Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vera Bradley Holiday

Vera Bradley Holiday!!!

So cute! I really like the ornaments. They would make a really great Secret Santa gifts... or for teachers... or neighbors... or yourself!

The stocking is a little much... but still fun, maybe for a children's room!

-College Prepster


  1. The ornaments are very fun. I actually saw the stockings at a local bookstore this weekend. They are quite busy, but I can see how they'd work if they matched other decor perfectly (e.g., if the rest of the room were in silver/turquoise/blue, and the above stocking were the only print piece).

    I'm getting quite excited for the holiday!!

  2. The ornaments are very pretty! I agree about the stocking though, I like stockings to be Christmas colors.

  3. I love the ornaments! For my family, stockings are needlepoint and probably won't ever be replaced, sorry VB!

  4. We just got the ornaments in our store...they are so cute in person! The apron/recipe box gift sets are adorable as well!

  5. Just received the catalog, love the ornaments!

  6. I love Christmas!!! The tree with so many special ornaments, candles in every window, the smell of Christmas cookies baking, the rushing about for giving of the homemade or handmade gifts for friends and service people. Everything comes alive and sounds of beautiful music and happy voices everywhere! If only all year could be the same!!!


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