Thursday, March 31, 2011


By the end of the day, we'll be 25% done with 2011.

Yea, three months.


Remember way back when.... it seems like such a long time ago....  I shared my new year manifesto?

Here's a refresher:

1) Make new friends each week
2) Wear ponytails less frequently
3) No more television!
4) Read more!

I'm actually extremely proud of myself because I've been keeping up with ALL of them.

I'm making friends... noticeably!  As I walk through campus now, I'm noticing that I'm recognizing more people, waving and smiling!  Love it.

I still wear ponytails... but definitely not as much.

I have not watched TV in forever.  Not even Modern Family or Parenthood.  #dedication

Oh, and reading?  Every night, Little V and I read :)  I've read about 700 pages since my last book review post.  Insane, but I'm loving it!

hehe a smidgen cameo from California Funk

How are you doing with your manifesto/goals?



  1. Just promise you'll buy Parenthood Season 2 on DVD... seriously, it's the BEST show on tv!

  2. No TV! That is crazy; I don't think I could ever do that but keep up the amazing work!

    I love your blog :) It was the first blog I've followed and inspired me to start my own!

    Check it out: -> The background is Lilly!

  3. Congrats on keeping up your resolutions! I find that very inspiring!

  4. That means we still have 75% to go!

  5. I don't know how you have stayed away from Parenthood! The last episode was amazing. I agree with Hannah, buy it on DVD and have a marathon.

  6. Those are great goals! How you stay away from TV though, I can't comprehend!

  7. I too am loving reading and trying to wear less pony tails! I even got my hair cut so that it would be harder to do! Ha-ha.

    I have so much trouble with not watching TV... How do you do it?!

  8. Now that's one great accomplishment and milestone! Have a pat on your back.

  9. I'm very proud of you! How did you survive with little or no TV? You're incredible.

  10. I so wish I had the time to read more for pleasure than reading for school!

  11. Good for you for keeping up with all your resolutions! I just wanted to get into better shape, and I think I'm kicking into gear with tennis season!

  12. Congratulations on keeping up with your resolutions! I usually don't make any, but this year I did - make more friends, get fit and do well at honours. Surprisingly, I'm doing well! I joined a book club and met a whole bunch of lovely girls, walk (almost) every afternoon, and honours seems to be going well as well. Yey!

    Keep going! Love, love, love the blog x

    Chelsea x


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