Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preppy College Outfits for Class and Library

Olivia T asked sent me a question asking me about preppy outfits.

She asked: "i have a question...

i'm a senior in high school and i'm getting ready to graduate and go to college, anyway...i have a wardrobe full of preppy clothes however i can never seem to put together a preppy outfit. can you give me some outfit ideas so i can be my complete prepster self before i move away to college ? :)"

My number one suggestion is to only wear clothes that you're completely comfortable. The whole "You have to suffer for beauty" idea does not apply to getting dressed for class or to study in the library. If your jeans are too small, your shoes give you blisters, or your sweater itches, you won't be able to concentrate on your work. At the same time, this doesn't imply you should wear sweats and hoodies everyday. Sweats and hoodies have a time and place though (snow days for instance!).

Here are some preppy clothes ideas that I put together on Polyvore.

Spring Weather Class

Spring Weather Library
Fall Weather- Class

Fall Weather Library

Cold Weather Class
Cold Weather- Library
Some College Prepster Preppy Outfit Staples:

Sperry Top Siders
Jack Rogers
Riding boots
Ballet flats
Hunter Wellington

Skinny jeans
Corduroy skirt
Lilly skort
J Crew critter shorts

Lacoste polo
RL Oxford shirt
Target White Tee*** (I have like 5 and wear them all the time!)
J Crew Tank top

Cable knit
Cardigan (monogrammed of course)
J Crew patterned

Burberry quilted
J Crew pea coat
RAIN JACKET (essential!)

When in doubt- any outfit can be instantly be made more preppy by adding pearls! A grey college t-shirt looks pretty and preppy with a headband and some pearls!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

SWAK- Sealed With a Kiss

I remember way back in middle school, Juicy tubes were the in thing. If your lips didn't have at least a half inch of the gloss, you were just not cool.

I could not stand having that goo slathered on... My hair would get stuck every two minutes and I hated the fake taste of it.

I find good ole fashioned chap-stick the best thing out there for dry lips- especially during the winter weather. Today was so windy, Little V and I went shopping on M street. I had to stop into CVS and pick up some chap-stick because I had run out of my favorites!

I typically keep a stick in my coxswain bag, three in my purse, one in my Vera Bradley card holder, one in my bathroom tote, a couple on my dresser, one in my backpack, and a few floating around my desk. I simply cannot live without it!

My all-time, no questions asked, hands down favorite kind is the Burt's Bees pomegranate. It's seriously legit. I love the regular Burt's too (NEVER honey one, so gross!!!), but the pomegranate gives a smidge of color to your lips. Perfection.

Soft Lips are pretty good too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vanilla! I just bought a Cherry flavored one... Little V approves! I'd stay away from the shimmery ones... They make your lips pale and sheer, sort of weird!
Chap Stick brings me back so many memories! The smell of it reminds me of when we used to live in Boston and would go out and play in the snow!!!
Lip Smackers are amazing!!! Confession: Colie Bolie, Sporty Sister, and I had a Lip Smackers club back in the day. I swear, we had nearly every flavor they made back then. The collection would spend half the time at our house and half the time at Colie's house. Our motto: "Lip Smackers Rule- Bon Bon's drool!" Hahahaha... They've come out with some interesting flavors, but the classics are the way to go (Bubble Gum, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Coconut, Watermelon, Strawberry Banana, etc.) My favorite? Pink Lemonade!!!

I wear chap-stick all the time and for every occasion. I have handfuls of Bobbi Brown lip glosses from various Homecomings and Proms, but I just don't like the feeling of the gloss. I find chap-stick to be much more classy and preppy.

What do yall think? What are your favorite brands/flavors?

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Secret Life of a College Prepster

I'm adding a new segment to my blog's repertoire called The Secret Life of a College Prepster. There are many, many other college students out there writing blogs and I thought it would be interesting to introduce them to y'all (in case you didn't already know them).

Unlike my Confessions of a College Prepster posts, these will be a little bit more sporadic. If you have a question you want answered by another College Prepster, let me know and I'll find someone to answer it!

