One of the best parts about summer is being home and enjoying the familiar place with little scheduling. But another benefit of summer?  TRAVELING.  Falling asleep is more difficult the night before a trip.  I am giddier than a child before Christmas knowing I have an early flight to catch.  Packing is always quite stressful…


WARNING: Cuteness Overload

Disclaimer: Do NOT click on this site if you’re studying for finals/writing papers……  Seriously.  You will be on it for hours. Cute Roulette brings you the absolute most adorable videos of the most adorable animals. An example: See?  Precious. Keep clicking for more and more cuteness.  This, my friends is entertainment at its finest. xoxo



Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  I feel like Mother’s Day is always the first sign of summer and one of my favorite things about being home over the summer is getting to spend time with my mom. I think it goes without saying, but Moms are pretty much amazing.  I don’t think a…



There is something oh-so-endearing about menswear. Shopping for boys is is tons of fun and much easier than shopping for girls. Options are pretty limited (in a good way though).  Grab a nice pair of pants, a crisp shirt, throw on some boat shoes, and voil√° an outfit. I was at a regatta and talking to…



There is something about this late April (almost May) season where I am drawn to things bubbly and pink. The more bubbly the better. The pinker the better. Vineyard Vines Dayboat Shorts J. Crew Jackie Cardigan Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf Essie Polish Tipsy Skipper Captain Morgan Clutch Are you loving pink as much as I…


Peter Cotton Tail

Normally, my parents fly up to DC for Easter, as we typically have a home regatta. Unfortunately, the lateness of Easter this year meant that I needed to spend the weekend working and studying instead of playing in the city with my parents. My mom the Easter Bunny didn’t forget about me though.  A somewhat…


hoppy easter!

uh, uh, hoppy easter! (inside joke with the family) My sister and I (and our dad) are Jewish, but my mom still does Easter baskets for us and we always had egg hunts growing up. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Easter is the candy. My favorite: Refrigerated Reese’s…


Middle School.

To say I was a nerd in middle school would be an outright understatement. I was the stereotypical “middle schooler.” Braces? Check. Frizzy hair? Check. Knobby knees? Check. Math league? Check. Despite all these (quite embarrassing) shortcomings, I loved middle school.  I loved that we were out of elementary school, but not quite ready for…