Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I miss Little V

Little V graduated on Saturday.

And I miss her.

{and even Lookie Pookie.... and Helbelle.}

and Ben, too.

Oh, and Tucker.

Did I miss anyone else from the house???  Maybe the 14 carbon monoxide detecters.  No, I don't miss those.

Next year is just not going to be the same without Little V!  She's heading to Oxford for grad school.  Which I know is, like, super awesome and everything.  But seriously, I will miss her!

In honor of Little V, I have unearthed two never-seen-before photographs of College Prepster + Little V outfit coordinations!

Love the new science building construction in the background.

Denim + Neon pink!



PS Little V, when you come visit me in Tampa, bring your neon shorts and we will match!


  1. Bahaha, those animal tanks crack me up!

  2. She's heading to Oxford.....as in Ole Miss???

  3. Adorable pictures! Congrats to her on Oxford~

  4. Love that second pic! Y'all look #hotanddangerous


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