Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Etsy find of the Century

Whoa. That's all I could say when I saw these. Whoa.

I'm kind of in love with these!!!

Check out lwhelan's etsy shop! And her blog! You'll be so super glad you did!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lucky duck

I have two lucky pieces of jewelery. I'm not superstitious really... but there's something about my bracelet and necklace. I wear them very often.

I can't take a test without them.
I wear them when I don't feel well.
When I miss home.
When I'm happy.
If I need courage.
When I'm nervous.
While I'm doing something scary.

All kinds of times.

My mom got me this bracelet when I was accepted into Georgetown. It was a very, very exciting time for me. But, another event happened at the same time. A sad event. It overshadowed my acceptance by a long shot. While I should have been crying with joy, I was crying with an overwhelming amount of sadness. I lost my best friend. I mean, my best friend. We had a terrible falling out. I felt guilty for being accepted to the school I really wanted to go to. My mom bought me this bracelet to remind me to follow my dreams and not let anything stop me. I wear it to remember the happy times with my friend and how exciting it was to get into college.

My mom bought me this necklace after a major incident during my junior year of high school. Long story short, I had to do something really difficult and I turned into the most hated person in my grade... and probably at the school. You know in cliche high school movies when the nerd walks down the hallway, and everyone is standing next to their lockers saying mean things to her (my new nickname was the Snitch B----), spitting on her? Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what happened to me. [BTW- this is probably why the whole Venus Fly Trap-college mean girl-cyber bullying issue was more annoying than upsetting to me. Old news. Grow up. Okay, enough ranting.] Anyways, this Dogeared necklace is to symbolize following my heart and doing the right thing, even when it's not the easiest thing to do.

I love wearing my "lucky" jewelery. They remind me of how I've overcome things that I thought I would never get past. They make me feel stronger because they remind me that I have been strong and that I can be strong again.

PS can you spot my lucky necklace in this post? The picture was taken a couple of days after I broke up with my first high school boyfriend. It was also the first day I realized I liked my soon-to-be second high school boyfriend. See, sometimes good things come after bad things!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

i hope you dance

Sporty Sister had her prom this past Saturday. She looked beautiful.

Stacy and her date.
So Florida.
Gorgeous girls.
Cute little Yen Yen.
Hello, bow tie.


Looking through her pictures allowed me to reflect on my senior prom. I didn't have a date. No surprise there (haha?). But I wore a Lilly dress which made the night that much better!!!

My friend Kitchy Kate wore a Lilly dress too. We both wore sandals instead of heels. Naturally, she wore Steven Salarios (he is her dad afterall!)

Sadly, looking back on my dances, I feel like I really missed out. I was never one for dancing. In fact, I never danced EVER. I hated the dancing part. Really, I only liked getting ready and buying the dress, and makeup/hair/nails.

I've hated dances since sixth grade when the middle school would host "after school" dances. Waiting for a boy to ask you out for a "slow" dance was miserable. And there was always girl who would be melodramatic and cry by the bleachers when the wrong boy asked her dance. I wanted to slap her and tell her to be grateful someone even asked her.

Sixth Grade- I'm the short brunette hiding second from the right.

In eighth grade, we got to "dress up" for a "real" dance. I wore a Betsey Johnson dress and wore makeup for the first time (besides dance recitals).

Looking back, I realize how much fun I missed by sitting out and not dancing. I think the saddest part is that I rarely dance at parties now. I'm thinking I may need to adjust my no-dancing rule.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here's a confession of my own. Confession: My legs are very short.

They used to be SUPER long though. Embarrassingly long. I was one of those gangly kids in elementary school. You know, knobby knees, ankles that looked like they would break any minute, and weirdly skinny.

Fifth grade graduation picnic. [Such a weird picture... someone tagged me in it on Facebook, but it perfectly demonstrates the ridiculousness of my legs.]

8th grade NHS inductions. Again, awkward and skinny and long legs. It didn't help that I could only fit into a children's dress... it was obviously too short.

Well fast forward to today. My legs stopped growing, but the rest of me didn't- leaving me with the legs of a middle schooler and a very long torso. You can almost always see my stomach when I wear shirts because they don't come all the way down, classy I know. I grew another inch this past summer, but unfortunately my legs didn't get the memo...again.

These are my favorite, favorite pair of summer jeans. They're from American Eagle. They're supposed to be capris, but are more like high-waters/clam diggers/ankle length on me. I would wear them everyday during the summer if I could.

With that being said, when I saw this on the front page of the Vineyard Vines website, I knew I just HAD to try them on! (I haven't yet, but I'll let you know when I do.) I LOVE the pink!!! And I'm hoping they fit like my fave white pair.

I just love the pink!!!!!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fabric Covered Buttons

I recently did a post about past projects I've done that used Lilly fabric. I was going through my iPhoto albums and came across these bows. I completely forgot that I had made them. I'm pretty sure they're in the back of one of my sister's vanity drawers. Note to self: Must find!

