Theory of Threes

So I have this theory. It applies specifically to my life, but could probably be manipulated to apply to others. Basically, I divide my life into three categories: School, Crew, and Social. School is essentially grades, projects, stress levels, etc. Crew involves everything: how practices go, if I get time in the launch, what boats I’m in, who is in my lineup, etc. Social is everything else. Mainly, how much free time I have, boys, friends, etc.

In my head, I have this picture of three equally large jars all lined up. I have a bag of sand that contains enough sand to fill up all three jars half way. The sand represents how much time I can devote to a particular category.

How much the jar is filled up represents my performance, I guess the outcome (?) of the category. It’s kind of confusing I guess, but anyways… If I divide my time equally, then the jars are all halfway filled. This means that each category is functioning, but only at a mediocre caliber.

I need school to go really well and crew to go well too, so mostly, I’ll allocate the sand from Social and stick 75% of it in School and 25% in Crew. I have to give up Social to get more School and Crew.

It’s really weird, but I’ll start to panic if I think Social is going really well because I know that means Crew and School’s sand amounts are cut back.

Since it’s summer, School is drained to zero. And I can put more sand into Crew and Social. Social is an absolute bust right now (=NO SAND). So, Crew is literally overflowing. I have more sand than I have room! I can’t wait to fill you guys in later!!!

Oh, and along with that extra Crew sand came a super sweet sunburn. Epic.

UPDATE: After receiving several comments, I realized that I didn’t completely explain myself perfectly. (My English professor this semester- LITTLE V & CALIFORNIA FUNK- would always get on me about assuming the reader understood my stream of thoughts… Apparently, I’m difficult to understand.) Anyways, I thought I should clarify.

The sand in the jars is good! Crew is going SO GREAT right now!!! It’s overflowing with fantasticness- yes, I made that work up. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining…. I feel so lucky and blessed that I can spend half of my summer vacation doing something I love.

Also, I’m not trying to sound like I’m the busiest person on the planet. I’m a pretty good time manager, multi-tasker, etc. But, there is a limit on how much someone can do something in a day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the president or a homeless person: YOU ONLY HAVE 24 HOURS IN A DAY. Putting sand in the jars is simply my visual representation of how I choose to spend the 24 hours.

Hope this clears it up!


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Adorable post! Hope you get a chance to recharge your batteries and get some sand between your toes! Caught the comment about a beau in your life…have fun! Have a great summer and I look forward to you keeping me up to date with campus happenings in the fall.
Jason's mom


Oh my goodness, a visual besides your lists you complile…I didn't get it…not a visionary I guess.


I love the analogy! That was my life until I dropped my athletic activity in college. It sure is hard to balance. Good luck with your upcoming races!



PS…as I pondered your three jars I realize I visualize each project from beginning to the end result which is another reason I always have Plan B in case it is needed. Mine just aren't jars but perhaps the same result.


most annoying post yet. do you think that you are busier than everyone else in the world? you're not. stop pretending that you are Almighty and way more important/busier/more stressed out than anyone else. so annoying.


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