Thursday, March 25, 2010


Kerry from Preppy Perfection just posted something that is so, so, so true!

Ode to Nice Girls

Kerry is such a sweetheart and recently looked out for me :-)

Check out her blog (and her completely accurate new post)


I feel like pictures taken with boyfriends reveal the best smiles :-)


  1. I completley agree that photos taken with boyfriends reveal the truest and brightest smiles :)

  2. you look beyond gorg in the middle picture. you look gorg in all three but the middle one is fab. you should do your makeup like that everyday. love it!

  3. haha boyfriend photos are definitely great, but i love oens with my single girlies as well...some of my most joyful times! your eye makeup looks beautiful in that second one!

  4. Thank you so much for the tag! You look gorgeous in all three pictures! Have a great Thursday- almost to the weekend!!! xoxo

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  6. Great pix Carly... love your blog post...of course you know that...keep it going so those of us who do like it can keep up! Great weekend coming up I'm sure!!! Later(:>)

  7. Hi College Prep!

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    Check out my new blog "Once a Model, Now a Waddle". It's a preppy lifestyle blog that also covers my weight loss journey and talks about how i was once a model, and then one hundred pounds heavier, i became a self proclaimed waddler. Join me on my journey back to looking fab.

  8. hi carly! so true about the smiles. you're glowing in all the pics and your makeup looks fab in the middle one!

    is it just me or does the link to "ode to nice girls" redirecting to a different random website with every click and not to Preppy Perfection?

    xo liz @

    (currently hosting a fun giveaway with bits of pretty from The Swank Co.


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