Monday, February 28, 2011


no one is without flaws.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Formal Dresses

I have been receiving some about where to purchase formal dresses... I, myself, have amassed quite the collection over the years.

I love dresses.

Where are the best places to get formal dresses?  It really depends on your price range.  I will include some ideas and suggestions for different prices.

BP always has some cute options for lower prices.
Notes: Avoid "satin" like material... it looks cheap.  Also avoid weird ruffling and Jessica McClintock inspired dresses..... yea. No.  (For instance, don't buy this dress.)

While in Nordstrom (or on, be sure to check out Taylor Dresses as well.  The dresses range from casual to more fancy.
Note: They start at size 2, so if you're little, be aware that you might have to get alterations.

Lilly Pulitzer
Known to not shy away from color and prints, Lilly has recently begun adding dresses appropriate for evenings.
Notes: The length of the dress must be taken into account.  Too short and you will look out inappropriate.  Also, consider the venue.  A Lilly may be too much for some more subdued events.  Not to be forgotten is the material... some cotton dresses just won't make the cut.  (As for shoes, you are better off going with some sort of heel or wedge.  Flats + Lilly look too casual)

[Side note: The dresses are a bit pricey, but Lilly ALWAYS marks down dresses... Always.  You can pretty much guarantee never paying full price.]

Saemus Dress - $398

Neiman Marcus
Hands down my favorite place to dress shop.  The best brands are always in stock.
Note:  Be prepared to spend a little bit more money, but always walking out with a FABULOUS dress.  My sister and I both bought our senior prom dresses from Neimans.

Kate Spade
Loving the LBD silhouettes.
Note: Normally, I would say to go nice and light on jewelry for evening wear, but I think Kate Spade dresses are designed specifically to have fun with accessories!


On a budget?  Take note of some of the styles that I've posted.  Or, go through websites of your favorite designers and pick a look you like.  Print it out or take a mental note and look for similar dresses from other stores, where the price tag is much easier on the wallet.

Some places I suggest searching:
Nordstrom BP
(refer back to my notes on how to avoid cheap-looking dresses)

{click the links for my favorite dresses}


Saturday, February 26, 2011

pick me up

Pandora One is slowly, but surely, turning me into a "music person."  And I am NOT a music person.... or at least I wasn't.

ya, girl, get it!

(picture via crewcuts, obviously.)

It's weird though.  I used to not like having the noise, but now I find myself popping headphones on and listening to a few (or more songs) in a row.  Unheard of!!!

First, if you don't use Pandora. Use it.
(For the record, I didn't get paid by Pandora.... I don't get paid by anyone for anything.  I just REALLY love Pandora One.)

Second, if you haven't already upgraded to Pandora One, do it.  You don't realize how disruptive commercials are until you don't have them anymore.  Not to mention, the quality of the music is much better.... and no monthly limit!

Here are some of my favorite "pick me up songs."  When nothing feels good, everything's spinning out of control, no light at the end of the tunnel.  You know what I mean?!

Here Comes the Sun
The Middle
Brand New Day
Everything is Alright
The Climb (cheesy, I know).

Yes, listening to those songs might just do the trick!

Do you guys use Pandora/ Pandora One?  What are your favorite "pick me up" songs?


Friday, February 25, 2011

Coffee Love

For the next seven or so days, most of my money will be spent in coffee shops around campus...  Lots of group projects, lots of midterms, lots of blogging, lots of late nights.

What drinks are my favorites?

The Classic.
coffee + skim milk + two sweeteners

The Newbie.
chai tea latte + pump of raspberry syrup
(you absolutely MUST try this)

The TooHot&Dangerous.
iced coffee + lots of milk + one sweetener

The Quick Pick Me Up.
super hot skinny vanilla latte

The Can't Make Up My Mind.
one part coffee + one part chai

The Desperate and Cheap.
one diet coke

{Lilly Thermal Travel Mugs via Preppy Princess}

As for snacks for studying, I'm quite partial to white chocolate covered pretzels or banana chips.  Both are easy to toss into a backpack, last more than three bites, and quench my need for quick fixes of sugar.

