Saturday, July 30, 2011


I've been questions right now about back to school fashion and this post addresses a common question, but I think applies to a lot of things, not just back to school.

There's this whole notion of wanting to look nice every day for class.  (I know it's not for everyone, but I'm a believer in getting dressed and looking nice.)  A lot of girls are concerned because they tend to oversleep and don't have time to get ready in the morning.  Other girls stare at their closet some mornings and have no idea where to start.

I am right there with you!!!  I have those days too.

(Last week, I showed you how to dress up simple denim and t-shirts with statement necklaces.)

Are you a grab a sweatshirt and run out the door kind of girl?  Here's my latest trick:

Blazers may not seem like a sweatshirt substitute, but they totally can be.  Throw on any shirt with a pair of skinny jeans.  (Literally, any shirt: tank, blouse, oxford, polo, t-shirt....)  Then slip into a blazer and a pair of boots or ballet flats and you're to good to go!

I know what you're thinking, blazers are stuffy and stiff!

Butttttttttttt- these Urban Outfitters blazers are actually comfortable.  They're shaped nicely, but I think you may forget you're wearing a blazer!

(I promise they look much better on than they do on the model)

This J. Crew wool blazer is perfect for chillier days once winter arrives!

And I'm definitely stocking up on these J. Crew schoolboy blazers.  I just got the grey one and IT IS LOVE!

So, forget about that sweatshirt and stock up on blazers!



  1. Love these! I'm always worried about looking sloppy when I wear a sweatshirt and a blazer is a great alternative. XO

  2. Blazers are a great way to look way more pulled together than you actually are. I don't know if you have Aritzia in the US yet but they have the BEST blazers! I was never a fan of blazers and then I bought a Talula 'Taft' blazer (in Heather Charcoal) from Aritzia. It was love at first sight, first wear, everything. It's now one of my favorite pieces!


  3. if you go to j.crew you can get 15% off your purchase of full price items instore by letting them know you are a college student and showing them your id! (and check if it's possible to order items through the red phone with the discount! it's worked for me before!) :)

  4. Coincidentally, I just wore a cream colored one with rouching on the sleeves to a movie with my best guy friend tonight! I am loving trend!

  5. I just picked up a navy blazer from J. Crew. I love the schoolboy ones too, but I live in Arizona so I wouldn't get much use out of it :(

  6. I went out and bought the navy schoolboy blazer from jcrew and im already obsessed with it. Plus ive already come up with tons of outfits I can pair it with!

    Emily @

  7. Love this post, its so helpful. I'm going to be attending law school and I know I will need to start dressing more professional for class than I did during undergrad; and blazers are the perfect way to do that even on a lazy day.

  8. I haven't tried on a blazer, but it seems as if I need to!


  9. Ann Taylor has some really great fitting blazers too :)...Best part? If you are a student you can show your college i.d. and they will ALWAYS give you 20% off your total purchase :). Take advantage ladies!

  10. My sister has that very blazer from Urban Outfitters! I actually only have ones that I've gotten for Mock Trial, but I've kind of been wanting a J. Crew Schoolboy blazer.

  11. My friend has super curly hair and has it chemically straightened, and it always grows in super curly, so I wouldn't worry about losing the curl.

  12. i love the navy blazer from j crew. happened to buy a Valentino one that is similar. so : ) blazers are in again

  13. Aritzia definitely has the best blazers, if you have one near you in the US (I know there's one in Soho, not sure if there are any others). I have a Talula blazer and it's fabulous. It wasn't too expensive (maybe around $125.00 CND) and I wear it all the time and it instantly makes my outfit look more professional.

  14. Blazers add some seriously flattering structure that looks good on everyone. Great tip!

  15. My sister has that very blazer from Urban Outfitters!


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