Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's a plane with internet?



And one happy blogger!

Technology never ceases to amaze me.

-College Prepster

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School- College

I leave for Georgetown on Saturday morning. I have very mixed emotions about heading back to DC for school. I have loved being home this summer and spending time with Soccer Mom & Dad and Sporty Sister (and our two cats Pookie and SoHo).

Things I will miss:
  • My family
  • My cats
  • Favorite restaurants & shops
  • Crafting & painting
  • All the kids I babysit for!!!!
  • Walk in closet
  • Not sharing a room or bathroom

Things I'm excited about:
  • My friends!!!
  • Coxing
  • Exploring the city
  • Basketball games
  • Nightlife
  • Did I mention my friends???
  • Midterms (haha, just kidding!)

Every five minutes I change my attitude about going back. Regardless of how I feel about it, I have to! Which is a good thing, because I know I'm going to have a really good and fun year!

So, what can't a college prepster live without?

Travel coffee mugs! They have to be cute, or else it's no fun. I literally inhaled caffeinated tea (I don't like coffee just yet) during stressful weeks. The coffee shops around campus will discount the price of your drink if you use a reusable cup or mug instead of a paper product. Hello... go green, look stylish, and be alert!

An 80's costume... or really any costume. A ton of parties are themed and you don't want to be scrambling around trying to throw together an outfit last minute. Go thrift store hunting!!! A cute costume shouldn't cost you more than eight dollars.

Laptops are god's gift to the student in my opinion! But they're pretty fragile beings. Take really good care of your laptop by using protective cases. This laptop sleeve is in a Lilly print and the company that makes them has other fabulous fabric choices. Another useful tip, don't lay your laptop down on the floor in a crowded library ;)

Koozies are wonderful for diet coke. Be the life of the party with a monogrammed one. Or search for a Vineyard Vines koozie. I carry my VV koozie around in my Longchamp at all times. You never know when you might need it!

When I look around my classes, nearly everyone has the same laptop. Stand apart and personalize yours with a monogrammed decal. I am coveting them right now!!!

A first aid kit comes in handy... and who wouldn't want a pink one?

A school shirt! Self explanatory, don't you think? PS don't you just love the college editions of the Vineyard Vines sash and headband???

This is Georgetown Boy's addition. The Bro Hat. As he puts it, it completes a preppy outfit and keeps things casual.

Here is GB modeling both the school spirit (sweat)shirt and Bro Hat. PS I'm 5'5" (I grew an inch since last summer!!!)... he's very tall! :-)

The next time I blog, I'll be reporting from my dorm! I hope all you students have a great year!!!

-College Prepster

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Class of 2010- FDO

The buzzword at our house towards the end of the summer is FDO. For those not familiar with the Heit family acronym, it's the First Day Outfit.

Normally, my sister and I would spend weeks browsing through magazines, shopping in the mall, and selecting the perfect outfit for the first day back. First impressions are everything. Some have been a favorite, such as my 9th grade Ralph Lauren t-shirt with a giant polo player on the front. And others have been a big miss, like my 7th grade denim jumper with a wide red belt. (Note: Looking back, wearing a jumper from the Children's Place when you're in middle school was basically social suicide!!! But when you can't fit into adult clothes, you do what you must.)

Our high school has a tradition where the seniors choose a theme and dress accordingly on the first day. My theme was '08 Mate. We all had tank tops made... I was not a huge fan because I don't wear tank tops often. I am super jealous of Sporty Sister's theme: "Gods Among Men- 2010." It's amazing and blows everyone else's out of the water. The girls of their "crew" (yes, they call themselves that) all slept over last night at someone's house. I went over there early this morning to see their outfits and take pictures. Everyone dressed in togas. Fabulous! I followed them to another senior's house where some of the grade was meeting for pictures. The group was huge and I was standing with a bunch of moms and dads snapping pictures. Woo.

Sporty Sister (second from left) with her friends... How amazing? (Click on the pic for a larger view... you just have to check out everyone's amazing shoe choices!)

Our high school yearbook is huge and even this might be somewhat of an understatement. (PS I was the Student Life editor!) It is ridiculously large, but a large portion of the book is dedicated to "senior ads." Most parents buy their senior one page for just themselves and then branch off and buy various pages for friends. SS's "crew" decided to take pictures yesterday for their page and I was honored to be asked to take them. They are the funniest group of kids, ever. I love them!!! And, if I do say so myself, the pictures look fabulous!