I must admit, when desperate.... I tend to eat ice cream by the heaping spoonfuls.

My dependence on caffeine and sugar is quite shameful, but I think it's all part of being a student...right???

What are your coffee (or non-coffee) favorites?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Group Project- Survival of the Patient


I'm in the business school.

Do you know what that means?  Besides learning super interesting (and oh so useful) excel shortcuts and preparing for twenty page cases each week, it means that I get to be a part of FIVE groups!!!

And the BEST part?  The projects aren't a "one and done" deal.  We have assignments due every week and different cases, simulations, papers, etc.

Here's how to survive a group project:

1) If you get to choose your group, pick diverse people that you know and trust.  Your group will come up with better ideas, and your project will turn out great.  A little head butting is good– it gets things done and works out ideas.

2) If you don't get to choose your group, brace yourself for the worst, expect an okay group, and pray for a good one.

3) The minute you know who your group is, collect email address and exchange cell phone numbers.  Also, friend them on Facebook.  You'd be surprised how some people respond to messages rather than emails.

4) Set the tone EARLY.  Some groups are more laid-back, while others are strictly business.  There really isn't a "correct" group culture, but find one that fits the personality of the group.

5) Be the first person to send out an email and write down every available time you can meet.  Other members will add their available times and eventually you'll get down to a two hour period that works.

6) Reach out to the professor.... only in emergencies.  He doesn't want to babysit the group, but there are certain times when it's appropriate (e.g. a member is just MIA.... which is currently an issue in one of my groups)

7) Talk things out.  It might seem like a time-saver to start typing the case/paper up right away, but you might miss key points (or the entire idea in general).  Spend a little time going through each section of the rubric and each question and just talk it out as a group.  THEN, go and type up bullet points.  From there, delegate.  Especially if the paper is long, there really is no choice but to divide the work up.

8)  For presentations, if someone is shy, give them a small part.  Honestly, when it comes to speaking in front of the class, don't worry about each member "pulling her weight."  It seriously might be a huge deal for someone to just introduce the group and name of the project.

8 1/2)  Make sure your Facebook pictures are set to private.  Haha.. just kidding about this one, but seriously.  I had major issues with two friends who decided to spend some time going through old pictures during a meeting.

9) GOOGLE.  Not the search engine (that will just create major problems!!!).  Google Docs = Group Lifesaver.

10) When in doubt, Keep Calm and Carry On..... or these (haha):

 These, absolutely hilarious, posters can be purchased from Sad Little Crowns.

Good luck!!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easily Persuaded

I'm actually not so easily persuaded.  [Ask the poor kids in my Operations Management class...]

However, like with every rule, there are always exceptions.

I am easily persuaded when presented with


nail polish



What makes you cave in?


{images via}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Post: Business Attire by Dara

College Prepster Notes:  I've been receiving lots of emails and questions about what to wear to interviews and recruiting events and other events that require business attire.  I figured it was time to bring in an expert, someone who is well-versed, and could do a better job than me!  Thanks Dara!!!

If you are anywhere near a college campus at this time of year, you’ll know: it’s interview season. And whether you’re a junior in college applying to an internship or a junior in high school interviewing for college, it is smart to invest in some key pieces that will take you from BC to Barclay’s.
As you hop from recruiting event to recruiting event, interview to interview, you’ll notice two types of Career-Hunt Season dress: business casual & business formal. Here’s a description and list of key pieces to have for each: 

Business Casual

What: A type of smart casual dressing that is more relaxed than business formal.

When: Typically reserved for recruiting events, internship/career fairs, sophomore leadership programs, networking events, career/resume workshops with company recruiters, lunch with recruiters, college interviews

Look for: blazers, cardigans, shift dresses, medium length skirts, slacks, blouses, button-down shirts, heels, flats, or leather boots (weather permitting)

Where: J. Crew has a great selection of affordable business casual pieces that can be easily converted from a day of class to a networking social. Other key shops are: Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Zara, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren/Rugby.

