Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Gala

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been putting in some major hours in the library studying for finals and writing papers. I have two term papers (one of which I turned in on Monday, thank goodness) and three finals. Since I have an exam on the 21st, I still have just under a week left before I can officially be on break. Booooo!

Here are some pictures from December though!

Little V, Lookey Pookey, and me crashing a party. You know, nbd. We're all living together next year! Can't wait!

Fordham Prepster took me as his date to the Holiday Gala on Saturday. I typically don't like these sorts of thing (large crowds, loud noises, etc) but I had so much fun!!! [PS My shoes are from Kate Spade and they are sooooo comfortable!!!]


I picked out California Funk's tie from J. Crew. He wasn't so sure about it, but he received countless compliments on it (except for my dad, he's crazy, I know).

Boys look so much cuter dressed up! Don't you agree?

Me and my boys! I'm obsessed with this picture!

-College Prepster

UPDATE: A close-up of CF's tie. Such a win.


  1. great pics! i love guy friends :-)

  2. Darling pictures. You look SO adorable and your "boys" look tres handsome!

  3. SO CUTE! Your boys are adorable...they must have quite the stylist! PS. LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress!

  4. I LOVE your outfit. I want all of it.
    Actually, with those cute boys, can I just be you?

  5. It looks like you had a great time and I LOVE your dress!!!!

  6. cute pics- love the shoes!

    finish strong on exams!

  7. That dress is amazing! I love the shoes and the headband together!

  8. You look lovely...also, hope you take the chance to enjoy all the Christmas celebrations at Georgetown and D.C. Never forget how lucky you are to be in the Nation's Capital and you must savor every moment....there are only 2/1/2 years left for your college days. Happy Holidays to all.

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