Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby, It's Hot Outside

Lilly + Crew=


Please don't laugh.  This was the summer before my senior year.  I had been coxing everyday during that summer, and this was the result.

I cannot begin to tell you how weird it is for me to actually ENJOY the sun.  I have the fairest skin ever (which is a weird combination with my dark hair).  In Florida, I dread the heat because I burn so badly under the hot sun.  Sporty Sister has an olive complexion and skips the whole burning stage; she toasts right up.  Since I basically rowed/coxed for three years with very few breaks, I eventually developed a tan.  Of course, I had absolutely HORRENDOUS tan lines (Exhibit C).

The wardrobe for coxing in DC is much different than in Florida.  The water actually freezes in DC (go figure) so we have winter training on land.  From about mid-october through, well.. now, I've been having to wear sweat pants, hoodies, underarmour, jackets, and gloves.  Basically my face is the skin exposed.  My Florida tan, that took SO long to get, faded very quickly.  Let's just say, my sock tan no longer exists... which means my entire body is as white as my foot in that picture!  

This weekend the weather finally turned HOT!  I was so excited to wear my J. Crew critter shorts and my sundresses.  But, I was even MORE excited to pull out my Lilly Pulitzer jersey shorts.  Last May, I found these at the scholastic nationals regatta.  As thrilling as it was to cox the Men's HS Senior 8 in a national regatta, I was very sad that I had to miss the last day of school.  I had perfect attendance since third grade, and would have received an award had I been there that day.  My enthusiasm for the regatta skyrocketed and my disappointment disappeared when I saw those shorts in one of the booths.  How fabulous are they!?  I've looked for them online, but haven't been able to find them anywhere.  Two of my favorite things in one pair of shorts.  Amazing :)

I'm taking a study break right now.  The one bad thing about the beautiful weather is that it makes it difficult to focus!

-College Prepster

Sunday, April 26, 2009



1) US Political Systems research paper (Legit research paper, I might add... AH)
2) H&W Poetry of War final paper (hmm.. does poetry have a social utility?)
3) Ethics paper. Enough said.
4) Friday 6:30 am practice. Saturday 7 am practice. Sunday 7 am race.
5) Accounting final.  (Let's just say, it HAS to be better than first semester.)
6) I literally still don't have a voice.  (Since March 8th, fabulous.)
7) Spanish final... Not so bad, but the Oral Exam is just SO stressful.

The one thing that has been able to get me through it is: Pandora Radio

It is so awesome!  Since Sporty Sister and I share music, I don't have any music in my iTunes on my laptop; it's all on the family computer at home.  

Pandora is seriously amazing, and it's FREE. Even better :) You start by choosing a favorite artist.  From there, Pandora suggests other artists you may like.  You keep selecting the ones you like.  Try to make a playlist that is perfectly tailored to your taste.  If a song you don't like comes on, you can click the Thumbs Down and it won't play it again. Or, if you really like a song click Thumbs Up and it will play more songs like it.  

Mess around a little bit with it.  If you love music, you will love Pandora.

This morning, I coxed the first freshman boat against George Washington University and Rutgers.  We won!  It was a really good race, which makes it that much better.  Since we were betting shirts for this race, my boat and I got two: A red Rutgers tee and a navy GW tank.

-College Prepster

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Update :)

Georgetown Boy and Jack the Bulldog.  This picture is the epitome of Georgetown :)

Me, Victoria, and CF... and Tucker, too!  On one of the rooftop apartments during the campus tour!

Wow.  I feel like every weekend gets crazier and crazier.  Yesterday, as I mentioned in my previous post, was Georgetown Day.  Oh yea, and don't forget another GAAP weekend (for HS seniors already accepted to Gtown.)  It was just complete insanity, but so much fun!

Georgetown Day was created a few years back as a celebration of all that Georgetown is.  Monday is the last day of class, so it's basically the last big bang before finals start.  Everyone goes out on the lawn and hangs out. There are big inflatable games and free food and music.  