They took them on the golf course because it's closed on Mondays and I think the backdrop is great! They all decided to wear jeans and black shirts. While the jeans and black look really great, it probably wasn't the smartest idea in the summer mid afternoon heat. It was SO hot.

Happy First Day Back!
-College Prepster

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School- Middle & High School

Here is the middle school and high school edition of my Back to School posts!

Again, hand sanitizer is super important. A gel is most convenient for older kids. It dries super quickly and leaves a fresh, clean scent. Run to your local Bath & Body Works and stock up because they're having a huge sale. Students share desks since they change classrooms for every period, and the germs are easily passed between students.

Lacoste Polos are fabulous for school because they're clean and simple. Load up your son's and daughter's closets with the polos so that on any given day they can throw it on with jeans or khakis. Lacostes were basically my uniform throughout school.

Um, HOW AMAZING ARE THESE BAGS!? I want to order one for myself! The Monogram Chick offers so many options for personalizing backpacks! Carrying around totes aren't good for growing kids' backs.

Ballet flats are a great option for students. They're very popular right now and can go with any outfit. Before wearing them to school, have your student do a test run in them to make sure they don't blister feet. Regardless of what shoe you decide on, pack bandages in your child's backpack just in case a blister forms.

Vera Bradley makes an awesome line of school supplies. The folders come in fun prints and you can match them to your student's "signature print." Stock up on folders, binders, pencils, pens, highlighters, and paperclips!

An agenda is ├╝ber important! While an academic calendar is most practical, a regular one such as the Kate Spade one will work. Just remember that you will have to get a new one after first semester! Setting a schedule is an important life lesson and the benefits of remembering obscure homework assignments and soccer practices are way worth the extra thirty seconds it takes to keep organized.

This Lilly pen will be accompanying me on my first day of school! But don't let your neighbor borrow it! You wouldn't want to have it accidentally forgotten!

Makeup bags make EXCELLENT pencil pouches. They're typically lined and have the perfect shape for pencils. Most of the time, you can find makeup bags in cuter patterns (like this Lilly one) than traditional pencil pouches.

-College Prepster

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School- Elementary

Since summer must come to an end eventually, I thought I should do a "Back to School Special" on my blog. I'm going to do an elementary school, middle/high school, and college edition.

Today is all about the youngsters!

Hand sanitizer is an absolute MUST, especially with Swine Flu. Remind your child to wash hands after using the restroom, before eating anything, and after playing. A foaming hand sanitizer is lots of fun and will promote healthy hands! Bath and Body Works is having a sale on their anti-bacterial items now. Stock up! Buy soap for the teacher and the classroom. Put a travel size in your child's backpack, lunch box, and gym bag.

Comfortable shoes are very important. While white tennis shoes may be cute for the first day of school, they'll quickly turn to a ugly gray-brown! Buy a dark colored shoe that can go with any outfit (or uniform). Make sure they can transition from the classroom to recess! These Mary-Jane styled shoes from Crew Cuts are perfect for elementary school because they won't get dirty, they're super stylish, but still comfy enough to play on the jungle gym!

I had to wear a uniform in my elementary school. [Side note: I love uniforms. I'm a huge fan!] My friends and I would all wear different colored tights and fun hair accessories. I was absolutely obsessed with my multi-colored striped tights! I would always wear a bow, but these headbands would spruce up any uniform! If your child is not required to wear a uniform, keep their school outfits easy-peasy. Fancy dresses are not good for class time. Keep the color scheme simple, it will be easier for a first grader to choose clothes every morning on their own. (If your daughter is insisting on wearing a skirt, make sure she wears bicycle shorts in coordinating prints underneath!)

These are self explanatory. You absolutely CANNOT go to elementary school without a box of 64 crayons.... and everyone neeeeeds a built in sharpener.
These Ticonderoga pencils are great for tiny hands. They're specially shaped into a triangle which helps students learn how to properly hold a pencil. They easily graduate from printing to cursive and doodling in between!

