Saturday, April 30, 2011


One of the best parts about summer is being home and enjoying the familiar place with little scheduling.

But another benefit of summer?  TRAVELING.  Falling asleep is more difficult the night before a trip.  I am giddier than a child before Christmas knowing I have an early flight to catch.  Packing is always quite stressful and I end up checking and double checking my bags.

Now. Who wants boring bags for traveling when you're jet setting around the country (or world for you lucky travelers)!

Saltbox NYC is a great place for everything and anything you need to carry!

From the website:
"Heavy gauge canvas, treated to be water resistant, makes each piece perfect for year-round use. Inspired by travel, history, nature and architecture, the prints and color palettes are graphic, yet imminently wearable. Key features give each shape its unique look. Some have extra snaps and pockets, others convertible and removable shoulder straps. Versatility is vital."
Saltbox NYC is graciously offering a very College Prepster Carryall in Magnolia to a College Prep reader!

How cute is the plaid?  It's perfect to use a carry-on for flights.  Slip in your laptop, toss in some magazines, stash some snacks and you're good to go.

If you love it as much as I do.... enter to win!  Here's how:


(giveaway is only open to public followers of College Prep)

To enter the Giveaway (one entry), you must go to and tell me what your favorite product is in a comment!

Additional entries:

1 entry - 
send an email to with the following in the subject line: “TheCollegePrepster sent me: Add me to your VIP List.”

1 entry - Like Saltbox on Facebook

1 entry - follow Saltbox on Twitter
2 entries- Blog about this post (please provide a direct link to your post)

Please only comment ONCE and include which entries you completed!

Contest is closed on May 6 at noon.  Winner announced May 7!

Good Luck!


Friday, April 29, 2011

WARNING: Cuteness Overload

Disclaimer: Do NOT click on this site if you're studying for finals/writing papers......  Seriously.  You will be on it for hours.

Cute Roulette brings you the absolute most adorable videos of the most adorable animals.

An example:

See?  Precious.

Keep clicking for more and more cuteness.  This, my friends is entertainment at its finest.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

uscoop + marley lilly = discount!!!

Super exciting.... UScoop did a little feature on yours truly.

And guess what?

You can snag the deal of the day!



Mother's Day is right around the corner.  I feel like Mother's Day is always the first sign of summer and one of my favorite things about being home over the summer is getting to spend time with my mom.

I think it goes without saying, but Moms are pretty much amazing.  I don't think a gift can really encompass the true love we have for our Moms.  But that doesn't mean we can't try!

First up is my favorite Dogeared.  I love the message that each necklace comes with, and this one is perfect for Mother's Day!

And obviously, I couldn't forget about Sydney Buchanan cuffs.  These are seriously perfect for ANY occasion.  Perhaps the XOXO one?

On a budget?  An old fashioned breakfast in bed is perfect.

Wake up extra early and scramble those eggs, cut up the strawberries, brew a pot of coffee and prepare for one happy Mom.

I love these monogrammed necklaces from Marley Lilly with the kids in the family's names!

What are you getting your mom?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There is something oh-so-endearing about menswear.

Shopping for boys is is tons of fun and much easier than shopping for girls.

Options are pretty limited (in a good way though).  Grab a nice pair of pants, a crisp shirt, throw on some boat shoes, and voilá an outfit.

I was at a regatta and talking to Georgetown Boy's dad this weekend and he mentioned how I should check out a clothing company called Ledbury.

(Side note:  I love my Prepster Tipsters)

I emailed myself the name and when I got back on my computer I was blown away.  I hadn't heard of Ledbury before, but the shirts are really cute!

And the model is pretty good looking himself.


Speaking of men's clothing.  You need to check out California Funk in my College Fashionista post!


PS Wish me luck... I have TWO presentations today.......... BAH!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There is something about this late April (almost May) season where I am drawn to things bubbly and pink.

The more bubbly the better.

The pinker the better.

