Tuesday, February 23, 2010


First, I want to thank everybody for their wonderful comments regarding my new design. I really can't tell you just how much I appreciate the feedback. I'd also like to thank Emily June. I'm so grateful that I got to work with her...I have been opening up my blog just to stare at it!

Second, I'm so excited about everyone's feedback about Confessions of a College Prepster. I'm really looking forward to developing the character of Adelaide. I'm going into this pretty blindly, I have no idea where it could go! Some things you can definitely expect:
  • Adelaide is certainly going to have some growing up to do once she starts school. I was a bit young and naive when first going to Georgetown, and I'm planning on Adelaide having a similar growing period that I experienced.
  • Boys will definitely be involved. Emphasis on the plural.
  • Because I don't know much about sororities (actually, I know next to nothing)... Fitzgerald College will not have a Greek system. However, I think I want Adelaide to join the rowing team as a novice coxswain.
The rest is pretty much in the air. Please, please, please don't hesitate to comment on the Day 0 post with any suggestions, criticisms, etc. If you're worried that I might get upset (I promise I won't though!) make your comment anonymous. I really am interested in what you have to say!


  1. I'm with you on another new adventure featuring Adelaide!!! I was known to do the belles, Suzabelle, Anabelle,Clarabelle etc. You know, with your love of writing and artistic ability...think about writing and illustating children's books. Not much of interest to college students but you have many followers who are no longer students (me included by a long shot)

  2. I LOVE the new layout! Meant to comment yesterday, got distracted, etc.
    Love your ideas too!


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