The inaugural Secret Life is written by Katie from Let's Be Preppy! She's a Freshman at USC. I've been following her blog since she was still in high school. It was really interesting to follow her blog as she went through the process of deciding which college to attend, as I had gone through similar experiences. She's fully acclimated to college life now, and here is what she thinks being a College Prepster is all about:

Being a College Prepster to me means a few things, but a CP is not limited to any of this. First of all, it means getting immersed in college. Find a few things and GET INVOLVED. CP’s cheer on their alma mater NO MATTER WHAT. Even if it means wearing a shirt that says, “COCKS” on it, you have college pride. And it runs deep. Getting involved will keep you occupied, you won’t get homesick and you’ll be meeting people. CP’s love joining student organizations or maybe even starting their own! CP’s also study. They pay attention in class—in the front of the room for large classes, ask questions, and have no problems admitting when they need help or are very stressed. CP’s (usually) go to class and do homework. CP’s also enjoy going out, but always staying classy. They don’t go crazy or overboard, always staying in CP control. After all, CP’s are very type-A and like to know what’s going on at all times. CP’s will generally seek out other CP’s, but don’t confine their friends to all CP’s. They also get dressed for class. You will rarely see a CP wearing sweats to class. Jeans are the most casual it gets. If a CP is in sweats, generally it’s exam time or an 8am class—the 8am’s are quite possibly a CP’s worst enemy! Although not fun, CP’s make it through with a good attitude and a fabulous Lilly shift.

A lot goes into being a College Prepster. It is all about how you see it individually. Certainly CP’s are much more than what I just stated.

Katie and the USC mascot Cocky- This picture is completely College Prepster!!!

Katie is a Student Ambassador, which means she works in the visitors center and gives tours. here she is with a banner she painted for Homecoming.

Katie's dorm- Guess which side is hers!!! This is from the beginning of the year, since then she and her roommate have added more decoration. (I really love looking at pictures of other CP's dorm rooms.... such good inspiration!)

Lastly, here's Katie with other Student Ambassadors. They're allowed on the field during football games!!!

Be sure to check out Katie's blog... recently she posted an AWESOME tutorial on how to tie a scarf!

PS Katie knows my current roommate- small world!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I saw an ad recently for a new line of Lands' End clothing called Canvas. Let me tell you, whoever came up with the new line is a GENIUS. Literally.

My memories of Lands' End are limited to snow suits in elementary school when we used to live in Massachusetts. Looking through the catalogs gives the impression that most of the clothing are made for middle aged women. High waists, bland colors, boxy fits.

Canvas looks completely different (I mean, the models are about 20 years younger!). The clothing looks like it would blend in in a J. Crew store. The prices, however, are extraordinarily cheaper than J. Crew.

Love the casual colors of this dress/cardigan combination.

Cute little riding boots (Okay, these a bit expensive...)

White eyelet shift dress (also comes in Navy).
These shorts are very J. Crew, about 35 dollars though!

Love this blouse! I'd pair it with a green cardigan!

Hello, SOOOO J. Crew-y
I like this entire look, especially the sandals and bag!

I'm thinking that Canvas may give J. Crew a run for its money (pun definitely intended). What do you think?

PS This is a scheduled post... I've been so busy with studying, but don't worry, my last midterm is on Thursday and I have many ideas for some more posts!!!

These are my Confessions

In light of my new feature, Confessions of a College Prepster, I've decided to confess a few things to y'all.

It's really easy to get wrapped up in the hectic nature of school. Sometimes I forget to take a step back and realize just how lucky I am to have the opportunity to study at such an incredible university. I have a solid, however small, group of friends who really care about me. I have fabulous followers and belong to a great blog circle. I'm part of a team and surrounded by some driven and dedicated rowers who not only care about the sport, but also their teammates.

I'll be honest, I get quite stressed and it really affects me in so many ways. This semester has been particularly challenging in the stress department. I've had some pretty traumatic experiences (including an exceptional one concerning ketchup) occur over the past couple of weeks. While they would seem trivial to the average person, they've made me think a lot about who I am. California Funk can attest to my bizarre reactions to seemingly ordinary events.

I feel like I have just been running through the motions this semester. Not much heart involved, I guess. It's not that I've felt overwhelmingly sad or depressed, but I just didn't feel like things were all clicked in place.

I can't pinpoint exactly what triggered the change, but Monday was the first day in a long time that I felt happy, truly happy. It was so strange. At first I thought it was just the coffee that I had, but it didn't wear off, and there was no "crash." Oddly, the happiness came at such an unsuspecting time: in my HELL WEEK (aka three midterms, two papers, and random written assignments). I was so happy to just be happy. I am happy to just be happy.

I'm writing this partly to share with y'all, but also so that I can read this in the future and remember to take a step back and remove the stress and see what I'm missing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


First, I want to thank everybody for their wonderful comments regarding my new design. I really can't tell you just how much I appreciate the feedback. I'd also like to thank Emily June. I'm so grateful that I got to work with her...I have been opening up my blog just to stare at it!