Vineyard Vines Dayboat Shorts

J. Crew Jackie Cardigan

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf

Essie Polish

Tipsy Skipper Captain Morgan Clutch

Are you loving pink as much as I am???


Monday, April 25, 2011

Peter Cotton Tail

Normally, my parents fly up to DC for Easter, as we typically have a home regatta.

Unfortunately, the lateness of Easter this year meant that I needed to spend the weekend working and studying instead of playing in the city with my parents.

My mom the Easter Bunny didn't forget about me though.  A somewhat non-traditional Easter basket, but fabulous nonetheless:

Kate Spade Tipsy ballet flat... opened a smidge early though... I couldn't resist!

Kate Spade "Mom Always Said" Idiom Bangle... love it!

And, of course, some of my favorite Easter candies!!!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

hoppy easter!

uh, uh, hoppy easter!
(inside joke with the family)

My sister and I (and our dad) are Jewish, but my mom still does Easter baskets for us and we always had egg hunts growing up.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Easter is the candy.

My favorite:

Refrigerated Reese's Eggs

I don't even care that they're a million calories.  They're too good.  And refrigerated?  Even better.

A close second:

Peeps.  Yellow only please.  (Especially NOT pink.  I think there is a bitter taste from pink dye.)

Third is a classic:

Jelly Beans!
I love all variations (have you had the Starburst kind???), but I love the classic ones.  My favorite color?  BLACK!

Last, but not least:

Whoppers Robin Eggs

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter!!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Middle School.

To say I was a nerd in middle school would be an outright understatement.

I was the stereotypical "middle schooler."

Braces? Check.
Frizzy hair? Check.
Knobby knees? Check.
Math league? Check.

Despite all these (quite embarrassing) shortcomings, I loved middle school.  I loved that we were out of elementary school, but not quite ready for high school.  We lived in our own little world of strawberry lipgloss where boys were suddenly "cute."

I learned so much during middle school, both academically and emotionally.  I am still friends with my middle school friends.  I had weird and crazy and memorable "boyfriends."  I traveled to Italy with my BEST friends.

Dorky College Prepster over there on the left!  (White sweater, pink polo, obvi.)

First ever "school dance."
(Please laugh with me, and not at me!!!)

7th grade... getting taller.  And much more awkward.

Our 8th grade dance.  A big deal.

I'm not sure if I would necessarily go back to middle school.  I mean, I didn't have a Chi.  But, I definitely am so thankful for the wonderful experiences I had.

Why am I bringing back all these weird memories?

I had a seventh grader email me.  It was just about the cutest and sweetest thing ever.  My heart was melting.  I remember being 12.  And because I love doing these retrospective "what I wish I had known" things... (The Freshman 50 and The Freshman 50 Jr.)

Here's the pre-teen edition:

  1. Have as many sleepovers as you can
  2. Don't roll your eyes at your parents, they're actually pretty amazing
  3. Read every single assigned book
  4. Don't gossip.  Ever.
  5. Boys still have cooties.  And don't let your friends convince you otherwise.
  6. Talk to your parents (or teachers) about any problem.  And try to before something turns into a real problem.
  7. Set goals.
  8. Find your values and stick to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Be silly.
  10. Do a sport and stay active.
Last bit of advice, my mom told me this right before I started high school and it's still stuck with me!  She showed me a blank pad of paper.  One wrong decision is like drawing a thick line on the paper with a permanent marker.  Apologizing and cleaning up afterwards may help a little, but you'll always have that mark on your "paper."  Stick to your morals and avoid those permanent blotches!!!

What would you tell your middle school pre-teen self?


Friday, April 22, 2011

Final Countdown!

With finals quickly approaching, I thought I'd do a little refresher on my study tips... (for more, refer to INTENSE STUDY TIPS).

My game plan:

Get a calendar (or make one) and write down everything that is due!

Seeing everything laid out will help you plan your attack!

