've been training for a program this weekend (and next) so my time has been limited. I didn't go out last night either. I'm so not a fan of "partying." I enjoy it occasionally... like, 3 times a year. (Literally.) It has been chilly anyways and getting dressed for cold weather at night is no fun. I'm glad I didn't go out though. I got some reading done for a class and caught up on my sleep!

I'll be heading over to the library later tonight, but I thought I would post a quick entry before!

I hope everyone has a great week!
-College Prepster


  1. your school supplies are so well coordinated!

  2. I looove your via tote! So cute :)

  3. Your tote is so cute!
    I used a monogrammed pink LL Bean Boat Tote through college (bought one a year), but hadn't yet been introduced to Lilly stationary. Love the pink calcualator!

  4. What fun to peek in your tote...nothing is so fun as "what a female carries" here and there!!! None of ,of course can live, without our stuff!!! That's what we are all about!!! Have a marvelous week...

  5. I have that same calculator but recently had to buy a less fun one because it does not do all the stuff I need it to!

  6. I love your tote! How long ago did you get it?

  7. That tote is darling! Have a great week!

    When I was in college I was a criminal justice major. I'd get a lot of looks for all the pink...ESPECIALLY my hot pink notebook paper. But it made note-taking fun!

  9. So organized! And darling supplies! That always helped me stay motivated to study!

  10. I am in love with your tote!!!!! Anchors are one of my favorites! Is this an old or newer Lily bag??? I would love to comb the net for one!!

  11. You are so cute and organized! I am impressed!

  12. Oh em gee you're like totally like oh my god the biggest d-bag in the whole wide world! TOTALLY !!!

  13. Is this tote old?? I have to have it! Seriously please email me and let me know if the tote is old or new-I will try to hunt it down!

    I have the same Lilly agenda for 2010!

  14. everything in it is soo adorable! and I love that tote. uggghhh i'm jealous!:)

  15. None of ,of course can live, without our stuff!!! That's what we are all about!!! Have a marvelous week... Web hosting india


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