Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 Favorites

1)   Macarons.  It all started after my trip to New York City.  I've had macarons before, but after enjoying a few on the top of The Classic tray I just knew they would take over the world one day.  No really, I'm convinced they're the new cupcake (..... are you listening Georgetown Cupcake?).  I started relentlessly blogging pictures of them on my Tumblr and even baking them over Thanksgiving break.  Too delicious.  And, frankly, just too pretty.

(picture from weheartit)

One that I made. Too yum.

2)  Coffee.  Wow.  I used to bug Soccer Mom about her coffee intake.  But I officially "get it."  Little V and I joke about our addiction.  But it is no laughing matter.  The minute the coffee enters my stomach, I feel like the blood in my veins starts spinning a mile a minute.  Oh, and I come up with some fabulous ideas when I'm on a coffee buzz.  You should see the hypergraphic notes I take.

3)  New York City.  Center of the universe.  Sometime during the year, I realized that I needed to be in the city.  I want to work there.  Live there.  Be there.  I cannot explain where this desire, urge, etc. came from, I just know it's what I will do.  To test myself and make sure my crazies wouldn't get in the way, I bought a train ticket on a whim, booked a hotel, and whisked off to Manhattan.  Armed with no fewer than eight lists, I embarked on adventures around the city.  Alone.  And survived to tell the tale.

4)  Kate Spade.  Guess what.  Kate Spade was on My 2009 Favorites post.  But that's just how much I love it.  I think last year, I was more in love with just the clothes and shoes.  This year, I'm way more into the BRAND.  Uber important.  Unlike Lilly Pulitzer (which is getting to a point beyond repair IMHO), Kate Spade has maintained an unbelievable brand, experience, lifestyle, the works.  Hear that people from Kate Spade?  You're doing great.  Keep it up.

5)  E-readers.  This was THE YEAR for electronic readers.  I'm not going to delve into the debate of printed books versus electronic books, but I will tell you that I have read an incredible number of books since purchasing my Barnes & Noble Nook in June.  Oh, did I mention that I published my book (The Freshman 50).  Yes.  If you don't already have a Nook, Kindle, iPad, whatever... I suggest starting 2011 off with one!  Resolve to read more classics, perhaps?

6)  Nail Polish.  I know I've posted a million times before about nail polish this fall, but I really have grown to love the special look of painted nails.

7)  Rings.  Not only have I actually found rings that don't cause me to have panic attacks (no really, I normally FREAK OUT the minute I even think about putting a ring on), but I actually wear them!  And I'm not bothered by the foreign finger object.  [I have learned to not french braid hair while wearing rings..... Forty minutes and a pair of scissors later.............]

8) HENLEY.  Honestly one of the best times of my life.  I was very very very excited when they asked me if I wanted to cox.  I wasn't the four rowers' normal coxswain, so I was even more thankful to have gotten the chance to go.  It was a lot of training, a shortened summer, no desserts, a ruptured eardrum, but so so so so so worth it.  I can't even really put it into words, and I feel extremely lame for really even trying to do so.  Impossible.

9) Netflix. Honestly, the best thing since sliced bread.  Just sayin'.  The best part is that I end up watching things that I might not have picked out on my own, but end up LOVING.

10) Tumblr/Twitter.  Blogger and Wordpress are great, don't get me wrong... but I love the microblogging world.  I feel like I've met so many cute and great people through Tumblr and Twitter!!!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best Ornaments You'll Ever See!

VALORIE arts & accessories is the source for these fantastic ornaments.

Soccer Mom has been giving them to Sporty Sister and me and we've conjured quite the collection!

SS's new sorority one!

SS's high school one

My super cute Georgetown rowing one!!!

My high school rowing ornament- love it!

How great is this!  A HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA ornament.  Oh I just love the colors! 

My new fave-- SWOON!

Check out her facebook fan page for more FAB pictures!!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stacks- Reader edition

A reader sent me a suggestion on tumblr, and it was just TOO great of an idea!!!

I asked readers to send in pictures of their "stacks."

I have just LOVED seeing everyone's stacks.  They're all so beautiful.  But my favorite part???  Seeing the meaning behind their bracelets.  A stack is something that you carry on your wrist throughout the day.  I like to wear jewelry that means something to me, or that reminds me to be my best (i.e. my "Live Your Dreams" cuff).

Here are the stacks sent in by readers with brief descriptions of the meanings!