Personal go-to favorites:
--Urban Outfitters blazer—you wouldn’t think you’d stumble across this gem at this typically urban, hipster-chic establishment but the Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer is affordable, well-made and the perfect length to wear over a shift dress and statement necklace or a J.Crew blouse and slacks.
--J.Crew cardigan—a key versatile piece in anyone’s closet. The J.Crew cardigan is great over a top & trouser, a dress, or a skirt and the perfect weight for any season. With the wide variety of color options, you can feel free the break the boring (though on occasion, crucial) neutral palette of Career-Hunt Season dress!
--J.Crew flats—comfortable and cute. The Classic Leather Ballet Flats come in a wide variety of fun colors (I’m loving the yellow!) that are affordable and fun to play with.

--Ralph Lauren/Rugby button-down shirts—a staple. Enough said. No one makes a classic button-down better than Ralph.
--Anthropologie tops—pricey, but a go-to store for unique, preppy-chic blouses that will go great with slacks

Don’t forget:
--copies of your resume, printed on quality paper
--iron your clothes!
--to feel free to add in your own style, but remember you want your personality and credentials to catch more attention than what you are wearing!


Business Formal
What: A defined set of clothing consisting of suit jackets, matching skirt/trousers, long-sleeved button-downs/blouses in dark to neutral colors. Cuff links may be necessary in certain circumstances.

When: Business formal clothing is required of most interview situations, office visits, and (especially in the financial services industry) on the job.

Look for: a well-tailored suit & long-sleeved button-down shirt, heels, flats, a leather portfolio (to place copies of resumes, cover letters, or take notes). Seeing as to how a business suit never goes out of style, you may want to consider investing in a quality suit that will last.

Where: J.Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Theory, Thomas Pink, Ralph Lauren

Personal go-to favorites:
--My roommate swears by her white Thomas Pink shirt  that she loves to wear to her interviews with investment banks (she’s a Finance major). It’s crisp, of excellent quality, with its classic cocktail cuff. There are also excellent alternatives at J.Crew, Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren (see above)
--Banana Republic, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and Theory all have great business suits at reasonable prices.
--J.Crew blouse: I love this J.Crew silk cami to go with a suit. The colors are gorgeous and are the perfect complement to the standard black or navy suit: enough color to stand out (in the best way possible) and yet understated enough to keep the focus on you. J.Crew silk blouses in general are perfect complements to a business suit.  

--Tory Burch heels and flats—a splurge but so worth it! (See also: J.Crew flats)
--Portfolio for notepad and resumes—my campus bookstore keeps leather portfolios stocked…in black, blue and red. To add a little color and fun to your life, I love these Vera Bradley folios in the designer’s signature colorful patterns. Just because your outfit is limited doesn’t mean your portfolio is!

Don’t forget!
--the most important tip I’ve received from a recruiter is to keep the attention to YOU, not your outfit. It is the profound realization for those who admire fashion (like all of us prepsters) to realize that when it comes to most job interviews (there are exceptions), people don’t care that your outfit stands out as much as they care that YOU (and your personality) do. While it is important to look professional and presentable, it is also important to make sure you choose pieces that will complement, not overshadow the person wearing it
--Do your homework!...and research the company you are interviewing for. Your portfolio’s notepad is a great place to take notes and jot down some questions to ask
--Accessories are great outfit complementers, especially modest necklaces or studs that will add a little energy to what is otherwise a plain black suit. Just be careful of point #1.
--Self-confidence… a priceless finishing touch.

Good luck to everyone on their internship, job, or college search!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What I wish I knew a year ago.

Or at least what I would have told myself a year ago:

  1. He will come back again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  And again.
  2. Even though you think this is good, it is NOT.
  3. You think this is going to be a dud of a season for crew– you're so so so wrong.  It will be absolutely incredible.  Once in a lifetime stuff.
  4. Yay!  You're going to survive Middle East History II!!!  AND The Prelude!!!
  5. There will be a mini-blog crisis, but don't fret.  The blog will shut down.
  6. 2010 is about to get REAL.  Get ready.
  7. This rut you've been in for 3+ years?  It's going to be a little bit longer, but it won't last forever.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New CP Desktop Wallpaper!