I started off the day with a 6:30 am practice.  Our boathouse is a 25 minute walk away from practice, so I have to leave my room at 6, which meant I had to wake up at 5:45.  It's funny because I used to wake up at that time EVERYDAY in high school, but now it just seems absurdly early! Haha... After practice I had to run back to campus.  I had a 9:15 class.  I didn't want to wear my crew clothes to class, so I literally sprinted back to campus.  Somehow, I managed to get dressed and had time to put makeup on.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  My 9:15 was pretty uneventful, but we discussed some last minute tips for our final research paper, which I found very helpful.  I had an oral exam for my spanish class that I was extremely nervous for at 10:15.  Normally we have at least one partner, but this was one-on-one with the professor.  Fortunately, it went OK.  Unfortunately, I forgot to write my composition that was due.  AH!  I literally have NEVER forgotten to due my homework.  Crying, I explained how I forgot to my professor.  She was very forgiving thank goodness and let me email it to her later.

After class, I went back to my room and wrote the composition.  I was meeting CF at 11:30 in front of the library.  One of our friends is OBSESSED with Georgetown.  Well, Georgetown Boy (my coach seriously refers to him as this) is a tour guide for prospective students... Remember going on the tours and the person would always walk backwards?  That's him!  We went on his tour.  It was a fabulous way to start off Georgetown Day!

CF, GB, and I hung out for a while, but I didn't feel well, so I went back to my room and took a two hour nap.  Kinda lame, I know, but I felt MUCH better afterwards.  Everyone was still partying when I ventured back out, don't worry :)  I ended up going to dinner with two of my girl friends: salad and frozen yogurt. YUM.

It was a long, long day.  I was extremely exhausted by nighttime and couldn't wait to go to sleep.  We had practice at 7:30 this morning, but we had a boat meeting at 7.  At least I got to sleep for 30 extra minutes, right?  It was a little stressful of a practice, but I think we'll be stronger for our race tomorrow because of it.  I'm spending most of the day working on final papers.  We have a team dinner tonight... I'm trying to think of a cute Lilly to wear.. Hmm.. 

-College Prepster

Friday, April 24, 2009


This was the picture I saw when I first opened my emails this morning.  What a great way to start the day :)  

How adorable are these truffles?  I want some!!!  FireLilly Chocolates makes them.  I'm signed up for Daily Candy.  They have great emails.  Everyday I get so excited to see what they're going to send next!

Today was CRAZY!  We had Georgetown Day... I'll post pictures tomorrow :)

-College Prepster

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too Much Rain...

I bought my Vineyard Vines Nor'Easter jacket when it was just starting to get cold in DC.  I needed a waterproof jacket for crew practices.  I had looked at some Patagonia choices, but didn't find one in the right style or color.  The Nor'Easter is perfect for crew.  It was made for sailing, I'm assuming.  So it really works for all water sports.

Anyways... the store here in Georgetown had the matching waterproof pants, but I didn't really see myself needing them.  Back in FL, if it rained, it would stop after 10 minutes and everything would dry after 15 minutes of sunshine.  Not so much the case here.  It has been raining SO much and I completely regret not buying the Nor'Easter pants when I bought the jacket.  Since it was raining so hard during the regatta I had over Easter break, my parents took me to the VV store to buy them, but they were sold out!  :(

I've been borrowing the new assistant coach's spare pair (ha that rhymes) for the past week.  I finally ordered the pants from online.  They came in today! YAY!  They shipped wicked fast.  I bought the men's XXS, which are perfect because they are a great length and I can wear normal sweatpants underneath.  I was 5 dollars away from free shipping so I ended up getting a cute t-shirt too.  Haha..

Ok, back to studying!

-College Prepster


I cannot believe that the semester is almost over.  It's so crazy!  I have pretty bad testing anxiety so thankfully I only have two final exams: spanish and accounting.  Spanish should be OK... I'm going to have to study for accounting.  A lot.

Since I only have two finals, I have 3 papers due.  I've been spending lots of time in the library, but I'm having such a hard time focusing!  I feel so distracted!  Blah!

This weekend was extremely crazy here at Georgetown.  There was a GAAP weekend, which is for accepted high school seniors to come visit the school.  I always feel like I have to act and dress nicely to give a good impression.  Haha.  Relay for Life was on Friday.  I think the school raised about $350,000; very impressive!  I wasn't planning on going because I didn't want to stay up late, but I ended up going and had a really fun time!  My dorm faces the field and so even when I was in my room, I felt like I was right there (loud music and bright lights haha)...

We had a race against Bucknell and Holy Cross in NJ on Saturday.  We've raced there before so I didn't have to stress about an unfamiliar course.  I absolutely panic when I have to cox somewhere new.  The weather was FABULOUS!  I've been dying for some sun!  My nose is pretty burnt and has started peeling now though.. Oh yea, and I have a watch tan line too!  We had a great race; the boat has really been improving.  We won with lots of open water, which meant we got Bucknell orange tanks and purple Holy Cross shirts.  The rest of the team did fabulous too.  