"The watch is Michael Kors. It was my parent's gift to me for my college graduation. The David Yurman bracelet was a Valentine's Day gift from my boyfriend. It's set with amethysts-purple is my favorite color! The pearl bracelet was a bridesmaid's gift for the wedding of one of my sorority sisters. She was the first one of my friends to get married after we all graduated from college. The leather bracelet was a gift from my sister. She bought it in Argentina while she was studying abroad there, and she picked the fleur de lis to remind me of my first trip to Europe, where I absolutely fell in L-O-V-E with Paris. "

Sarah from The Denver Diver


"First Picture:    Madewell rhinestone bracelet (bought by mom!); Sterling silver beads - no idea where i got this one :); The next two are alternating gold and silver designs - these are from Israel! I staff birthright trips and bought them on my second trip there this year (and seventh trip overall!); Silver heart bracelet (good charma) - hanukkah gift! ; Gold chain with hearts - gift from my best friend
Second pic:    Banana Republic braided tassel bracelet - two of my best friends and I bought matching ones on a trip to San Francisco;  Three colorful beaded charm bracelets (good charma) -- these actually come 6 in a set... I've been lusting after them for a long, long time, and when they finally went on sale in Bloomingdales, I bought them and gave half to my sister, who lives in New York. Every time I look at them I think of her! "

Jordan from Queen of LA


This is the stack I wear every day on my left hand! The first thing you can see is my "hand in hand" kate spade bangle.  This is important to me because my sorority's public motto is "union hand in hand," so it was a perfect find!  
Next is my pandora bracelet! This is special to me for more reasons than I can count! My parents bought it for me with just a few charms for my 21st birthday, and as you can see, I'm almost finished! haha I'm obsessed!

Next is my burberry watch. This thing has been through quite a lot with me!

Finally are two silly bandz: a princess crown and a dinosaur.  I wear them because I bought a bunch of them one day and split them up with my boyfriend. We were acting ridiculous and fighting over them like little kids, haha. It just reminds me of the good times we have had together!

(Sidenote-my next purchase will be the VV silly bandz you posted about! I'm obsessed!)


Jessica from Pre-Med Prep


"The watch was my aunt's - she gave it to me for my 18th birthday. The "silly band" is Tweety Bird and was a gift from my four-year-old cousin. The string is from my oldest guy-friend (he was so proud of finger knitting). The beaded bracelet is from my little sister when she was 12, and the pearls are a necklace that happened to fit around my wrist twice perfectly! I'm not sure how much you wanted to know, but there's my stack!"



"The watch is a Coach men's watch
The bangle with stars is actually CrewCuts...I have small wrists so bangles usually are way too big on me, the kids' ones at j.Crew are the perfect size, though. 
Bracelet is Tiffany's "Diamond by the Yard"
And the other bracelet (hard to see), has a "J" engraved onto the charm for my first initial."



"Picture 1: My Stack!  I've had the watch since I was about 11 or 12.  It was my graduation present from elementary school!  The Yurman is a recent birthday present, the plain silver was a present from my Big, and the final silver bracelet (a Sydney Buchanan!) says "Strength, Wisdom, Courage" and it was a present for being accepted to law school!
Picture 2: The newest addition to my stack: Kate Spade's Hand In Hand bracelet (the inside says Strength in Numbers)...I'm on the board of two non-profit organizations, so every time I look at it, it's a reminder of my commitment to community engagement!"

Mari from Unturned Stones


"First I have my hot pink nixon watch that I adore because its completely waterproof yet utterly adorable! Then I have my kate spade hand in hand in hand bangle! Then a Pi Beta Phi sorority (our symbol is an arrow) bracelet that my grandma gave me from when she was a Pi Phi at Auburn in the 50s, my Yurman, and a Pandora my boyfriend gave me with a Pi Phi bead and a heart (from him, of course) bead!"
by Camille


"The gold chain was my Uncle's, we were really close but he died when I was 8 and so for my 16th birthday my Grandma gave me his bracelet. I put it away for safekeeping but came across it a couple of months ago and haven't taken it off since. 
The gold bracelet with the blue decoration is from a family vacation to Florence. It has some sort of magical property that makes it look good with absolutely everything so it often makes an appearance. 
The silver bangle with the heart charm is from Links and was a Christmas present this year from my Mom. I'm really quite obsessed with bangles at the moment and just ordered a little blue Kate Spade one which I'm certain will quickly join this stack! 
I guess the Claddagh ring isn't strictly a part of the stack but given that I've worn it almost every day since I was 16 I think it deserves a mention. It was also a gift from my mother and is ever so precious to me. "
by Ellie

by Mer


Thank you so much to all submissions.  They all look really really really great.

If you don't have a stack, consider starting one!  They are beautiful memories you carry on your wrists!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I love dressing up as much as the next girl...

But sometimes, it's just too nice (and too tempting) to don a t-shirt and jeans.

This look can take on a sloppy or lazy appearance, but it really can look put together as well!  Here are some tips for looking nice while maintaining a comfortable and easy style.