Start figuring out when you need to start everything.  I like to start with the LAST thing that is due and work backwards.  For instance, I have two exams on May 9, so I plan backwards to know when to start studying for that.  Then I have two projects due May 6, so I plan on when I need to start that.

As I go backwards, I have a mental image (you may want to draw it out if you can't store the image in your brain) of overlapping "activity lines" for each thing due.

In my notebook, I have everything written out again where I can see everything lined up on one page (the right side of the notebook).  On the left side, I keep mini daily to-do lists!  Normally they're much neater, but as the semester winds down, I end up scribbling things down as I think of them!  It's my morning routine to mentally prepare my list, and then once I sit down to begin work, I write it down.

And because I just love love love progress, I started this word document where I highlight days and assignments as I go along.  This is the ULTIMATE way to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

And there is light.  Remember, there is always light.

Sometimes I forget.

And sometimes I am absolutely convinced that I will not make it.

That I will not survive.

But then, I pop out of the tunnel.  And I emerge in the most glorious light that can only be summer.  And I survive.

Good Luck!!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

more books :)

My New Year's resolution of no television may be the best decision I have ever made.

Instead of mindlessly watching a show and trying to multitask and doing five other things at the same time, I've turned to reading.

If I watched a forty minute show, I mostly ended up feeling like I wasted forty minutes.  Reading for twenty minutes gives me the impression that I've taken a much longer break (more like two hours) and I can pick right back up on my work and continue to be productive!

You can check out the other books I read during the first quarter of 2011 here.

I collected a ton of recommendations via Twitter, Tumblr, and College Prep and started out to read a bunch of the books...

Since then, I have read:

Water for Elephants
(which I'm, like, the only person who didn't enjoy it...)

The Other Daughter

The English American

Thirteen Reasons Why

The Adults
(I'm about 75% through with this)


of course

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
(the current College Prepster Book Club book!)

Please keep sending me book recommendations!

Have you read any of the books I've read so far?  What'd you think?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lifeguard Press Review!

The lovelies down at Lifeguard Press sent me goodies to review here.  I loved reviewing the wonderful items during the summer so I was thrilled when they asked if I'd want to review more!

Lilly products are BY FAR my favorite school.  Bright notebooks and Lilly patterns make taking super boring notes bearable.  And that, my friends, is saying a whole lot.  I love my Lilly pencils, my Lilly notebooks, my Lilly highlighters, my Lilly pencil case... everything all from Lifeguard Press.

I love this SUPER preppy and SUPER nautical sailor bracelet.  It's beyond adorable and perfect for summer stacks poolside!

Oh, and of course, just when I get my mind on summer, something snaps me back into reality... For instance, this coffee travel mug.

Perfect for..... long days in the library.  Haha.... But at least it's beyond perfect! 

My favorite office supply... binder clips!!!  These are the BEST!  Remember the secret use I figured out for them when I moved into the house? 

But seriously how cute are they?  The little puns and jokes are precious.

And... last but not least... The iPad sleeve.




I texted my dad straight away mentioning that now that I have the case, I need the iPad.  I mean, right?  Seems beyond justified.

Lucky for me, however, my netbook fits like a glove!  I actually had been meaning to get a case for it... I've only had it for, like, what?  10 months?

How precious is the print with the tiny seahorses???

Okay, that wraps it up.

Be sure to swing by Lifeguard Press for more perfect school supplies!

Motivation for finals?  I think YES!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soul Surfer

So I'm one of the only people in the world (I think) who is totally okay with going to the movie theatre by myself.  I think it's the perfect escape from the crazies of the world.

Anyway- I went and saw Soul Surfer this weekend.


Seriously, the movie was incredible.  And inspiring.  And beautiful.  And amazing.

I cried (happy tears) throughout the entire film and walked out absolutely inspired.  Anna Sophia Robb (and the rest of the cast) did such a great job capturing the story.  She certainly has grown up since Because of Winn Dixie.