I googled how to make the bows. I don't remember the exact website, but I'm sure there are a ton out there. I went to the fabric store (Hancock) and bought button cover kits. They have a bunch of different sizes, so pick which ever one you want!

Tip #1: I originally bought the kind with "teeth" that you have to hook the fabric into, but it's hard...and painful for the fingers... I'd recommend the kind with the spool that you punch down.

Tip #2: If you buy the ones with the teeth, use a pencil eraser to push the fabric and make it hook. This doesn't make much sense if you haven't tried it or seen the kit, but I promise it'll be more clear once you get your finger bit by one of the sharp teeth!

I bought a pack of plain barrettes from Michael's. I used a hot glue gun (best invention EVER) to adhere the bow to the clip and the button to the bow.

Tip #3: You should probably burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

I made a few larger buttons and decided to make pony tail holders. I used embroidery floss to secure them to the holder. I would recommend putting a little dot of hot glue where you knot the floss.

Tip #4: Wrap the floss MANY times to make sure it's nice and secure.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Tie One On

I was tweeted a fabulous tip this week!

My Vineyard Vines tote has sadly been retired (except for the occasional trip to the boathouse). But this tote is just too perfect... it may have to find it's way to my little dorm!

Sorry my posts this week have been short and very shopping centered... I've been averaging 4 hours of sleep and it's really getting to me. I could not fall asleep on Sunday night/ Monday morning until 4 am!!! Not a good way to start the week. Unfortunately, my 6 am wake up calls for crew practice haven't been helping.

Don't worry though!!! I'll hopefully be back to my normal College Prepster self with a few good night's of rest.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Kerry from Preppy Perfection just posted something that is so, so, so true!

Ode to Nice Girls

Kerry is such a sweetheart and recently looked out for me :-)

Check out her blog (and her completely accurate new post)


I feel like pictures taken with boyfriends reveal the best smiles :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kate Spade does it again...

My mom just sent me an email with a link to Kate Spade... and I am so in love with these sandals.
Pearls and Bows, could one ask for anything more?


Moms always know best <3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Giggles, curls, ribbons, and bows

She is so adorable from head to toe.

Nordstrom bow necklace
Kate Spade bangle
Betsey Johnson ring
Marc Jacobs necklace
Kate Spade ring
Betsey Johnson earrings
Kate Spade ring

California Funk and others have fun pulling the ribbons out of my hair all the time. Did anyone else read Ramona Quimby books? Remember how Ramona got in trouble for pulling Susan's spiral curls... Hmm.. sounds familiar.

Anyways, I have had to resort to creative ways to wearing bows without wearing ribbons for fear of my pony tails being yanked out. [It really does hurt.] I love these jewelery. I found them all on the Nordstrom website!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Lilly Fabric Giveaway

Lauren Nicole is giving away this lovely Lilly fabric!!! I'm almost tempted not to post about it, because I want it!!! Haha... What would I do with Lilly fabric?

Make more Lilly pennants! This is my freshman dorm... I miss it!
And more Yo-Yo t-shirts!

And Lilly shotglasses!

OK, go run to Lauren Nicole and fill out your entry!


I cannot wait for the return of Glee. So. Excited.

This is my new favorite Glee song. And I love this video.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm all hyped up on caffeine right now. I just finished studying for my economics quiz, but I still have some reading to do for my other class. Dense reading. Yuck.

I took a bit of a study break and browsed the internet and came across one of the most intriguing, visually appealing websites I've seen in a while. ReForm School has some odds and ends all across their website and fun finds are hidden everywhere! Check the site out!

I had to narrow my favorite finds down... so here they are:

Keep Calm and Carry On. This is how I came across the website in the first place. I definitely need one of these posters. I think it might just become my new life mantra! I've been working on getting rid of my crazies. Today was a good test for me, and I think I managed pretty well (after a short, mini, baby, tiny breakdown).

Little lavender mice! I think these would be the cutest little things to put in the dresser drawers of a guest room. Give your guests a little surprise and keep the seldom used drawers fresh!
This ring is listed as 200 dollars, but I found a cheaper version HERE. I have a slight issue with wearing rings. The second I put them on, I get nervous that it's going to get stuck on my finger. When I start getting nervous, my finger (as if it can read my mind) begins to swell. And sure enough, the ring gets stuck. Every. Time. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy :-(

They have the best collection of fun masking tape. I think it would make wrapping presents and shipping boxes so much more fabulous!

OBSESSED with this poster! It's genius really. See below for my California tattoo drawing skills.

I'm going to buy this and save it for whomever can actually put up with me and my crazies. If I ever find that person, they'll for sure need this.

Tooth fairy shadow puppet. So fabulous.

This is a themed party. We all dressed like gangsters/thugs/etc. My shirt says THUGS NEED HUGS. How cute? Anyways, I spent a lot of time drawing tattoos on the boys with a Sharpie. California Funk's California came out pretty well, in my humble opinion.

thanks for the love guys! xoxo

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