I'm learning to embrace my quirks.
Not apologize for who I am.
Stand up for what I believe.
Don't compromise myself.


quotation from "The Middle" by Jimmy Eats World


Instructions for downloading wallpaper:

Right click on the image.
Select "Open in new tab" (or window)
Right click the image again.
You can either save the image to your computer and then set it as a background. On macs, you should be able to right click and "save as desktop background."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kayce Hughes WINNER

Thank you to everyone who entered the Kayce Hughes giveaway.  I definitely know where I'll be heading once spring (officially) arrives!!!

Without further delay...

the winner is..........................

Congratulations :)

Please be sure to email me to claim (collegeprepster [at] gmail [dot] com)

ooooh I just have so much fun with these giveaways!


Friday, February 18, 2011

the best way to start a week.

Yes, it's Friday.  And yes, it's practically the weekend.

I've recently been experiencing what I've lovingly nicknamed THE SUNDAY NIGHT FREAKOUT.

No, I'm completely serious.  It's this sinking feeling of dread.  Sunday morning starts off alright.  Sleep in a bit, check a few things off the never-ending list, drink some coffee.

Then, suddenly, it's 4pm.  School starts tomorrow!  Practice picks back up!  Homework needs to be completed!  FOUR group projects due!!!  PAPERS!!!!!!!  POWERPOINTS!!!!!!!!  BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!

Catch my drift?

I can honestly say that I feel bad for anyone who has had to deal with me on a Sunday.  (Especially my poor Operations Management group...............)

It's terrible.


So... moving forward, how can I prepare for a better week?

First, read Prep Talk (insert shameless plug here).

Second, eat blueberry pancakes on Monday morning.  (Calories do not count on Monday mornings.)

Next, plug in your headphones and listen to "The Middle" repeatedly.

Lastly, breathe.


PS Just so everyone is clear- I had an amazing amazing amazing week.  I completely attribute it to my new Monday routine.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/14 Recap

Valentine's day was mostly a blur.

Practice, class, studying, two group projects, doughnuts (whoops).

I kept forgetting that it was even Valentine's Day!  It was a gorgeous day out, finally warm.  Oh how I wish wish wish I could have just sat outside soaking up the sun.  Even this pale girl misses the sun... that is a sure sign that winter needs to end promptly.

I did not have a Valentine this year. (Have I ever had a Valentine?  No.)  My mom sent me the absolutely PERFECT cupcake card.  It's just so CP.  It's really easy to please me when it comes to stationery and notecards!!!

Additionally (oh no, too much time spent writing business reports.....), she sent a NEW GK Designs bracelet to add to my ever-growing stack collection.

Oh, so fabulous.  So February.  So Valentine's.  So me!!!

I think the rose gold is so so so pretty!!!

Remember, you can get your own Live Your Dreams (or xoxo) cuff bracelet from Sydney Buchanan.

How was your special day???


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Post: Mackenzie from Design Darling

[College Prep Sidenote: Mackenzie and I did not discuss our post ideas... the similarities only attest to our true true true blogging connection!]

I’m Mackenzie from Design Darling and I’m thrilled to be blog swapping with Carly today. Please stop by my blog to check out her post!

Carly and I bonded over the fact that we both balance blogging with college. As a senior at Bucknell University, I’m getting ready to swap classes for full-time employment, a challenge that fortunately requires a new-and-improved wardrobe. Having interned for prep icons Ralph Lauren and Jonathan Adler, I thought it would be fun to discuss a few essentials of the preppy young professional!

The preppy nine-to-fiver knows you don't need to don a pinstriped skirt suit to look the part. (Phew!) Conservative silhouettes in unexpected colors — cap-toe flats updated with a shot of pink or the conservative shift dress tied with a grosgrain bow — are a must for keeping your look professional and your outlook bright. Transform your basic white button-down by pairing it with a citrusy skirt and a statement necklace. You'll create a look that's office-appropriate, attention-getting, and totally your own.

