Monday, August 30, 2010

Lilly Notebooks

Normally I would use two three-subject notebooks for all of my classes (one for MW classes and another for my TR classes).

But this semester I'm going to test out using a different notebook for each class (of course Lilly ones!). I'm thinking that this is going to cut down on some unnecessary bulk. With the three subject notebooks, I typically end up only using two of the sections, and the third one is just wasted. We'll see how this works out!!!

Four of the Five notebooks.
From Left to Right: Vintage Patch, Mumsie, Animal Crackers, & Cabanarama. (Not pictured: Master of the House purchased from Rue La La)

I asked Jack at Lilly if he could locate the large sized folders for me. And he really came through!!! A Lilly store in Ohio had them in stock and so I had the four folders shipped them to DC!

The notebooks came all wrapped up with the most adorable ribbon.

I couldn't let the ribbon go to waste, so I tied it around the lamp!



  1. LOVE them. They sure beat the back to school blues!

  2. I used a separate notebook for each class and found it to be very helpful. And less wasteful. The lily notepads are SUPER cute!!

  3. I have the animal crackers one too!!! I split it in half with a large pink post-it and I use it for my two night classes. (It seemed like a lot of paper for one class.)

  4. I love it! It sucks that Lilly Pulitzer isn't HUGE in Norway. I love the notebooks, agendas etcetcetc.

  5. Love the creative use of the ribbon. And of course I like the notebooks and file folders, too.

  6. I love the Lilly notebooks! Hope school is going well!

  7. I love the look of the ribbon on the lamp. Cute!


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