Monday, December 27, 2010

Guess what time it is?!?


I'm sure everyone has a stack of personalized cards on her desk, but who doesn't love NEW ones?  And the holidays are the perfect excuse to "restock" your collection.

Where to go though???

This year, I'm using personalized cards from The Paper Concierge.  Jori Zarra is my concierge and she is so amazing.  The website is perfect for college students, busy moms, and basically just about everyone.  You can shop a bunch of different brands (Lilly Pulitzer, Whitney English, Boatman Geller, and many many many more) right on the one website.  It could NOT be easier.

I'm using a pink and black bee card by Whitney English this season... with monograming, of course.

But my other favorites are:

And don't think for a minute that men are exempt from writing notes....

I love the simple green!

All of these cards can be purchased via Jori's PC!!!

Happy Writing!!!

(remember, there is always a lot to be thankful for in your life)



  1. I love all these cards especially the first 2!! Congrats on hitting 1,000 followers --I just adore your blog! xoxo

  2. O love the second one! ill have to check out that website :) xoxo jcd

  3. These are beautiful! I have my own monogrammed set that I'm running low on. However, I don't think its tradition to write thank-you notes for Christmas since there's an exchange of gifts. Thank-you notes are conventionally written when one receives a gift without giving the gift-giver a present in return.

    However, with notes as pretty as these, I'd take any reason to give them out! :)

  4. Those would be perfect for thank-you notes for Christmas presents!

  5. Those cards are super cute, i will check them out.

  6. These are fantastic! I love your blog, I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas present that my little sister got for me:

    You should check it out it's a really funny read!

  7. I definitely need to find some cute thank you cards. Loving these ones. I am going to have to look into them.



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