Saturday, July 31, 2010

Watercolor Love

I have been so inspired by Bella Foster and Caitlin McGauley's watercolors for Kate Spade and Tory Burch respectfully.

Last summer, I experimented with painting Lilly prints (as seen here). I thought I should upgrade to people. But I was super nervous. Let me know what you think!

I loved this picture of Soccer Mom and me. Super cheesy tourist shot... but I love the colors and most importantly I love our smiles!

Okay, Okay. I know I cropped Soccer Mom out. But hear me out. It was my first "person" painting (well watercolor at least). And I was super nervous. So I thought that I'd try it out and if it messed up at least I'd only butcher myself. You know? It has to be a bad omen to paint someone badly right????

Alrighty. There you have it. I know I'm no Picasso, but I love to paint. It's such a good release!


PS Don't forget about the Nico and LaLa GIVEAWAY!

Friday, July 30, 2010


What's that my little College Prep readers? You're sad you didn't win any of the prizes for the BIG giveaway? DON'T FRET LITTLE ONES!

College Prep is hosting ANOTHER giveaway!!!! And this one is just as FABULOUS.

Nico and LaLa
is the NEXT BIG THING! And they're totally "font" people. If you're a font person, you know what I mean :-)

Here's what they say about the company on their facebook page:

After working in the paper and printing industry together for over a year and continuously bouncing ideas off of each other, we bit the bullet and have begun our own little venture!

With our sassy sense of humor and creativity, we have decided to focus on what we love, which is creating swanky, southern, and sophisticated swag!!

Ummmm.... College Prepster wants to be BFF with the two of them!!!

Okay, Okay... GIVEAWAY time! Because they're so awesome, Nico and LaLa are giving away TWO prizes. So that means TWO winners!!!

(prepare to swoon!!!)


One winner will receive a Nico and LaLa catch all


And the second winner will receive a Nico and LaLa lucite tray


You're in love too, right? So here's how to enter:

Comment on this post after "liking" Nico and LaLa on facebook (required). In the comment be sure to mention that you're a fan on facebook now.

For additional entries:

1 entry- Follow Nico & LaLa's BLOG
1 entry- Follow College Prep
3 entries- Post this on YOUR blog :-)

Let me know what you've completed in the comment.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE include how many entries you think you should receive in the comment.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 4 at 11:59 PM
WinnerS (<-- yay!) announced Thursday the 5th

Be sure to check out their website and poke around. Let me know what you guys are in love with!

Alright, kiddies. Have fun! Good luck!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lilly Keds

Design your own Ked sneakers HERE.

I uploaded a Lilly print for the tongue portion!

What do yall think?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old is New again

Soccer Mom's really cute friend always passes down her old Lilly dresses, skirts, and polos down to me. Seriously, it's the best!

Some of the things don't fit, but they go in the Lilly scrap basket. (I'll have to do a post about all those scraps. The basket is a bit of heaven.)

Other things can be easily altered, like this super super super fabulous dress. Soccer Mom and I just picked it up from the tailor. Speaking of tailors, everyone needs to find a great one. Tatiana is THE tailor of south Tampa. Walk into her store and you're bound to see at least two people you know. She is the absolute best and extremely kind.

How cool is the print? I have NO idea what the name of it is, but if you do leave a comment! I'm kind of in love with it!!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My trusty little American Girl alarm clock. I've had this thing forever. I think since the fourth grade? Anyways, I love it. I've used it in my dorm room and everything.

It projects the time on the ceiling with cute little flashing stars. Trust me, it comes in handy. During ALL kind of situations.

Unfortunately, the LED lights for the projection time have slowly burned out. It started with a few lines missing and now you can't tell the time at all. I AM SO SAD. (Don't judge haha)

I searched high and low in my room and actually found the original owner's manual that came with it. It was called the Illum-Alarm from American Girl, but I can't find it online ANYWHERE.

I have found the other ones Oregon Scientific made on Amazon. But I want STARS! And the purple one is sold out :-(

Maybe I'll buy the blue one...

I did find the "newer" version of the American Girl alarm clock that was released when I was in 5th grade. My best friend got that one. I might just break down and buy it. bahhhhhhh

Okay, sorry for the rant.

Does anyone else have an item from their childhood they just can't part with?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gameday Girls

Sporty Sister is settling well into the college life– getting the lay of the land, right SS [ha]? Thankfully, she came home for a weekend visit. I hadn't seen her since CHRISTMAS. That is just unacceptable for sisters. We went out on the boat as a family and we're all sort of beginning to realize we don't have much more time for these kinds of family things.

