Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There is something oh-so-endearing about menswear.

Shopping for boys is is tons of fun and much easier than shopping for girls.

Options are pretty limited (in a good way though).  Grab a nice pair of pants, a crisp shirt, throw on some boat shoes, and voilá an outfit.

I was at a regatta and talking to Georgetown Boy's dad this weekend and he mentioned how I should check out a clothing company called Ledbury.

(Side note:  I love my Prepster Tipsters)

I emailed myself the name and when I got back on my computer I was blown away.  I hadn't heard of Ledbury before, but the shirts are really cute!

And the model is pretty good looking himself.


Speaking of men's clothing.  You need to check out California Funk in my College Fashionista post!


PS Wish me luck... I have TWO presentations today.......... BAH!


  1. Again, I love how you are including menswear! Ledbury is an awesome find - Thanks!!

  2. Loving all the gingham...guys have it so easy!

  3. LOVE those shirts. h would love this site.. must send it to him :) good luck on your presentations chickadee! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. There is nothing better than preppy clothing on boys. so cute!


  5. Thank you for sharing this line! I've never heard of them before!

  6. Very nice! I always have thought boys have it easier shopping-wise, too. It's so easy for them to look put together!


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