Friday, April 30, 2010

collegiate couture

I'd like to take a few minutes to welcome Hillary of Collegiate Couture to the blogging world. And guess what? See what's in her fabulous header? Healy! That's right! She's starting her first year at Georgetown University next fall- Can't wait!!!

Welcome Hillary!


PS Georgetown Day tomorrow! YAY!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you're a girl, you must read this.

College Girls....

Read this.....

Live by it.


Don't forget about my Preppy Ladybug GIVEAWAY!

Unrelated, but here is exactly how April 28, 2010 was for me:


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stationery Giveaway

Remember my post about the importance of letter writing? Need to start your stationery collection? Or just want to add to it? YOU'RE IN LUCK!

The Preppy Ladybug has graciously offered to do an exclusive GIVEAWAY for College Prep readers!!!

The winner will receive this adorable set of green and pink cards AND matching return address labels!

Every prepster needs a pack of these! Run along to her etsy shop and see all of her other fabulous items too! (I personally love the Pink and Green monogrammed Round labels)

Want to enter? Here are the rules:

1 entry: COMMENT
1 additional entry: Follow my blog
1 additional entry: Follow my twitter
2 additional entries: Post this on your blog
[Make sure you let me know which entries apply to you in your comment!]

The GIVEAWAY will run through MONDAY, MAY 3 at 11:59 pm! The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 4th.

GOOD LUCK (both for this giveaway AND finals for all my fellow college prepsters!)


UPDATE: If you order something from The Preppy Ladybug and mention my blog, you'll receive 20% off!!!! (This is valid through May 3!) Woo!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm so jealous of all the Georgetown students who got to go to Foxfields this past weekend. I've been going through everyone's Facebook albums lusting over the cuteness! We had the regatta on Saturday, so I couldn't go.... maybe one day!

Making her College Prepster debut: one of my bestest, cutest, most adorable friends Politician Preppie. She and I have the best heart to hearts every Monday at 1pm. And she's part of our Rugby Tuesday group! How fabulous does she look in her little Lilly? And her date, the bow tie= LOVE.

Miss Molly (on the right) and I mostly run into each other in the Vineyard Vines store where she works. We also had to suffer through the terrors of freshman accounting and international business together. She always looks so cute-- I just had to borrow some of her Facebook pictures! (How fantastic is her hat?) One of my Lilly pennants is the same fabric as the girl on the left! Right in the center!

My first Lilly dress was in the same pattern as the dress she wore.... so I loved it even more!

Finally, here's my roommate (in the middle) with her sister and friend. I love the red!!!! (I have a whole post ready to go about this other dress she bought... you guys will die!)


Monday, April 26, 2010


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The New Crew?

Have we found a replacement for J. Crew?

Boden has been showing up on my radar recently.

The clothes are cute and seem to fill in the holes that J. Crew has created since moving to a more "modern" and less "preppy" store.

Take a look at Boden and let me know what you think!

I especially like that they have children, teen, and adult lines. Everyone in the family can be happy and preppy!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreamland- I love this IDEA!

When I find a new blog I like, I tend to go through every single post in one sitting. Depending on how old the blog is, it can take me hours. But I love looking through the posts and seeing the great ideas people have!

My latest find? Dreamland

Her blog is so inspirational. I love the handwriting posts she does. I will be forever jealous of people with cute/amazing/perfect/fancy handwriting. Ever since fourth grade, I have been on the never ending quest to perfect my penmanship. (I used to try to copy little Amelia's perfect script to no avail.)

My favorite post of hers? 15 MinutesShe has a jar with little tasks on it. Whenever she has a spare 15 minutes, she pulls a slip of paper out of the jar and does the task! Some of are fun (pedicures), while others are chores (clean a closet).

I love love love this idea! I always find myself with random amounts of time in between classes. This is the perfect solution to be efficient during random down time.

What kinds of tasks could you complete in 15 minutes?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boy Graduation Gifts Ideas

Here are my suggestions for graduation gifts for boys. I didn't think they really would be interested in receiving a monogrammed coffee mug, you know?

Monogrammed deck of cards- I think this is a great idea if you have to get a bunch for many boys. (about 25 dollars)
The mighty mouse, which I just realized has been upgraded to the Magic Mouse (about 70)

Vineyard Vines collegiate tie (about 75 dollars)

Tucker Blair needle point belt (about 80 dollars)Puma watch- really any watch... check price ranges... (about 115 dollars)

Waterman pen set (about 100 dollars)
Smather's and Branson needlepoint wallet. This is my fave! (about 115 dollars)

These were a little bit pricier. But, when in doubt, gift cards are easy and you can put whatever amount you feel is appropriate.

Another great idea (that might need some coordination with the parents) is to put money on his student card. Most universities–probably all now– use electronic cards to swipe into buildings, but they're also used as payment. Georgetown's card is called a GoCard. A lot of restaurants (and CVS too) accept GoCard as payment. It'll be a nice little cushion in a boy's wallet to have some spending money put on his card in your name!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something every mom needs to do for her daughter!

