Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best Ornaments You'll Ever See!

VALORIE arts & accessories is the source for these fantastic ornaments.

Soccer Mom has been giving them to Sporty Sister and me and we've conjured quite the collection!

SS's new sorority one!

SS's high school one

My super cute Georgetown rowing one!!!

My high school rowing ornament- love it!

How great is this!  A HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA ornament.  Oh I just love the colors! 

My new fave-- SWOON!

Check out her facebook fan page for more FAB pictures!!!



  1. cute! so creative. xoxo jcd

  2. OMG! Ya'll are so crafty! (AND SUPER TALENTED!) Are you selling them anytime soon (hint hint)??

  3. I'm a Zeta Tau Alpha too! Your sister picked an AMAZING sorority! Love the Zeta ornament :)

  4. These are SO cute and creative!

  5. I'm a ZTA and I am obsessed with the ZTA ornament!

  6. Love the Carly one!! These are adorable, thanks for the post!

  7. Those are absolutely darling, all of them! Do you paint them yourself Carly? They are amazing, I wish we carried something like that!

    Big smiles at you for the New Year!

  8. Looks like summer camp crafts

  9. I'm a ZTA! I love the zeta ornament especially, but they are all adorable!

  10. Love, love ALL the dying over the Zeta one...I was a Zeta, and so is my daughter...someone could make a mint selling these to alumni and collegiates......

  11. Those Ornaments are PRECIOUS! I do sort of the same thing but I print a picture on overhead projector paper and put it in the clear ball and I have painted some too. You're so creative!

    ps, Im a Zeta too! blogging introduces you to so many new people! i have found a handful of zetas on here! Hope you have a great semester of school and hope ZTA is going good for you!

  12. Conjured? So, rather than your mother making them, you used your imagination and suddenly just made the ornament collection appear, as if by magic? I think the word you're looking for is "assembled," or perhaps "gathered."


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