Any little girl would be thrilled to take along her books in this Lilly backpack! Make sure you attach a label to this and her lunch box in case it goes missing! A laminated tag is perfect! (Oliver's Labels are perfect for labeling everything else!)

-College Prepster

Thursday, August 20, 2009

100th Post A

I cannot believe that this is my 100th post!

I came up with the idea of starting a blog during a stressful period at school and I never could have imagined where it would lead me.

I am so thankful for each and every one of my followers.

Remember that garden Soccer Mom and I planted? Well, it's definitely not what we envisioned it to be. The vegetables never grew and the torrential downpours ruined most of the flowers. It wasn't a complete bust though! We had planted a ton of milkweed not really knowing what it was. We knew it would attract butterflies and we were very interested in having a butterfly garden.

After a month or so, we noticed that the leaves of the milkweed were destroyed! At first we were distraught, but then we saw a MILLION caterpillars! If you've ever read Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar then you will be surprised to know how accurate it is. These caterpillars ate every leaf!

Once we determined that our garden did in fact have Monarch caterpillars, SM and I started watching videos about them on Youtube. We were so excited to see them go through the different stages.

We noticed that the caterpillars began disappearing. There definitely wasn't as many of them left and we think that the lizards were eating them.

But we saw this:
A Chrysalis! SM checked on it multiple times a day and I took a picture of it every morning. One day, SM came inside while I was eating breakfast and told me that it was no longer green, it had turned black. I went outside and was shocked to see it! I didn't take a picture of it right then, but a little while later I went out with the camera and a butterfly was emerging!

I was so excited!!! I called into the house for SM and Sporty Sister and her friends to come outside. We all watched in awe as the butterfly emerged. SM teared up; she was so excited to finally have the cycle of life completed.

When we went back to check on it, it must have flown off because it was gone! (We're assuming it wasn't eaten by a lizard or something else...)

I felt like the life of the butterfly was a perfect post for my 100th. You never know what something so little and tiny can develop into!

-College Prepster

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whatever Makes U Happy

What makes me happy is having lots of friends who love me no matter how crazy I am!

One of whom showed me this website: Whatever Makes U Happy

There is so much negative circling around the world. Just this a sliver of happiness can brighten up a day!

-College Prepster

PS I can't believe this is my 99th post! Holy Moly!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer + Mod Podge = Craft Success

I saw little wine glasses with Lilly fabric on ebay a few weeks ago... I thought to myself that it would be relatively easy to make... But what to decorate? Shotglasses... for the over 21ers, of course!

How adorable would these be for a twenty first birthday present???

So I did a little research online and thought long and hard about which process I was going to follow. I took a little bit from here and there and this is the final product!

What you need:
Shot glasses (or wine glasses, or plates, or whatever!)
Mod Podge (I used the Satin Finish in the orange tub)
Sponge paintbrush (they look like a sponge on a stick)
Fabric Scraps
Sewing scissors

  1. Lay the newspaper down on a flat table in a well lit room.
  2. Pick out a section of the fabric that you want to glue to the glass.
  3. Carefully cut it out to the size you want.
  4. Dip the sponge end of the brush into the Mod Podge.
  5. Coat the WRONG side of the fabric in the glue first and place and position it against the glass where you want it.
  6. Redip the sponge into the glue and coat the fabric on the glass. Make sure you get the ends very well to prevent fraying.
  7. Repeat 1-6 until you are done with every glass.
  8. Even if the glasses aren't completely dry, go over them again with one or two coats of the glue.
  9. Allow them to dry for at least three hours.
  10. If you decide you would like a harder finish after they dry, coat them two or three more times.
  11. Voila!

Things to Keep in Mind:
  • The glasses should only be delicately hand washed. Key word being delicately!
  • If you want perfect lines, create a template that has a curved in top and bottom so that it wraps evenly around the glass. Practice a few times with paper to make sure it lays correctly.
  • Only use shot glasses if you're over 21!
  • Search places like Bed, Bath, & Beyond for different shapes of glasses... They have great sets that when given as a gift alone are boring, but jazz them up a bit and they're fabulous!

I LOVE the turtle! I think it looks so adorable!

All lined up!