After my graduation dinner (at The Palm, naturally), I walked into my room to see a thick stack of envelopes and a note from my mom. It said:

"Dear Carly, There have been people in your life who have watched you grow up and develop and become the person you are today. Here is a collection of notes from people far and near who know you, love you, get you. Happy graduation, Car. Go out and light the world on fire. Keep these letters close–reflect on them often– these are the people who will love you always. Love, Mom and Dad"

I spent hours opening, reading, and rereading the letters. I cried so much when reading them. Every one of the letters were so thoughtful and personal.

My mom made a list of all the important people in my life– literally since birth– and sent them postmarked envelopes with stationery ready to go. She asked them to share a memory, write advice, etc. [I kept seeing a million of the same white envelopes showing up in our mail slot, but I was still so surprised!!!!]

A list of people who sent me letters:
  • The owner of my favorite store
  • Babysitter from Atlanta (age 0-4) & Boston (age 4-8)
  • Family friends
  • High school coaches
  • Parents of close friends
  • Middle school SADD mentor
  • Best friend's mom
  • My best friend in the entire world
  • 6th grade math teacher
  • The person who interviewed me for Georgetown <--- how clever!!!
  • My doctor
  • Elementary school principal
  • Super close friends
  • AP Physics teacher (she saved my life one day, nbd)
  • Painting teacher
  • 9th grade English teacher
  • Ex-boyfriend
Not many people really and truly get me. As you can see from the list, it's kind of random. But each person that sent me a letter impacted my life.

My principal included newspaper clippings she had kept of me!

My Boston babysitter included pictures I had drawn her-- Quite the artist?

And a picture from my first day of Kindergarten.

As I may have mentioned (I think I have) before, I have not exactly had the smoothest college career. Every time I felt upset, I would read the letters to make me feel better! I'm so glad my mom gave them to me because they really helped me get through tough times.

One of my favorite ones– it's from my ex-boyfriend... I love him, he is such a sweetheart. It takes a really strong person to put up with me: I'm crazy, remember? I didn't so much as kiss the poor thing in the four months we dated.

"Carly, I've never quite met a girl like you. Yes, that is a good thing. Despite only knowing you since my senior year it feels like so much longer. I've seen you turn into a truly wonderful young lady and a real bitch of a coxswain. And, yes, that also is a good thing. Remember in college to keep your fists up, stick to your guns, and don't let anybody change you. You're already perfect to me. Take care in the year ahead, I know you'll do great. If you ever need anything my phone is always on. I will always pick up...."

If you have a daughter graduating, you should really consider doing this for her. I love my letters and will keep them for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cracks me up! I'm obsessed with checking it.

I just took some time to go through and see what people Google searched to find my blog. SO FUNNY!

  • College Prepster movies alone ---> 57 searches? Seriously?!?!
  • Preppy College blog with story about Adelaide
  • I hate the College Prepster ---> Nice!
  • College prepsterds (?)
  • College Prepster twitter [Side note: my tweets have reportedly been showing up on Georgetown student's Facebook walls. I'm flattered?]
  • Nerd Prepster
  • The Georgetown Prepster ---> Nice ring, now?
  • College Prepster blog rules ---> OH YA!
  • Venus Fly Trap + College Prepster ---> Thanks Kate for the new followers! PS You don't have to avoid eye contact with me when I see you in Mug, no hard feelings!
  • The College Prepster Paris Hilton ---> I'm confused too!
Interesting stuff right here... Thankfully my life is not defined by my Google searches!


PS some random pictures I found in my Photobooth
Hi Sister!

Hi Mom & Sister!

UPDATE: I was woken up at about 2 am with my Blackberry buzzing away. I had numerous anonymous comments, both pro and anti-College Prepster. I typically never delete comments (except for the one that linked back to a p*orn site)... but somehow in my half-asleep state, I signed online and deleted all of them. In order to preserve full disclosure, you can email me if you're just dying to know what they said. No big deal though, same ole stuff.

But I'd like to clear two things up:
  1. I didn't stalk someone to see that wall post, I was tipped off by a friend.
  2. What you write on a Facebook wall is not private. Next time, send a message.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Preppy Graduation Gifts

I just realized that Sporty Sister is GRADUATING from high school–SO SCARY! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was gearing up for all the grad parties and events.

This post is all about gifts for girl graduates. They're in ascending prices.

Stationery is a super easy gift. Personalized stationery is even better, but just packs of cards is easy for large numbers of grads. I love Boatman Geller ones! (about 12 dollars per pack)

Coffee Mugs are so perfect for college students! The recipient will think of you during every late night library session! The extra personalization adds to something special! (about 23 dollars)

Melly gave her friends monogrammed towels. Such a great idea! Vary colors, fonts, etc. Love it! (about 25 dollars)
Umbrellas are the one thing that many people forget to bring to school, but they're completely needed!

