Friday, December 30, 2011

NYE Outfits

I know, I know... it's tomorrow night.  But these outfits can (mostly) be thrown together last minute depending on your plans.  Or, you know, you can always make an "emergency" trip to the mall.

Even though it's easy to imagine yourself at some glamourous party, there are so many different ways to ring in the new year.  I put together outfits for five different types of nights.  Whatever floats your boat!!!

NYE Girl's Night

Who needs a guy to kiss at the stroke of midnight anyway???  (Well, it'd be nice... but not necessary!)  Grab your close girlfriends and get all dolled up.  Set up a fun little photoshoot... or just open your PhotoBooth on your map and take thousands of pictures in your cute outfits.  The best part?  You can kick off your shoes at the first hint of pain.

NYE Dinner & Movie

You can have fun with your outfit even if your night is just a casual dinner and movie date.  Although you may go for flats on a regular night, opt for a little height.  Glam up a comfortable shirt with a statement necklace and cinch your waist with a glittery belt.
NYE At Home
No plans?  This is my kind of New Year's outfit right here.  Cozy up on the couch with the remote control, a bowl of popcorn, and a cup of tea.  Flip between the numerous NYE specials on TV (even Disney.........).  Be sure to set your cell phone alarm for 11:58, just in case you fall asleep!

NYE Date Night

Are you a lucky girl with some super fun date night lined up?  A fancy schmancy party?  Go all out... but keep it classy.  No need for some skimpy dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.  (I mean, honestly... how to girls sit in those dresses anyway!!!)  Turn heads with a classic ensemble.
NYE Babysitting

This may be the highest grossing night for babysitters around the country.  Volunteer to sit for all the neighborhood kids.  Gather everyone up and have a fun night making party poppers and practicing the countdown with everyone under 11 years old.  Go for comfort... it's going to be a long night.

What are your plans?



  1. I like that you included all the different options :) You never know what kind of year it will end up being! xoxo, eliza

  2. I love each outfit! My favorite is definitely the date night outfit! Super cute choices, Carly! Hope you have a great New Years Weekend!

  3. I am seriously in love with all of these outfits, but the dress for date night is especially gorgeous!

  4. I like all the different outfits you put together! Those pajamas look divine!

  5. i love outfit #1 - looks both comfortable & chic... a combo i'm a big fan of.

  6. New Year's Eve night in is most def my favorite look. I'm all about looking cute and comfy on the couch :)

    and that date outfit is so sweet too. Love that dress

  7. Loving the little slip dress in the girl's night one! Gorgeous!

  8. i am wearing a black and white striped dress for nye - not sparkly though. i will definitely dress it up with red lips, as per usual.

    these collections are really great!

  9. I love all of these outfits! Cute choices..but I specifically love the date night and the pajamas! I am actually wearing those pjs (or some like it right now) from LL Bean. I will most likely be wearing something similar to the pjs one! I will be going to my grandparents house for a family night with my aunt and uncle, cousins, parents and brothers. We have done this every year since I was little and I haven't missed a single one!

  10. These are wonderful outfits you put together. Couldn't help but smiling and laughing to myself about the night at home and setting your alarm at 11:58 because I have totally been there. In those cozy slippers as well :)

    Hope you have a fabulous NYE! I'm still sorting out plans and of course outfits.



  11. I'm heading out to my sister's house to ring in the new year. I'll be glamming myself up for the party, even though we're staying in!
    I have to say, the girls night outfit is definitely my favorite! That dress is fabulous!
    Hope you have a blast ringing in the new year tomorrow!!

  12. I love all your picks!

    I saw your DKM accessories on your sidebar. Do you by chance live in the Tampa area?

    BTW you have a new follower :)


  13. Love all the looks! So fun. Happy New Year!

    Also, check out the jewelry giveaway on my blog :)

  14. I love the new year eve date outfit; love love that dress!

  15. All of the outfits are super cute! I will be at home on NYE, so I like the pj's the best!

    You have an adorable blog and I am so glad I found you via LDL! New follower!

  16. Great ideas! Love the girls night suggestion!

  17. So glad I wont be the only one staying in/dog sitting! LOVE the pj's

  18. Absolutely LOVE the dress on your date night outfit! I'll most likely be wearing norts and an Auburn t-shirt on my couch with my parents watching the Auburn game. Happy New Year and War Eagle!

  19. Very, very cute outfit ideas - I like the dinner and a movie and girls' night ones best. Great job!

  20. Super cute outfits. I am going to be spending my night at home after a dinner with friends.

  21. The shoes on the date night outfit are absolutely amazing! I really wish Kate Spade was in my budget for this month, but somehow I think I may just splurge a little depending on whether or not they're comfy!

  22. I love every single one of these darling little outfits -- especially the first one!
    xo Josie


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