Thursday, April 21, 2011

more books :)

My New Year's resolution of no television may be the best decision I have ever made.

Instead of mindlessly watching a show and trying to multitask and doing five other things at the same time, I've turned to reading.

If I watched a forty minute show, I mostly ended up feeling like I wasted forty minutes.  Reading for twenty minutes gives me the impression that I've taken a much longer break (more like two hours) and I can pick right back up on my work and continue to be productive!

You can check out the other books I read during the first quarter of 2011 here.

I collected a ton of recommendations via Twitter, Tumblr, and College Prep and started out to read a bunch of the books...

Since then, I have read:

Water for Elephants
(which I'm, like, the only person who didn't enjoy it...)

The Other Daughter

The English American

Thirteen Reasons Why

The Adults
(I'm about 75% through with this)


of course

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
(the current College Prepster Book Club book!)

Please keep sending me book recommendations!

Have you read any of the books I've read so far?  What'd you think?



  1. Breath, Eyes, Memory - Edwidge Danticat
    and I just started reading Something blue by Emily Griffin. One of the characters has a fiance who went to Georgetown.

  2. I have been wanting to read water for elephants! did you like it?
    xoxo em

  3. I didn't like Water for Elephants very much either. I read it in school though.

  4. Being a Literature major, I read. All. The. Time. I just finished a novel for my Young Adult Lit class, and while it was marketed for YA in the United States, it was not listed as such in its country of first publication, Australia. Anyway, the book is "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak and it is absolutely wonderful.

  5. What did you think of Thirteen Reasons Why? I loved it!

  6. I read every night before bed and I have found some really great books through other bloggers.
    My most recent favorites:
    The Secret Lives of Dresses
    One Day
    The Devil in the Junior League

    My whole list is here

  7. I thought Water for Elephants was so/so, I'm with you there. Now everyone that reads it lately because of the movie keeps raving about it and I don't get it. Maybe I need to reread it again?

  8. I would totally recommend reading Water for Elephants again! I seriously was so obsessed I was able to read it in under 3 hours!! I thought it was a riveting story and I am so excited for the movie! I have also started her new book called Ape House and I think that is going to be just as good! I'm not finished with it yet because I have had a million exams this week!!

  9. I'm so impressed, I knew you had resolved to read more, but I didn't realize it was also to stop watching TV. Reading is one of my favorite escapes, but I do love my TV time too, haha!

  10. I actually hated Water for Elephants. I'm starting to think I should give it another try since everyone else seems to love it, but I don't know if I can subject myself to it again!

  11. "Roses" is an amazing read.
    I also enjoy everything Mary Kay Andrews writes

  12. You must read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I am fan of ALL of her books and this one was recently made into a movie which comes out at the beginning of may. Its less serious, more chic-lit. But I love it!


  13. You must read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. You'll devour it in a day because it is so good. I could not put it down. Also if you're more of a chick lit type anything...I mean anything by Jennifer Weiner is wonderful, just a sassy as any trashy tv show but a million times better. And Emily Giffin has wonderful books too. Also Dave Sedaris has hilarous books that will make you laugh in public unashamed.

  14. I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe is an amazing novel and a very satirical look at college life. Looks large but is a very fun read!

  15. You should get a Goodreads account, Carly. You might already have one. It has helped me keep track of everything I've read, plus you can make a to-read list so you can store all those suggestions somewhere. You can also rate your books. I try to have a reading goal every year and Goodreads helps so much since you can make different bookshelves. So far this year I've read 19 books! I try to read one a week, which means I'm ahead since this is the 16th week of the year.

    As for suggestions, The Secret Life of Bees would be right up your alley, I think. And if you need some funny, light reads, the Georgia Nicolson series is HILARIOUS. Seriously laugh out loud funny stuff.

    The nice thing about having a Kindle is that I can preview books. I've discovered so many books I would have never read without my kindle! Does the Nook have that feature too?

  16. I felt sort of the same way when I finished Water for Elephants. I enjoyed the beginning so much but I felt the end was way too rushed and read like a 13 year old girl wrote it.

    If you haven't already read it, I highly recommend "The Glass Castle"

  17. I recommend Riding the Bus with My Sister by Rachel Simon. I'm in the midst of reading it myself, so far it's a very sweet and uplifting story.

    Also, Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson is a very well written and inspirational memoir of his journey to build schools in the Middle East. However, Mortenson is under fire as some of the stories in the book recently appear to have been fabricated.

  18. Ok, I sort of thought Water for Elephants was weird too, so you're not alone! Also, many congrats for sticking to your no TV! If you need another recommendation, I really liked I Capture the Castle.

  19. Little Bee by Chris Cleave is amazing! Can get a little graphic at times but addresses such an important issue and keeps you thinking! It's one of the best books I've ever read!

  20. You should read Unbroken! I just finished it and I LOVED it.

  21. The Glass Castle is an amazing book, one of my favorites!

  22. Good for you! I LOVE reading. I have found myself reading so much more than watching tv and you are right, taking a break with a book is a great way to destress for a minute and then get back to work. The Last Lecture was a great book-check it out if you haven't already!

  23. You're not the only one who didn't enjoy Water for Elephants! I saw your previous blog post and when I read all the recommendations for it, I was like "Seriously?" haha. So don't worry!

    An absolutely AMAZING book is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. So, so, so well written. Also, if you like classics, Persuasion by Jane Austen is still my favourite book ever!

    Love the blog :)

    Chelsea x

  24. google the Rory Gilmore book list. I've enjoyed almost every book I've read from that list. There is a great mix of classic and modern

  25. Love Walked In by Marissa De Los Santos
    then also her other novel Belong to Me

    there is also a website

    very helpful for finding new books to read


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