These monogrammed personalized key fobs are great! And the price point is pretty good too! (Free shipping if you mention my blog! about 35 dollars)
Laptop sleeves are a college necessity. Check with parents first to make sure you get the right size! (about 35 dollars)
I love my Mac mighty mouse. This is a little bit of a bigger gift. (about 80 dollars)

Vineyard Vines college tote. Need I say more? (about 95 dollars)
This is a very, very, very big graduation gift. David Yurman bracelet. Every college girl has one (or wants one!). (about 400 dollars)

  1. Keep easy, cheap, and pre-wrapped gifts in the closet for any last minute parties. My mom had about ten Vera Bradley towels tucked away and I ended up giving them all out! If a friend dropped off a present, I could reciprocate even if I didn't have them on my list!
  2. Talk to parents of the graduate to see what color her dorm room theme is.
  3. Avoid towel wraps. Everyone gives towel wraps!
  4. You don't need to get everyone a present!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

California Funk's Photography

Dahlgren Chapel- Georgetown University

As if California Funk needs more ego boosting [Direct quote: "The one thing I'm not good at is being humble."]... but seriously, he does take really good photos.

How amazing? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Quarter Life Prep tagged me in a little post. Normally I don't do these things because I don't have the patience to figure out clever answers... but I loved the first question so much that I just couldn't resist! Plus, who doesn't want to know more about me... I'm just kidding!!! [Ask my rowers, they'll ALL agree that the more you get to know me, the more you realize I'm crazy.]

This is kinda heavily Rowing themed... so bear with me.

A. Three names I go by
I'm changing this one to "Three names by rowers call me"
  1. CARLLLLLLL- you must watch this to get the pronunciation

  2. The Shoe Lady- this drives me absolutely crazy... If you don't mind hearing me swear, then you should watch the most recent video I posted on my Facebook (If you friend me, include a message that you follow my blog... I'm very protective!)
  3. Pickles. I hate this one. HATE it. But it seems to be their favorite.

B. Three places I have lived-
"Three places I have coxed"
  1. I learned how to cox at a summer camp at Princeton. Hardest, most challenging, and most frustrating week of my life. But I'm so glad I "took the easy road" and signed up as a coxswain.
  2. The Palm River (Plant High: Tampa)-
  3. The Potomac River (Georgetown: Washington, DC)- [one of my fave pictures! All the HW coxswains took out a "coxswain 4")
C. Three of my idols-

Honestly, I'm not one to idolize. Every person has at least one quality that is admirable.

D. Three things I like to look at-
I'm going to change this to "Three websites I like to look at" (besides Gmail, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter)
  1. Row2k Picture of the Day
  2. PostSecret
  3. Google analytics... Frankly, I'm obsessed with numbers
E. Three places I've been-
Okay, I'm changing this to "Three places where I'm going to race in the next three weeks"
  1. April 17- Pelham, NY
  2. April 24- New Brunswick, Nj
  3. May 1- Philadelphia, PA
F. Three of my proudest accomplishments-
Can you guess what I'm going to change this to? "Three of my proudest crew accomplishments"
  1. As a rower: I beat my 6k PR on a 2K... I know, it means I wasn't pushing myself hard enough on the 6ks, but seriously it was awesome and completely unexpected... I surprised EVERY one including my coach AND the men's coach.
  2. 2nd place at Southeast regionals my Junior year. In retrospect, it really isn't a huge deal... But I LOVED every minute of that regatta. The boys I were coxing were amazing and I love everyone of them to this day (they were little Freshmen then, and now they're graduating High school!)
  3. Not quitting ever. This is literally a big accomplishment for me. I can't tell you how many times I went home crying and swearing that I was done. Forever. And the next day, I would be going to practice. I don't think I can explain how much I love crew. I also really hate it. But that's what makes me love it even more! I have done EVERY sport in the entire world (pretty much), but never stuck with it... I wrote my whole college essay about how I was a quitter (until crew obviously).
G. Three things I love to eat
"Three things I love to eat, but can't because I have to stay below the coxswain weight."
  1. Georgetown Cupcakes... they're average cupcakes, but when they're FREE, they taste so much better
  2. Popcorn- I am obsessed with stove popped popcorn, but at school, I get my fix with microwaveable
  3. TWIZZLERS- any type of candy really, but particularly Twizzlers
H. Three things I want to be someday-
"Three things I want to be better at coxing someday"
  1. More confident
  2. Less nervous
  3. I think those two will take enough energy

I. Three things I'm looking forward to this year-
"Three things I'm looking forward to with crew!"
  1. Racing with the FUN V- if you have to ask, you'll never understand ;-)
  2. Long bus rides- haha NOT (the picture is from a ride in high school, we made tents. We were cool)
  3. Not having to bundle up now that it's warm!
I think I way too much for with this one!


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