This is the real Bethany Hamilton below!

This is a movie that I think everyone needs to watch.  It truly gives new perspective on overcoming challenges and trusting life. 

I'm really considering seeing it again (and again).  Can't wait for it to come out on DVD!

Has anyone else seen it?  Anyone planning on seeing it?


Monday, April 18, 2011

zoubaby + greek + giving back

I'm so thrilled to announce that I'm working with Zoubaby right now!  I'm helping the company cross over into the college market.

Zoubaby is all about personal style... but also about giving back.  As members of sororities, I know that these are two things that you guys are all about too!  Zoubaby just launched its first annual Zoubaby Charity Drive!  From now until the end of April, Zoubaby will donate 10 percent of sales generated from sororities to their respective charities. AND Zoubaby will donate an additional $1,000 to the sorority that gets the most members to participate. I know that I'm not the only competitive person out there... who's going to win?

Zoubaby has added a page to their website for Sorority rain boots.... ummm... I'm kinda wishing I was greek now :( But that's okay, because I plan on living vicariously through all of you (aka I am going to need pictures of you and your sisters in your new boots!).

This is the perfect time to buy rain boots now too, considering we're entering the monsoon season (shout out to Floridians)! Share your sorority letters with pride... and stay dry... and give back.... It's kind of a win/win/win! These would also be the perfect gift for graduating bigs!

Here are the slightly boring- but ever important- details about the drive:  
(Be sure to read about how to place your order so it counts towards your sorority.... super important.)


Zoubaby Charity Drive
  • From now until April 30, 2011, Zoubaby will donate 10% of sales generated from your sorority to the charity of your choice
  • Follow these easy steps to participate:
  1. Spread the word: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogs, "old school" (placing flyers around your house).
  2. ***Post on our Facebook page: As an organization (locally or nationally), "Like" the Zoubaby page on Facebook ( and post a comment on our page declaring your participation - that’s how we’ll know who to keep track of!
  3. ***Place your order: Simply enter sorority name and school in the company field when placing your order at (e.g. Alpha Chi Omega, Cornell)
  4. Go for extra credit: We will reward people with a 20% discount if you: a) blog about the Zoubaby Charity Drive on your sorority blog OR b) get a placement about Zoubaby Charity Drive in your campus newspaper
  5. Get paid: Zoubaby will contact you at the end of the month and arrange for you to receive a check made out to the charity of your house (no later than May 15, 2011)
  6. Hit the jackpot: If your chapter generates the most amount of sales, you'll receive an additional $1,000 donation for your charity from Zoubaby. (Note: Must meet 20 pair minimum to qualify)
  7. Leave a footprint: We send you the check and you make a donation that leaves a footprint in the lives of those in need.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to use Social Media to get the word out even more!  I'm here to help YOU.
carly [at] thecollegeprepster [dot] com




Have you heard of it?

I hadn't... until California Funk explained it to me.  And now I can't get it off my mind.

Wanderlust- a German loanword- meaning a strong desire to travel

CF was showing me all these European (and gorgeous) places he wanted to go.  I dismissed him because I was stressing over some homework assignment.

But then, the concept crept into my subconscience.  The next thing I know, I'm craving to get in a car and drive across the country.


I mean, I seriously want to get in a car and drive for hours and hours and hours.  I want to stop at every lame roadside tourist trap.  I want to have the open road, ten books on tape, and a bag (or two) of twizzlers on my lap.  I want to stand on the border of different states.

Am I crazy?

Has anyone else experienced this wanderlust?

If you could leave all your responsibilities behind, where would you go?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Help me give back!

The Grassroot Project is an incredible organization.

1 in 20 adults in DC are HIV positive.

I'm trying to win a contest to donate for TGP...

I mean, it's cupcakes!  Everyone loves cupcakes!  And who wouldn't want to help at-risk youth learn important life saving tools????


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