-College Prepster

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ladies Lounge

The room at the end of the hallway was once a spare bedroom.  Then it was a playroom.  When we outgrew the playroom, it turned back into a spare bedroom.  Eventually, the room was never used.  Sporty Sister and I wanted to make the room a place to hang out in with friends.

We (aka me) created a power point presentation on what we wanted to the room to be.  We included pictures of everything we needed.  Thankfully, we totally sold him on the idea and began ordering.

It's been quite a work in progress trying to get everything finished.  The last part was just completed a few weeks ago when we finally put stuff up on the walls!  Check it out!

Welcome to the Ladies Lounge!

My mom had a book full of old Vogue covers.  We went through and picked out our favorite six.  It was tough, but we finally narrowed it down to our favorites.

How cute?!

A painting I did in middle school way back when I had time to paint... (Georgia O'Keeffe inspired)  It's been sitting on the floor of my bedroom for a while now and finally found a home!

The other three are on the opposite wall above the couch!

-College Prepster

PS California Funk and I are having a HEATED debate over the correct spelling of the shortened/abbreviated word for FAVORITE.  The debate is between "fave" and "fav."

We would appreciate YOUR input greatly!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get Up and Go

I am a "get up and go" kind of girl.  I began wearing makeup pretty late in the game (senior year).  I use it pretty sparingly, but I have a set routine that I like to follow for everyday wear.

I have a pretty big collection of Bobbi Brown makeup.  I've gone to get my makeup done so many times for all sorts of events and end up leaving with two or three things.  It adds up!

I have very fair skin, so I need to wear SPF.  The BB SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer is perfect!  It has all the wonderful benefits of a moisturizer, but also has just enough coverage to even out skin tone.  I've been wearing the Alabaster tint and recently "upgraded" to Extra Light.  It was pretty exciting to be tan enough to get a darker shade.

Because I'm pale, I need a little boost in my color.  I hate sun bathing and I'm petrified of skin cancer, but I like looking tan.  This bronzer is fabulous.  It has just enough shimmer, but not enough to make you look like a middle schooler.  I bought it at Sephora and the lady helped me pick out the perfect shade and showed me how to apply it.  
This eye liner pencil is the best.  I've used all kinds, but this one takes the cake in my opinion.  You can make it as thick or as thin as you like and the other end is perfect to correcting mistakes.  I love the Charcoal one because it's not Avril-like, but it's dark enough to get the job done.

I've tried so many mascaras.  I have the shortest lashes and need some volume.  I've used almost every mascara on the market and I love this one.  If you're in the market for a new mascara, Lancome L' Extreme Waterproof is the one to get!

On other news, I've been going to my high school's varsity rowing camp.  They needed a coxswain and I happily volunteered.  There's only twelve rowers at the camp right now, so I've been going out in a four with rising seniors.  I'm having so much fun and can't wait to get back on the Potomac in the fall!

-College Prepster

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long Time No Chat!

Thank you everyone who prayed for Melly.  Her trip to the Mayo Clinic was successful and she received a lot of answers about her condition, including a new diagnosis and a better prognosis.

I haven't done anything noteworthy of a blog post, but don't think I forgot about y'all.

Here's the final three prints for Preppy Pink Crab, the winner of my giveaway.  I thought they turned out well and had lots of personality.  I loved the prints she picked out and had a BLAST painting them! [Click on the picture for more detail!]

Last night, I went to the Rays game with my friends Bebe and Tay E.  I drove us all from Tampa to St. Pete and Bebe showed up to my house wearing practically the same outfit as me!  We both rocked the white jeans (we only have a few more weeks to wear them) and navy J. Crew blouses.  
We bought the cheapest tickets when we got there and were basically in the nosebleeds.  We thoroughly cleaned the seats with napkins and hand sanitizer (seriously).  After a few innings, I was extremely annoyed by the little kids kicked the back of the chairs and running amuck.  We ended up moving to way better seats thanks to Bebe's step sister!

The Rays have a summer concert series going on which allows anyone who attended the game to stay for a concert afterwards.  Flo Rida was playing last night and we stayed for a few songs.  It wasn't exactly our cup of tea, but we had fun anyways!

TayE and I are heading over to the Orlando outlets today!  I need some more fall-y clothes for school and I'm dying to check out the VV outlet there!

Have a great weekend!
-College Prepster

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