Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fabric Covered Buttons

I recently did a post about past projects I've done that used Lilly fabric. I was going through my iPhoto albums and came across these bows. I completely forgot that I had made them. I'm pretty sure they're in the back of one of my sister's vanity drawers. Note to self: Must find!

I googled how to make the bows. I don't remember the exact website, but I'm sure there are a ton out there. I went to the fabric store (Hancock) and bought button cover kits. They have a bunch of different sizes, so pick which ever one you want!

Tip #1: I originally bought the kind with "teeth" that you have to hook the fabric into, but it's hard...and painful for the fingers... I'd recommend the kind with the spool that you punch down.

Tip #2: If you buy the ones with the teeth, use a pencil eraser to push the fabric and make it hook. This doesn't make much sense if you haven't tried it or seen the kit, but I promise it'll be more clear once you get your finger bit by one of the sharp teeth!

I bought a pack of plain barrettes from Michael's. I used a hot glue gun (best invention EVER) to adhere the bow to the clip and the button to the bow.

Tip #3: You should probably burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

I made a few larger buttons and decided to make pony tail holders. I used embroidery floss to secure them to the holder. I would recommend putting a little dot of hot glue where you knot the floss.

Tip #4: Wrap the floss MANY times to make sure it's nice and secure.



  1. omygosh those buttons are so cute!! I would totally use those ponytail holders :)

  2. Where do you get that fabric? It's seems like a fabulous DIY project!

  3. I make these also! They are soooo cute, great gifts.

  4. i've crowned you a socialite - you have been tagged ! see on
    xoxo Jenna

  5. I'm very impressed! They are adorable! I have monogrammed Lilly ponytail holders, which I love!

  6. I am loving the ponytail holders! I love them and they're such a great way to jazz up a basic pony! PS. I'm about 2 weeks from retiring a VV too...I just can't get myself to go through with it...haha!

  7. I am ALL about fabric covered buttons and use them often. They are so fun and cute!

  8. Definetly going to try to whip a few of these up for part of the goodie bags I am giving out at my sister's bridal shower, thanks for the helpful tips!


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