Step One: Find a great pair of jeans.

Finding jeans are difficult.  Things to consider when finding the perfect pair: pocket placement, price, need for tailoring, wash, and, of course, fit.

Step Two: Pick the perfect t-shirt

Found the perfect t-shirt?  BUY MULTIPLES!!!  They lose their fit and color quickly, especially when you love them too much!!!

Step Three: Put the right foot forward

The idea of this outfit is to be comfortable... so don't forget to keep your toes happy!

Step Four: Accessorize

This is the fun part.  Run WILD with accessories.  The outfit is so simple and basic, that you can wear nearly anything (including that bib necklace that you wore once out to dinner).

Step Five: Manage the mane

I like to pull my hair into a ponytail, twist it up into a bun, or braid it.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Guess what time it is?!?


I'm sure everyone has a stack of personalized cards on her desk, but who doesn't love NEW ones?  And the holidays are the perfect excuse to "restock" your collection.

Where to go though???

This year, I'm using personalized cards from The Paper Concierge.  Jori Zarra is my concierge and she is so amazing.  The website is perfect for college students, busy moms, and basically just about everyone.  You can shop a bunch of different brands (Lilly Pulitzer, Whitney English, Boatman Geller, and many many many more) right on the one website.  It could NOT be easier.

I'm using a pink and black bee card by Whitney English this season... with monograming, of course.

But my other favorites are:

And don't think for a minute that men are exempt from writing notes....

I love the simple green!

All of these cards can be purchased via Jori's PC!!!

Happy Writing!!!

(remember, there is always a lot to be thankful for in your life)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guest Post- Fashion Foward

Hi all! I'm Deanna of Mellow Fever and first, I need to give an enormous thank you to the College Prepster for inviting me to write a guest post. I've never done so before, and I was so flattered to be asked. It's only this past year that I've really began to crush hard on preppier labels such as J. Crew and Kate Spade — who can resist? Here are my educated guesses for what will further fuel my obsession with all things lovely and preppy in the new year:
Karen Walker | Ralph Lauren

Demure hemlines and cinched waists are a little Mad Men but still modern, thanks to the clever addition of cheerful pops of color and glittery metallics. The buckles are front and center, acting as necessary details of the outfits instead of mere afterthoughts. I'd keep it classic with the tried-and-true shapes of the pencil and A-line skirts. The pockets of the Karen Walker skirt are probably my favorite detail and bring the A-line silhouette up to speed with 2011.

Bracelet watches add a girlish and whimsical touch to any ensemble. The detailed links make them seem far more delicate than most watches, and the classic faces keep them elegant and (I have to do this) timeless. Personally, I'm a sucker for the minimalist look of this Fossil watch; I love the clean lines and classic twists. The Anne Klein two-tone watch, though, has intricate work on the band that makes it equally sophisticated.

I adore how the metallic tweed so seamlessly updates this chain-strap hobo (plus, the idea of metallic tweed is pretty fantastic in and of itself). It lends a downtown vibe to the typically uptown fabric, making it perfect for a new year and a new look. The black ribbon is particularly cheeky as well, especially how it's interwoven at random throughout the gold chain links.

This Aqua tunic initially got me hooked to the idea of pairing a long, thick sweater over a skirt so that the ruffles peek out just so. Unfortunately, it's sold out, but is a cinch to recreate. Since I all but bleed the color grey, my personal pick would be this grey sweater over a black chiffon skirt. I love the collared shirt underneath — it adds some interest and allows for more color, perhaps a soft blue or even crisp white.

I'll never be able to shut up about my affection for wedge boots. They're far more casual than heels but can still be dressed up, making them incredibly versatile. Plus, you get the same confidence-boosting lift and the subsequent saunter that heels usually afford, meaning that they're perfect for someone who loves the perks of heels but doesn't want to traipse around in pain. The look is most elegant when the wedge matches the color of the shoe and the two blend seamlessly, as in both options shown above. This elongates the leg and ultimately, creates a flattering silhouette.


Thank you so much Deanna!!!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chistmas!

This is our holiday card for the year!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Friday, December 24, 2010

All the stockings were hung....

Soccer Mom whipped up this Lilly stocking for me!!!  I'm obsessed!  It's too too too perfect for this college prepster. 

I'll be the first one to admit, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas decorations, but I really do love the little tree Soccer Mom set up in my room.

(complete with Starbucks ornament, naturally)

Sporty Sister has a little tree too!

The dining room is being transformed for Christmas...

The tree... which may or may not be too big for it's own good.

Little Christmas touches can be found just about everywhere! 

One of my Henley tour tankards... with a little elf.  My sister and I used to FIGHT over the elves!

Santa's boots by the fireplace.

And lastly, candy canes!!!


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