Anyways, part of her weekend trip was to gear up for rush. I (thankfully) never had to do the whole rush thing as Georgetown doesn't have traditional greek life. It's just not my thing. Sporty Sister is starting to plan her outfits and shopping around for "Game Day" attire. She is stocking up on the orange and blue!

Well, The Gameday Girls emailed me about these super fabulous and preppy hand-painted earrings for southern schools. These would definitely complete a game day outfit. I'm talking the cherry on top of a very yummy ice cream sundae.

The Gameday Girls carries items for UF, Clemson, FSU, UGA, and Miami. Oh I really wish Sporty Sister would stock up on them! I know her little roommate would LOVE them. [Mon, if you're reading this.... which you totally should be... BUY THESE ASAP! xoxo]

Uhhhh, so how absolutely fabulous is the gator?!

Oh, and it doesn't stop at just earrings.

Whoa, loving the necklace.

Alright my little southern students. Stock up.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Embarrassing x 2 = Video Tutorial

This is really embarrassing to post. I feel like I sound like a complete idiot, and I stumble on my words a million times!!! Plus, Soccer Mom kept walking back and forth behind the camera and I was watching my cats and basically just looking around the kitchen stupidly.

Anyways, I thought I'd make a video to show you guys how to make fabric flowers like the one I have on my nook cover.

I call them Yo-Yos, even though they're technically not fabric yo-yos... oh well. Tomato, tomato?

Please don't laugh!

Have fun! Send me pictures of projects you do with these!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Camera Strap

I'm so sick of the Yellow and Black strap from my Nikon digital slr. I received it for Christmas sometime during high school... and it's been staying at home in Tampa instead of coming up to school with me. But I'm planning on using it a ton this year at school, so it's making the trip up to DC.

No way am I walking around with a (very very very) itchy and ugly strap.... Here it is, new and improved!

I used the tutorial from Make it and Love it. And I made it, and I LOVE it.

I used scraps from some of my Lilly projects... Soccer Mom and I organized our craft closet, so I've been thinking of fun things to do with it and the strap was the perfect plan!

I embroidered my monogram. Just like Lilly hiding her name in the fabric, the light pink monogram takes a few moments of searching to find it!

The project didn't go perfectly, I didn't account for the wider leather ends when I measured the width of the strap. I sewed the tube twice and had to rip the seams apart again and again. Finally, I took the night off and went back to work the next day. To make more room for the leather parts, I used a piece of pink grosgrain ribbon with a light green polka dot ribbon sewn on top. Only the green shows, but the pink is what was sewn onto the Lilly strip.

To secure the cover to the regular strap, I sewed pink buttons on the end! This was Soccer Mom's idea. Let me just give little miss Soccer Mom a huge shoutout... she is the best at fixing bobbin issues, figuring out what side of the interface goes down, and preventing me from chopping the entire project up in pieces while frustrated! xoxo

Check out the Make it and Love it tutorial! It wasn't easy persay, but it really makes the strap much more comfortable, and OBVIOUSLY so much more COLORFUL!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Winner, Winner, Winner, Winner, and Winner!

It's time to announce the WINNERS (all 5!) of College Prepster's BIG Giveaway!

But first, let me tell you how thankful I am for all of you guys. I loved reading everyone's comments and I was so excited about the enthusiasm behind the giveaway!

1) The winner of Preppy Paper Girl's personalized wall art is.....


2) The winner of the gift certificate to Lauren Elizabeth Monograms is...


3) And the winner of the Jori Zarra's Paper Concierge Lilly stationery and Whitney English stickers is.....
Summer Wind!

4) And the Kiel James Patrick headband goes to...

Sarah K!

5) AND... the winner of the SURPRISE SUPER SECRET GIVEAWAY is....

Shannon from The Mommy Diaries!

And what is the SSS Giveaway prize? A Tucker Blair headband!

I'll be in contact with all the winners via emails. If someone doesn't claim the prize within a week, I'll reselect a winner.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's no secret that I love my Longchamp! I bought it on a trip to visit my best friend Colie Bolie in Boston and I have never looked back.

I've done this post I think before with my purse (definitely with my coxswain bag), but I thought I would do this one COMPLETELY uncensored. Like, I dumped my purse onto my bed, did some editorial arranging so the picture wasn't just of a pile, and then snapped a shot.