First jobs also mean first apartments — and you know better than to just recreate your former dorm room! Say good bye to the movie posters and hello to preppy accents that complement your taste in clothes: needlepoint accessories, shiny lacquer, and a summery print. Your first apartment will be just as fabulous as your new-and-improved wardrobe!

Thank you, Carly, for having me here today; you've been a most delightful hostess! Remember to pop over to Design Darling to read Carly's post.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{Needlepoint Belts} Guest Post by LITTLE V!

by Little V

I don't really remember how I first got involved in making needlepoint belts- but I do know that my best friends from the barn and I used to spend our sleepovers needlepointing...when we were 12.  

When I was learning how to needlepoint, I started with handpainted canvases.  I don't have this belt with me right now, but I made a pirate belt.

Canvases are expensive though, and some of the more simple needlepoint patterns are very simple and easy to do!  

Such as this argyle one, or the nautical flags, and the one with the cute little sailboats.  I have also made a lot of rowing ones for my boyfriend, which are very simple in school colors.  

Making them from scratch is a lot cheaper- the actual canvas is 18 pt, and will cost ~$5-10 at a needlepoint store.  The canvas should be at least 5 inches tall, and 40 inches wide.  You will only need to needlepoint your waist size minus 4 inches in width, and I usually fill 24 squares in height (1.25 inches).  So, for example, if you have a size 30 waist, then you only need to do 26 inches.  

This is one I did in Georgetown colors and with Georgetown oars

Most recently, I've been working on a belt for Jack with coats of arms.  The detail on the shields is quite complicated.  Jack wrote a book on heraldry and simplified the illustrations for the coats of arms in paint, so I want to make sure to do them justice.  The shields are for all the different schools he has attended- BB&N, Georgetown, Oxford, and his college at Oxford, Brasenose.  

Here it is, in progress:

Canvases cost around $100, and some will include the actual wool as well.  My favorite part is picking out the colors! 

Finishing the belt is also very expensive- done the wrong way.

If you take it to your local needlepoint store they will send it away and charge you $150.  I found a leather man in Kentucky (he makes leather halters for fancy thoroughbred race horses) who does a beautiful job for $50. I havn't sent him a belt in a year or two but I think he is still reachable.  He has also done dozens of keychains for me, which are a lot quicker and quite cute.


141 East Main Street
Midway, KY 40347

Monday, February 14, 2011

february fourteenth

lots of love from me to you


Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the mood...

... for more pink, more sugar, and more love.

Yes, I know.  I think I found my one true love: Hickity Pickity.

These tea towels are just PRECIOUS.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kayce Hughes Giveaway

When Kayce Hughes asked if I wanted to team up for a giveaway, I knew I just absolutely had to say yes!

Here's the super sweet deal :)

Spend some time going through Kayce Hughes website.

Lust over, well, everything.

And then come back here and enter to win!

What's the prize?  A $50 dollar giftcard!

Hello!  So fabulous!  You can get exactly what you want :)

Required: Follow College Prep and Like Kayce Hughes on Facebook!

Additional Entries:

3 Entries- Blog about this giveaway (please include URL)

Maximum entries= 4

Please comment ONCE on this post, letting me know if you have 1 or 4 entries!

Giveaway will run from now until February 18 at 11:00 pm.
Winner announced on February 19.

Good luck!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Glitter is out.

Okay, maybe not completely out.

But, neon is making the move.

Where I once might have completely disagreed, I am actually love love loving neon!

Obviously, neon is not something to wear head to toe all at once.  It's definitely best in small doses!

Ooh, I think I must find these nail polishes!

Neon Michelle watch

Yes, I think I need these shoes!

I have this BRIGHT pink shirt.  These pictures don't do it justice.  It is HOT pink!  Perfectly obnoxiously pink pink pink.



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