Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I saw an ad recently for a new line of Lands' End clothing called Canvas. Let me tell you, whoever came up with the new line is a GENIUS. Literally.

My memories of Lands' End are limited to snow suits in elementary school when we used to live in Massachusetts. Looking through the catalogs gives the impression that most of the clothing are made for middle aged women. High waists, bland colors, boxy fits.

Canvas looks completely different (I mean, the models are about 20 years younger!). The clothing looks like it would blend in in a J. Crew store. The prices, however, are extraordinarily cheaper than J. Crew.

Love the casual colors of this dress/cardigan combination.

Cute little riding boots (Okay, these a bit expensive...)

White eyelet shift dress (also comes in Navy).
These shorts are very J. Crew, about 35 dollars though!

Love this blouse! I'd pair it with a green cardigan!

Hello, SOOOO J. Crew-y
I like this entire look, especially the sandals and bag!

I'm thinking that Canvas may give J. Crew a run for its money (pun definitely intended). What do you think?

PS This is a scheduled post... I've been so busy with studying, but don't worry, my last midterm is on Thursday and I have many ideas for some more posts!!!


  1. you owe me a sleepoverFebruary 25, 2010 at 12:26 AM


    you are not helping out our wallets!!!


    see you in 6 hours!

  2. Okay, I am 47 and would wear all of this - with the exception of the bikini! However, I do know some 47-ers and up that can still sport one. Not this gal, though!

  3. Such a cute line of clothes! There goes my money again!

  4. Very cute! But have you ever heard of Madewell? It is like a younger less expensive brand of J. Crew.

  5. cute cute cute! I love the dress! Another fave of mine is Boden!

  6. Very cute Carly, thanks for sharing with us! I really do love all of it! Cute name too, 'Canvas' ;-)

  7. I LOVE the riding boots!!!

  8. How cute is this!! Thanks for sharing this great find!

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  10. they fit and look great. the only problem, and this is with all champion shorts, is the chord is super long.
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  11. Teen fashion moves at a rapid pace, with drastic changes happening from season to season. It's impossible to keep up, especially on a teenager's budget. and i just love these stuffs.


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