Second, I'm so excited about everyone's feedback about Confessions of a College Prepster. I'm really looking forward to developing the character of Adelaide. I'm going into this pretty blindly, I have no idea where it could go! Some things you can definitely expect:
  • Adelaide is certainly going to have some growing up to do once she starts school. I was a bit young and naive when first going to Georgetown, and I'm planning on Adelaide having a similar growing period that I experienced.
  • Boys will definitely be involved. Emphasis on the plural.
  • Because I don't know much about sororities (actually, I know next to nothing)... Fitzgerald College will not have a Greek system. However, I think I want Adelaide to join the rowing team as a novice coxswain.
The rest is pretty much in the air. Please, please, please don't hesitate to comment on the Day 0 post with any suggestions, criticisms, etc. If you're worried that I might get upset (I promise I won't though!) make your comment anonymous. I really am interested in what you have to say!

Confessions of a College Prepster- Day 0

Please note, this is the FIRST installment of a fictional series I will be including on my blog weekly! Comments and feedback are encouraged!

The moving boxes have all been packed. Packed is definitely the way I would describe the cardboard cubes at this point. Dad is only allowing me to pack six boxes, in addition to three duffle bags, and two rolling suitcases. What he doesn’t understand is that I have already cut down my shoe collection to 35 pairs. Confession: It’s really 40, but I’m considering my Jack Rogers sandals as half since they’re flat, Shhh! What he also doesn’t understand is that I simply cannot make my bed without four pillows: one sham, one monogrammed regular pillow, one European sham, and one decorative pillow. I know Mom understands because she taped up the bulging boxes while I squeezed the flaps closed as tight as I possibly could.

I’ve carefully folded my polos, shift dresses, critter shorts, and cardigans to minimize wrinkles. Dad doesn’t understand that I need to bring my four navy sweaters; they’re most certainly not the same. Mom understands because she helped me hide another one inside my black pea coat. Confession: I hid a fifth one in my right Hunter Wellington. As I watch my once color-coded and fully stocked closet dwindle to a mere skeleton, I vow not to gain the proverbial, and dreaded, Freshman 15. I love my collection of J. Crew shorts too much to not be able to fit into them.

Just as I’m rolling my hair ribbons into perfect, tight curls, Dad walks in, and with more than a slight disappointed tone, grumbles, “Addie…” I absolutely cannot stand it when people call me Addie.

“My name is Adelaide, Dad.”

“I thought we talked about your hair ribbons.”

“Hair bows are my signature.”

He’s worried that I will be thought of as child if I wear my grosgrain ribbons around my smooth ponytails. Mom and Dad both agree that I should have ditched my bows around the age of six. I not-so-politely roll my eyes, and continue to manage the sea of ribbons I’m sitting in.

* * *

The six moving boxes, three duffel bags, and suitcases have overtaken every free square inch of the Volvo. Confession: There are really seven boxes; I simply could not part with my personalized stationery, my six photograph albums, or all four editions of my high school yearbook. Dad, as expected, comments that when Preston (my older, yet much more immature, brother) went to State University, he only brought two duffels.

While most of my friends are attending State University, I am venturing across three state borders to study at Fitzgerald College in Virginia. I will certainly miss the balmy, year-long-summer state that is Florida. I guess technically Virginia is still the south, but it’s a big trip north for me.

Before we even hit the road, Dad, Mom, and I debate over which radio station will be played. Within two minutes of leaving the driveway, I stick my earphones into my ears, scroll through my pale pink iPod, and attempt to drone out whatever it is Dad considers music.

My mind wanders. First, I make a mental list of all the things I’m going to miss. Once the list exceeds number 126, I decide I should stop, as tears have begun to smudge my brown (never black) mascara. My friends, parents, and bed are at the top of my “I’ll Miss List.”

After I count exactly seven red vehicles, twelve semi-trucks, and forty-one palm trees, I decide to stop wallowing and to start my “I’m Excited For List.”

  1. New friends
  2. Football games
  3. Fitzgerald College Boat Club
  4. Boys…

I don’t get much farther than number four. Confession: I’m a little boy crazy.

Monday, February 22, 2010


What do y'all think?

I contacted Emily June to help me revamp my blog, and I am so so so happy that I did!

She was an absolute doll to work with and incredibly talented!

If you're looking to change up your blog, here are some tips:
  1. Go into it with a plan, but be prepared to make some changes.
  2. Check it out other blogs and make a list of what you like, and what you don't like.
  3. Communicate exactly what you want, even if it seems awkward.
  4. If you get a rough draft, show it to a few friends who have critical eyes; they may be able to see something you don't (California Funk spotted a weird looking "r" in prep... And voila, new font fixed the problem!)
I'm so thrilled about all the changes that have been going into my blog. New dot com, new background... I'm thinking of changing the direction though. Have any ideas? I was thinking of doing a fictional weekly segment in addition to my normal posting: The Secret Life of the College Prepster, or Confessions of the College Prepster... Let me know what y'all think!!!