Oh and as if that wasn't an exciting day already, T-Pain was performing on campus.  "I'm on a Boat" is quite popular with our team, so we were pretty excited to see him.  I was pretty drained from the sun and racing so I didn't go.  But I heard it wasn't even that good.  

Happy Wednesday!

-College Prepster

Monday, April 20, 2009

Warning: Highly Addictive

Failblog.org is so yesterday.

FMyLife.com is old news.

The newest thing to sweep across campus is www.Sporcle.com.  Now, every Hoya can name every country in the world.  In under 15 minutes.

It is HIGHLY addictive.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  But it is a lot of fun!

-College Prepster

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank You Loves :)

Gifts from the Easter Bunny aka SM: Vera Bradley Highlighters, Vera Bradley Binder Clips, Vera Bradley Post-Its (which match my umbrella!), Dogeared necklace, and bunny sugar cookies!!!  Thank you :)

My roommate gave me this clipboard!  (The H is for my last name!)  She was very lucky and went to Florida for Easter break with her mom and sister.  I was very very very jealous.  I was even more jealous when she came back ├╝ber tan.  How adorable is the clipboard though?

Oh my goodness!  Today was the most beautiful day.  I didn't even wear a jacket in the boat. YAY!  The only time I wish I had it was when we went through a kinda big wake.  But, no big deal.  It was a little chilly this morning when I left for class, so I ended up wearing cropped white jeans (white after Easter!) with a VV belt and a blue polo.  Lilly skirt tomorrow? Definitely.

-College Prepster

PS For all my lovely followers, I apologize for some of the comments that are appearing.  You'd think Georgetown students would be a little classier, but apparently not.  Thanks for understanding :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


One of my lovelies made a website for a class here at Georgetown.  It's not exactly a preppy topic, but it is pretty thought provoking.

Check it out here and explore the different pages.  I really like the videos that portray different images from that media that have a negative influence.

If you really like what you read and see, click on the link for How You Can Help.

It's another rainy day here in DC.  I'm really beginning to miss the sunshine state!!!  But, I did get a compliment on my new umbrella :)

Thanks for helping my friend!
-College Prepster

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Umbrella!

SM and me down at the waterfront for the regatta on Saturday.  Note the VB Umbrella, VV Nor'Easter, and LL Bean Boots!

Don't worry everyone!  My Green Apple Vera Bradley umbrella has been replaced! Soccer Mom brought it up to DC this weekend.  The print is Cupcakes Pink and I just absolutely love it. 

My old one was kinda hard to open, and my fingers would always get pinched when trying to close it.  (I hate those little metal things!)  But this one is fabulous because it opens and closes with a click of a button!  Oh, how I love it.

I needed it on Saturday.  The weather was less than ideal.  I whipped out my bean boots for the regatta and used the umbrella for the walk to and from the boathouse.  Also, it's definitely going to come in handy this week.  It's raining today and forecasted to rain tomorrow.  

Campus today is pretty crazy.  Obama is giving his economic address on campus!  Right now!  I'm in New North and he's literally a few yards behind me in Gaston Hall making his speech.  On my way to class, I was stopped because his motorcade went right in front of me.  Getting to class is SO difficult because a bunch of buildings are blocked off and pathways are barricaded.  I feel so lucky to go to school here.  We even convinced my US Political Systems professor to let us watch it.  Georgetown had a lottery for tickets, but unfortunately I didn't win.  It's on CNN.com/Live and so we have it projected in front of the auditorium.  Very cool.

-College Prepster

Monday, April 13, 2009

Three Wishes

I LOVE Dogeared Jewelry so much.  The bracelets, necklaces, and earrings come in the sweetest little packages with precious advice.

Soccer Mom gave me my first Dogeared necklace my junior year of HS.  It was a little tiny key to symbolize the key to my heart.  I wore it everyday for about a year, and I still occasionally wear it for good luck.  I ALWAYS wear it if I have a big test or presentation or race.  

Sporty Sister bought me a necklace for Sisterhood.  It has a gold dove.  She bought the Sisterhood one with a bee.  The charms are just small enough that they don't seem gaudy by any means.  And the chains are a bit long so they hang closer to your heart.

