College Costume Parties

Themed parties are really fun. That is, if everyone actually participates!
Little V and I decided to have a Rubik’s Cube party for last night. The intention was to raise money for our friend’s car because it broke under our care… And the car is very important for the program he runs.
[A Rubik’s Cube party is where everyone wears an article of clothing of every color on the cube and then trade clothes with people until you’re all in one color!]
Little V and I decided to run over to the Salvation Army and look for our costumes! It turns out that it was actually the SA headquarters and not a thrift store, so we ventured a little farther and had lots of success.

The party was fun, even though V and I were the only ones to dress up! Oh well… we raised some money for the car, so that was good.
Wearing costumes doesn’t have to be trashy or expensive. I think those are common mistakes that students make. I didn’t spend more than ten dollars on this costume and lots of times you can wear stuff you already have in your closet. Thrift stores are good for things you’ll only be wearing once. It’s also not a good idea to wear your best clothes. Jungle Juice does NOT come out easily… and it is bound to be spilt on you by sloppy boys (or girls). I think the “trashy” thing speaks for itself. Be cute, not trashy.
-College Prepster
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I agree with the trashy thing–I go to Penn State and there's lots of themed parties, and girls pretty much take it as an excuse to wear the same outfit every time: a bra and a really short skirt, somehow coordinating with the theme. I've never heard of a Rubik's Cube party til your post though, and it's SUCH a fun idea! I think I'm going to talk my roommates into having one:) Have a great day!!


I agree with the trashy thing also. People don't get that costumes can be goofy or silly and be just as good–excuse me, better–than the trashy ones. Personally I give people more credit when they have a costume that goes out of the box than just your slutty fire-fighter or slutty nurse or slutt (fill in the blank). The rubik's cube idea is fabu though!


As a lover of having and planning theme parties, you two did great! Obviously the "non participants" have no imagination.


Hi College Prepster! I also love theme parties! I've been reading your fabulous blog for a while now (I found it on the Lily Pulitzer website), and finally decided to create my own: Check it out and maybe you can help me spread the word about my blog! 🙂

Preppy 101

What a darlin' idea!! My daughter's sorority used to have the most creative mixers. We had a huge box of "costumes" that she passed on when she graduated! xoxo


How cool is that!!! I have saved costumes and accessories from lots of theme parties…use them as gag gifts for year after year for my Christmas party "gag gifts"…sharing is so much fun…the rest go to charity for others to be able to use. Another way to recycle and give pleasure and fun to many people!!!


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