Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's in my Backpack? Midterm Edition

Midterms are OVER.  (Well, round one at least.)

It's been quite the week.  Little V said to me one morning, "You know how I know that you're really stressed and busy?  College Prep has one word posts."

Yep.  Pretty much nailed that one on the head, Little V!

I thought it'd be really funny to share what I've been lugging around campus this week.  Have you guys seen the whole "What's in my bag?" blog posts?  Well this is what's in my backpack.

{I've done a what's in my bag before for my Longchamp AND my coxswain bag... check those out!}

Front Pocket

Lilly Pulitzer "Stuck on You" sticky notes
Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Pouch
Pill Case
Sarah Pinto Agenda

Middle Pocket

Netbook Charger
Macbook Charger
Vineyard Vines Silly Bandz (obviously important)
Kate Spade iPod Case
Lilly Pulitzer small notebook
Wrench (again, obviously important)

Here is my Syllabus List inside my Lilly notebook... CRAZY.

Large Pocket

(that was fun to type)

And, yes, I'm that weirdo carrying around two laptops....

Phew.  Heavy stuff.

Also of note, but not pictured, a huge bag of Twizzlers was stuffed into the middle pocket for emergency sugar spikes.



  1. I know you've acknowledged that it's not normal, but what is the reason for the two computers? Haha! Hope you're weekend's going well! Virginia

  2. hmmm cute stuff!

  3. I actually usually carry around both my netbook and my macbook aswell; I don't think it's too weird :)

  4. Why two computers? Surely a netbook for out and about an a macbook for home?
    Or am I just missing the point here :L

  5. You're back must be killing you! Luggging around one computer is bad enough along with all of that stuff! I know you're glad to have most midterms behind you!

  6. I have to say...I usually hate these "what's in your bag" posts with a passion...but I actually WANT the stuff that's in your backpack. Lilly notebooks even make syllabus notes a little more bearable!

  7. what's an iClicker? I think I've been out of college too long.

  8. I know you've posted your backpack before... but where did you get it??

  9. Your backpack is adorable.

  10. Ha looks like a preppier version of my backpack right now, and minus the twizzlers but plus Hersheys chocolate! Glad Round One's over with at least!

  11. I definitely need to get a Lilly notebook! But, girl you are crazy for carrying around a Netbook AND a Macbook!

  12. At least you study in style pretty lady! I believe it's necessary...and motivating! Good luck on round two love!

  13. I LOVE your backpack and everything in it! Cutest stuff ever in a backpack I have to say! I would take everything except the syllabus! You go girl-makes me NOT miss college when I saw that!

  14. I'm amazed your back isn't killing you! you've stuffed so much in there! ha ha xx

  15. I wish my backpack had that many pretty things in it! I loved your previous post about the Sarah Pinto agendas and I'm definitely going to get one for next semester.

  16. Yay, I like "What's in My Bag?" posts! Your backpack is super cute, too, and everything in it is adorable.

  17. hahah this reminds me of my backpack during midterms! love the monogram on your bag, I may have to do that!

  18. OMG, you need a break! I can't imagine carrying all that :)

  19. So the world wants to know...why two computers?! And you are so very organized, there is always random things that found its way into mine!

  20. Haha I'm guessing the wrench may be a 7/16 for rigging in the am? lol

  21. I hope you accomplished everything with great success!

  22. The iClicker was invented at my school! YAY University of Illinois!

  23. Just out of curiosity, why do you carry around two laptops? Do you do certain things on one versus the other?

  24. Where is your backpack from? I love it!

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  26. I know a lot of people are going to ask you why you carry 2 laptops. I have the same question. Why do you have 2? What do you use each for?


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