For Easter, the Easter Bunny gave me a "Three Wishes" necklace.  It has three petite seed pearls on a thin gold chain.  I always wear pearls.  Everyday.  Seriously.  So I love that I can wear this delicate necklace when I'm not in the mood for a full strand of pearls.  

Definitely check Dogeared out!  They have SO many different styles and colors and charms.  Tons of celebrities wear it too... See their "As Seen In..." section.  It's IMPRESSIVE!

-College Prepster

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Break

I've been away from the blogging world for a few days now, but have lots to fill you in on :)

Above: Soccer Mom & Dad and me in front of Georgetown on Easter morning.

Above: Soccer Mom & Dad and me on Friday afternoon after my race.

Above:  My Californian friend has been OFFICIALLY converted into a prep!  YAY!

Above: Soccer Mom & Dad and me on Thursday.

Above: Three of my favorite rowers and me in front of The Tombs.  All of our families got together for dinner on Friday.  (New VV dress!)

I hope everyone had as wonderful a weekend as I did.  I was so happy that SM & D travelled up to DC to watch some races and celebrate easter.  On Thursday, my boat had one practice in the morning so I was free all afternoon to hang out with my parents.  We walked down to the monuments.  It was nice and sunny, but the wind made it a bit chilly.  Most of the cherry blossoms were gone, but it was still nice to see a few here and there.  We got frozen yogurt from SM's favorite place, Sweet Greens; I always get strawberries, granola, and chocolate chips.  HEAVEN!  I went back to campus and SM & D went back to the hotel to get ready before dinner.  We ended up at Clyde's... very yummy.

We had brunch on Friday before the regatta.  After the race, California Funk (he's basically my brother. It's weird. He's a dork.) had organized for a few of our closest rowing friends to have dinner together with all of our families.  What place could be more appropriate than The Tombs (a rowing themed restaurant/bar).  Everyone had a ton of fun.

The regatta consisted of two races on Saturday, and unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest, but we still raced pretty well.  CF and I decided that our families should eat together again for dinner.  Plus, we planned on going to Vineyard Vines to convert him into a prep.  The dinner was fun, and the shopping trip was a SUCCESS!  YAY!  

Easter was pretty relaxing.  SM & D and I went to a small little hole-in-the-wall for breakfast.  It was MUCH chillier this morning, but I insisted on wearing a white Lilly dress.  I did wear my pink J. Crew coat so I didn't actually freeze.  The easter bunny came and brought me Vera Bradley binder clips, highlighters (who knew they made VB highlighters?), and Post-Its as well as a gold chain necklace with three tiny pearls.  Plus candy!  I was sad to say goodbye to SM& D after a quick trip to Starbucks for warm drinks.  

I've spent the afternoon doing some spring cleaning.  I just love having a clean room and I can be quite a bit OCD about it.  Seriously.  Oh, and I'm waiting on my laundry to dry.  Normally I would send it out (I know, I know.. but with crew, it's hard to find time), but the service I use isn't running this weekend because of Easter.

"Here comes Peter Cottontail.  Hopping down the bunny trail.  Hoppin' down the bunny trail.  Hippity.  Hoppity.  Easter's on its way!"

-College Prepster

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cutie Tie

Somehow, I only have two finals out of my five classes.  I feel pretty lucky, except I have MANY final papers.  I'm currently working on my second to last paper for my ethics class and I'm just about dying doing so.  Philosophy is not for everyone, and I believe I am the perfect example.  Thinking about thinking just doesn't do it for me.  I struggle to follow the lectures before my brain gives up.  This paper is no exception.  I only have about a page left to write and then I also have to tweak my argument a little.

Anyways, on a lighter, and preppier note, I was doing some Facebook stalking in between classes one day and saw a picture of a guy.  He was wearing a tie that looked oddly familiar.  "Vera Bradley?" I asked myself.  I conducted a quick google search and much to my surprise: YES!  I don't know how I missed this!

I am a HUGE fan of men's ties.  (But not nearly as big a fan as I am for Bow Ties!!!) My dad wore a Lilly tie that matched my graduation dress.  Oh, and who can forget adorable Vineyard Vines?  I'm so excited that I found these Veras...

Now, if only I could convince someone to wear one...

-College Prepster

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Windy Weekend

Phew.  So this weekend was far from normal.  

