Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boy Graduation Gifts Ideas

Here are my suggestions for graduation gifts for boys. I didn't think they really would be interested in receiving a monogrammed coffee mug, you know?

Monogrammed deck of cards- I think this is a great idea if you have to get a bunch for many boys. (about 25 dollars)
The mighty mouse, which I just realized has been upgraded to the Magic Mouse (about 70)

Vineyard Vines collegiate tie (about 75 dollars)

Tucker Blair needle point belt (about 80 dollars)Puma watch- really any watch... check price ranges... (about 115 dollars)

Waterman pen set (about 100 dollars)
Smather's and Branson needlepoint wallet. This is my fave! (about 115 dollars)

These were a little bit pricier. But, when in doubt, gift cards are easy and you can put whatever amount you feel is appropriate.

Another great idea (that might need some coordination with the parents) is to put money on his student card. Most universities–probably all now– use electronic cards to swipe into buildings, but they're also used as payment. Georgetown's card is called a GoCard. A lot of restaurants (and CVS too) accept GoCard as payment. It'll be a nice little cushion in a boy's wallet to have some spending money put on his card in your name!


  1. I really like the monogramed card deck!! Totally thoughtful and personalized, yet, its still totally functional (a boy-gift must!). Great picks!!

  2. That wallet is adorable! (Is adorable too girly of a word? Well, the boy version of adorable.) ;)

  3. I would choose the cards, the tie, the belt,the watch and definately the GoCard!!!

  4. Carly's favorite graduation gift to give is an ounce of dat ganja yooooo

  5. Another good idea is to get a cooler with his college mascot or logo on it and fill it up with collegiate goodies like koozies, belts, croakies, and other little stuff all with the logo on it! I just finished mine for my boyfriend who is going to South Carolina next year and he just LOVED it!


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