Emily June is great to work with-- I definitely, definitely, definitely recommend!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Study Break Fun

I am putting the college in the College Prep this weekend. Hard core.

This is my list of midterms. I basically just wrote down exactly what I needed to do to study for each test.
All my regular homework due this week on top of my midterms. I'm a huge fan of getting an entire week of homework done over the weekend. It frees up my nights during the week for extra studying, relaxing, pleasure reading, activities, and fun. I just go through each syllabus and write down what I need to do. I am obsessed with checking things off my list. It makes me feel that I'm actually making progress!

And my Lilly agenda. Kinda messy this week. Ugh. I just need to get through this week!

In the meantime,
I took a study break and found this fun sporcle game. Sporcle is such a fun way to waste time!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

My mom read an article in a magazine this summer saying to ditch the watch if you wanted to seem younger. Well, that is most certainly NOT the case.

Watches are way way way in.

I stole this picture from a friend from high school. I'm obsessed with their watches! And how cute do they look with their Yurmans??? Hello, sooooo cute!

This Christmas, my mom got me two watches. The one on the left is my everyday go-to watch. It's an inexpensive Anne Klein. I LOVE my Michael Kors watch on the right.

New Years Eve
Two other styles I thought were cute (from the Nordies website)!

My first ever watch was a pink and purple Timex for kids that had butterflies on it. I'm pretty sure half of my kindergarten class had it too! Haha.

It's getting to the point where checking my cell phone for the time is not only inconvenient, but also kind of rude. For example, during class! It's so much more inconspicuous to glance at your wrist than to fumble through a tote to dig out your phone!!!

PS I just love layering my watches with pearl bracelets, gold bangles, etc.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


One of my most favorite gifts for Christmas was a Flip camcorder! I have the black Ultra HD and absolutely LOVE it. The screen is large enough where you can get a great view of what's going on, but the whole camcorder is small enough to slip into a pocket! It's also extremely easy to use. I've been using it to film the rowers. Over our winter training trip, I could easily manage to film even with heavy gloves on. Mine [Ultra] holds up to two hours of footage and has a really good battery life.

The best part is the USB connection. It literally flips out from the device. You have no idea how convenient it is to not have to dig through your desk drawers trying to find the right cable! For the Ultra (I'm not sure about the other ones) you just charge the battery pack by connecting it to your computer. Sometimes it overheats and stops, but I just googled it and found instructions on what to do:
  1. Remove battery pack from Camera
  2. Connect the camcorder to the computer
  3. Insert the battery back in
  4. Safe eject the camcorder from computer
  5. Reconnect camcorder
It should work then.

My camcorder is plain ole black which is fine for what I use it for. But how cute would one of these be:

You can design your own Flip Mino by uploading pictures to their website!
I had too much fun playing around with all the Lilly prints I had saved on my desktop!
Love love love love love love this elephant!!!!

It's so nice having little video memories!

Crayola Skies for a Thousand Miles

It's a charmed life
Innocence wild
Crayola skies for a thousand miles
It's a good life in the happily ever after
Last page of a very last chapter
It's the story of a charmed life

It's a charmed life
Unexplainable grace
Stumbling, you fall right into place
It's a childlike world and you can feel the magic
Far from the typically tragic
That's the beauty of a charmed life

Who needs to know
When it all comes and where it all goes
Who needs to know just where
Fate will take you there

I love my charm bracelet. I haven't exactly added charms in a few years, but I love the idea of wearing memories on my wrist in the form of miniatures.
ballet shoes- dance, birkenstocks- beach, pirate- Gasparilla (Tampa tradition), 13 charm (with my birthday on the back)
shovel and pail- beach, scuba diver- Tropicana speech competition, sand dollar- beach, wicker basket- Charleston, SC
Comedy/Tragedy masks- various performances, Scissors/Thimble- sewing, Flag- 9/11, Gator- Florida, Shark- Florida Keys
Monogram (First ever charm!), 16- Birthday, Clown- not sure?, Cox Box hat!!!!
The back of my first charm with my birthday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sweat pea, apple of my eye

lovelies to look at
kate spade heels
kate spade headband
kate spade handbag
burberry camisole
burberry polo
burberry blouse- as seen on modern family
tory burch cosmetic case

tory burch flat

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