The Heavyweights were scheduled to race UVa here in DC this weekend.  Friday would normally be spent doing a shorter workout preparing for the race the next day, but the wind was pretty bad so we had a late launch.  Luckily, our coach found a little spot that was sheltered a little bit, so we got some good work done.

We were all so happy because we didn't have to be down at the boathouse until 10:15.  That is SO late by crew standards.  Thankfully, we didn't have to travel which meant that we didn't have to waste time rigging or de-rigging the boats and loading the trailers.  It takes up a bunch of time.  Plus, bus rides with tons of boys is NOT that fun.  Trust me.

The girls raced in the morning.  When we got to the boathouse the wind was REALLY picking up.  And the weather reports were saying the wind was only going to get worse.  We can row in moderate winds, but this was exceptionally bad.  The coaches met and decided to postpone the race until 5:15 that afternoon.  This left a random chunk of time in between, so I just napped and got some work out of the way.

At 4:45 we headed back over to the boathouse (it's a 25 minute walk from campus).  There were still HUGE gusts of wind.  The race was postponed again for this morning.  Our arrival time was 5:45, which means we had to leave campus at 5:15 and wake up at 4:55.  The water conditions were so much better!  

We all went out and had some great races.  In rowing, we bet shirts.  The winning team gets the racing shirts of the losing team as a trophy.  It's a really cool tradition.  Anyways, winning our race meant that we got Virginia racing shirts.  Exciting!

Because the racing started so early, we were back on campus at 8:30.  I took a long nap!  Then spent the afternoon in the library writing an Ethics paper.  Blah.  But, it was SUCH a beautiful day today!!!  It finally felt Springy :)

I'm posting a picture I took of the flowers on campus :)

-College Prepster

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diplomatic Ball

An organization at Georgetown puts on an annual "Diplomatic Ball" where diplomats from a ton of countries come and the students get to mingle with them.  When I first heard about it, I wasn't planning on attending.  But then, one of my friends decided to go, so, obviously, I just had to go.  I quickly had my mom express ship dress options and heels up to school.  Then, I decided I wasn't going to go because I didn't have a date, not to mention the $60 sticker price. 

Literally an hour and a half before it started, my friends and I were eating dinner and one of the guys said how his date couldn't go because she had a regatta.  He said I could go with him, strictly as friends, and that he wouldn't even take a picture with me.  How nice! Haha.

We rushed back to the dorms were I had like 25 minutes to get ready.  But I pulled it off.  We had some difficulties getting the tickets from the person we were buying them from, but ultimately everything worked out.

I love seeing my little rowers all dressed up in tuxes.  I love how everyone looks so much older :)

The thing itself was not that fun though.  But, they did have good food. Haha.  And we all liked hanging out together and dressing nicely!

OK, I'm off to the boat house for a regatta!

-College Prepster

Friday, April 3, 2009

Great Deals!

If you're like me, you're closet is overflowing with Lacoste.  I wear it ALL the time.  

I just got an email for 25% off purchases of 100 dollars or more.  YAY!

Just type in FRIEND09 :)

UPDATE: Tucker Blaire is having a ONE day sale today.  Buy a belt and get a FREE Key Fob!  Hello? AWESOME!  All you have to do is say which key fob you want in the customer notes during checkout!


-College Prepster

PS Sorry this was short, I just thought I should share real quick.  I have to study for a quiz. Yikes!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Showers

It's the second day of April, and the second rainy day in a row.  My lifesaver for days like these: Vineyard Vines Nor'Easter Jacket.  I find myself wearing this nearly everyday.  It's light enough for warm days, but can be layered with fleeces for colder days.

The hood makes you look kinda like a duck, but it's perfect for keeping your hair dry!  Also, the hood can be stowed away when not in use.  My favorite part is the fleece-lined pockets.  It's so nice to tuck your hands away in a warm pocket.  And trust me, after a cold, wet practice on the Potomac, it's downright amazing.

I'm really quite sick of this weather, especially since my umbrella is still kinda broken.  Weather.com had been telling me all week that today would be 65 and sunny.  I planned to wear a Lilly dress and everything!  I woke up this morning and the high was 62 and rainy/cloudy.  I was so sad :(  Hmph.

Because I had an all-day poetry symposium on Tuesday for my Humanities & Writing class, our regular class was cancelled this morning.  I kept checking my cellphone to make sure I wasn't going to be late.  It gave me time to study for my accounting quiz though... AH I'm nervous!

-College Prepster

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