Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oxfords 3 Ways

Button downs, button ups, or oxfords.  No matter which way you say it, the oxford shirt is a staple in the closet.  I typically wear one at least once a week.  I even have one that's my go-to for rainy days!

I love how the shirts can be worn in completely different ways.  Last night, I was babysitting for four extremely fun (read: crazy) little kids.  I'm talking about wrestling on the floor, wii video games, lifting them up, pulling them apart, and dodging Nerf guns.  I wore a loose oxford with jeans and ballet flats and couldn't believe how resilient the shirt is.  Seriously, when (if?) I have kids (...many years from now) I will definitely wear one, basically, every single day.

Here are three outfit ideas for how to wear an oxford shirt.
Oxford x Sweet

Oxford x Simple

Oxford x Cozy

How do you wear yours?



  1. I've always liked seeing girls in an Oxford... something very sexy about it.

  2. I mainly wear mine with Chinos... I wear an oxford about 5 to 6 days a week!

  3. I love oxfords but I never seem to wear them lately! This post is my inspiration to pull them out again! Thanks :)



  4. the simple look is practically my uniform for class!

  5. Love the oxfords! I run into a slight problem being petite - a lot of them end up being very boxy! I'm not discouraged though, I'm still on the hunt! But I've worn some of the boxy-er ones with leggings and a skinny belt. Adore!

  6. Where do you get your oxfords? I can't seem to find the perfect one.

  7. Great suggestions! I always feel like I'm running out of ways to wear my oxfords, haha.

  8. I really need to incorporate oxfords into my wardrobe. I love outfit #2 :)


  9. I love them, but find that the fit is hard to get right. I often run into them pulling around the shoulder area, especially when lifting the arms, or they will be larger but run down the torso longer and all-around looser.
    How do you find a good fit? Wearing one tucked out of a skirt must require a tighter fit so as to not hang too low or look to drabby/droopy.

  10. I love oxfords! The Simple look is fab.
    xo Josie

  11. Great suggestions! thanks for taking time to post this!



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