So what's in my Longchamp? Take a peak:

  • Bank of America receipt
  • Ray Ban aviators
  • Flip camcorder
  • Just Madras coin purse (LOVING this right now!!!)
  • Car & house keys
  • A postcard from Germany that California Funk sent me- not sure how this ended up in my purse! haha
  • Digital camera
  • Vineyards Vine clutch- I use this for added storage and organization
  • Lilly Pulitzer card holder
  • Tickets to the Rays game I went to
  • A spare house key (not sure about this one either!)
  • And a random index card
So that's my Longchamp uncensored post.


PS Only a little bit of time left in the GIVEAWAY!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nook Case Cover Tutorial

As you may know, I recently purchased a Nook (the Barnes and Noble E-reader) and LOVE it. Currently, I have a boring plain case to protect it. I am, of course, waiting to get a Lilly Pulitzer one... [Soccer Mom: My birthday is in about a month, wink wink ;-) ]

Well, while I wait, I thought I should put my crafting skills to good use and make a slipcover for the case!

I was originally trying to make an entirely new case, but the one I have is perfect, safe, and proven to be able to protect my Nook... it just needs some color!!! I settled on the idea of a slipcover because it's easy to change out and frankly, easy to make. It's just like those paper bag book covers we used to use in middle school! Except made of cute fabric!

Want to see how I did it? Here we go, let the tutorial begin! [If you're not interested in the tutorial, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to see more pictures of finished products!]

Begin by tracing the cover with a pencil on the reverse side of the fabric. Give yourself at least three inches around each side to work with for the folding parts.

With a ruler, draw a line where you want the width of the "book cover flap" to be on both the left and right side. Again, draw lines above and below the edge of the nook about an inch away. This will be the edge, which you will eventually fold over.

Then, cut the excess fabric. Cut the top and bottom on the latest pencil line. Cut the sides a little bit away (3/4 of an inch should be plenty) from the last pencil line on the sides. The rough edges will all eventually be folded into the piece so you'll have clean lines, so don't worry about fraying.

You're going to want to iron the edges of the fabric on every pencil line you drew. The pencil lines are on the reverse side, so take caution that you're lining the fold up perfectly. Be precise, as these creases will dictate the shape (and fit) of your cover.

These creases will show you exactly where to fold the fabric before sewing.

Lay your case on top of the fabric, lining it up with the original lines from tracing. You can start to see (with the help of the creases) how it will all fold up to be the cover.

The first bit of sewing is going to be to make the clean edges of Left and Right sides (the outermost creases). Fold them over and run it along the sewing machine as if you were hemming an article of clothing.

Once you have the two "hems" on the Left and the Right, you can start to form the corners! Only do one side first, this will be the back of the cover. (You'll want the space to decorate the front if wanted!)

This is what you want the corner to look like:
The top edge is folded down, and then the side if folded over.

Each corner receives one zip of sewing from the machine. Make sure you're sewing the side to the top, but underneath. I don't think that makes any sense. But, play around with it. Imagine places being sewn until you know the proper place.

Here the corner is sewn. You're going to fold back to the right side out position. Put your index finger on the edge right where you finished sewing, and push the corner in until it's all flipped the right way.

Call in for Soccer Mom backup when the bobbin runs out.

Soccer Mom to the rescue!

Repeat on the same side, but the bottom this time.

I know I said to do the back side first, but since my fabric pattern is the same no matter what direction you turn it, I just flipped it 180 degrees and made the two finished corners the back!

Now for the decorating (aka the FUN part!)

I made a seersucker Yo-Yo (written instructions HERE and a video tutorial coming soon!) And marked where I wanted to sew it on with an x. Okay, it's not exactly the same thing as a Yo-Yo (that's when you do roughly the same thing but with a circle), but it's cuter.

I used an index card to help me figure out the spacing of my letters.Here the cover is with the pencil markings for the Yo-Yo and the pencil markings for the phrase.Using a hoop, I embroidered the letters with white embroidery floss (only 4 of the 6 strings).Finish the embroidery, sew on the Yo-Yo and button, and finish off the last two corners... and you have yourself a finished slipcover!
The polka dot was actually the second one I made... I love the first one I sewed too, but it served as a protocol for the polka dot!
The possibilities are ENDLESS!


Enter my GIVEAWAY- it ends the 22nd!

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