Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring sunshine.

finally finally finally

Things are warming up around here in DC.  I feel like I'm in a slowed down version of the blooming part in The Secret Garden (you know what I'm talking about)?

Not only are shades of green slowly blending in, but things seem generally brighter and sunnier.  And for that, I am HAPPIER.

Here are some spring sunshine inspiration:

(Kate Spade's color of the month just happens to be yellow!)

I actually will be purchasing a pair of heart shaped sunglasses.

Vineyard Vines Lemon Drop Shorts

Yellow/White Jack Rogers

(possibly?  maybe?)




  1. Ahhh did you see my Tumblr posts today? We are totally are the same page :)

    Woke up this morning and starting posting all my sunshiney things and BOOM, instant great mood! Just one reason I absolutely love spring sunshine!

  2. yes i know what you're talking about, adored that movie!
    everything's in my favourite colour today :D

  3. I blogged about rain and got snow! LOL! Loving the yellow, esp. the yellow/white Jack Rogers!

    Although, when I think of yellow shoes I think back to middle school when I had a pair of "yellow" Converse High Top Chuck Taylor's!

    What was I thinking, UGH!?!?!

    Then again this was the 80's and Chuck Taylor's were popular, LOL!

    ;) - PLD

  4. It's a shame there was snow on the ground this morning where I live! This still cheered me up though. There's nothing quite like spring and sunshine :)

  5. Too bad DC is back to cold rain today!!

  6. I did a post about a week ago on all spring things yellow, and featured a kate spade hat as well!

  7. I am absolutely in love with that yellow color!

  8. Hello, I love ALL of this! And mostly I love anything Kate Spade related. :)

  9. i think i need that hat. i don't know if i could pull it off but I almost don't care...


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