Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sponsor :: Darien Sport

College Prep's newest sponsor is Darien Sport!

The online store has tons of brands for men, women, and children... including the CP favorite, vineyard vines.

And I'm loving these navy Sperry rainboots!

Check out the website!


College Prepster Playlist No. 1

Taking a cue from Unabashedly Prep, I'm going to start putting together playlists every once in a while!

There's something extremely personal and revealing about sharing music in my opinion.  It kind of freaks me out how different people like different music... like what does it do to people's brains to create that strong of a connection?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iNeed Some Advice

I got an iPad... and hopefully I'll be getting an iPhone super soon... (hint hint Soccer Dad...)

I have the plain smart cover for the iPad and while it's great for a temporary cover, I'd really like an amazing (and protective) case.  I'm not completely against a boring case, but I'd prefer a cute-sy one as long as my little iPad is safe and sound!

Any iPad users out there?  What cases do you use and like?  Did you buy one that you ended up not liking?  What types of "features" should I look for?

These are ones I've looked into so far:

And for iPhones........ I want the perfect case!!!

Sporty Sister wants to get an OtterBox, and I'm happy to report that Lipstick Shades carries OtterBox cases that are CUTE!  You can completely customize it to however you'd like.

Thoughts?  Advice?


Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Cheer

With Thanksgiving behind us, I guess it's appropriate to start spreading some holiday cheer!

(Also, the College Prepster household is super excited because this year is a TRUE Chrismukkah.)

I'm not the biggest fan of in-your-face holiday decorations or articles of clothing, but I think little tidbits of cheer are the perfect way to celebrate.  Kate Spade has done a remarkable job with tiny jewelry and little hints of fun in their holiday line.  And vineyard vines has some really fun products!

This Curling Ribbon gold ring is actually pretty big in person, but it's too much fun.  It's the right ring for a holiday party, a dinner celebration, and even just running around as Santa's Little Helper.  Every glance down at your hand will remind you of the fun of gift giving!

Metallic headbands are fun.  But metallic headbands with curling ribbon bows are even better.  Pull your hair back into a sleek up-do on snowy nights and use the headband to secure those little hairs around your face.  Tease your hair at the crown of your head to give a little extra va-va-voom.

Buy the pack of three holiday barrettes and give one to your best friend, one to your sister, and keep one for yourself.  (Or keep them all for yourself... I won't tell anyone!)  Keep your favorite one in the pocket of your handbag.  When you're at a party and decide to dance the night away, clip one in your hair to keep layers out of your face!

When you're heading to a holiday party, don't arrive empty handed!  Pick up your favorite festive bottle of wine.  Don't hand it over naked though!!!  Oh no, even wine bottles must dress their best for parties.  The Woody and Tree pattern is a classic.

These vineyard vines tie ornaments are just too cute.  If you can track down the Lilly Pulitzer Oh, Shift! Ornaments, you'll have the preppiest tree on the block.  (These are also a great way to wrap up a present!)


Sunday, November 27, 2011

GIVEAWAY :: Marley Lilly Monogrammed Necklace

I am so excited to announce this giveaway!  I've been a longtime fan of Marley Lilly... but this definitely is the best giveaway with ML ever.

A cut-out monogrammed necklace!!!

The winner will get to choose between either the small gold tone necklace or the pewter flourish pendant.

I think it will definitely be difficult for the winner to choose...

Here's how to enter:

Required: "Like" Marley Lilly on Facebook and follow College Prep using Google Friend Connect.

Additional entries

1 entry: Post about this giveaway on your blog!  Please include the URL in your comment.

1 entry: Tweet about this giveaway.  (Please include @collegeprepster, @marleylilly, and a URL to this blog post in your tweet.)

Please comment ONCE and let me know which entries were completed.  
Note: Anonymous comments will not count.  Please login using the Google Friend Connect account that is following College Prep.

This giveaway ends Saturday December 3 at noon.

Good Luck!!!


PS Check out the other types of monogrammed jewelry Marley Lilly has... you may want to add a few to your holiday list!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

GIVEAWAY :: Knotty Monkeys

Knotty Monkeys has added COLLEGE COLORS!!!  I think this is brilliant.  Perfect for game days.

These silk knot earrings are a fresh and fun accessory that will compliment a variety of outfits. The knots sit atop gold and multiple colored flowers. The combinations of knots and flowers are endless! Any combination you choose will complete that preppy or classic look you have pulled together. 

I love my navy pair so much.  They are too perfect.

Want to win a pair of Knotty Monkeys earrings from The College Collection???

How to enter:

Required first entry:  Follow College Prep and go to Knotty Monkeys and tell me what your college colors are in the comment!

Additional Entries:
1 Entry: "Like" Knotty Monkeys on Facebook

1 Entry: Follow Knotty Monkeys on Twitter

2 Entries: Tweet or blog about the giveaway!
(If you choose to Tweet, please include @CollegePrepster, @KnottyMonkeys, and a link back to the post... and if you choose to blog, please include the link to your post in your comment.)

Let me know which entries you completed in ONE comment please!

Giveaway ends Friday December 2 at noontime!


PS Also free shipping (standard and US only) on all orders from Knotty Monkeys during November and December!!!  Stuff those stockings!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sweet Lemon Gift Guide + Winner of Knock Knock Giveaway

The sweetest holiday gift guide is now online!

Check out the Sweet Lemon Magazine team's favorite gifts for this year:

My favorites!

And the winner of the Knock Knock Holiday Survival Kit is...


Please email me at carly [at] thecollegeprepster [dot] com to claim!


trend: plaid

Oh Goodness... I just cannot get enough plaid in my life right now.  Plaid shirts, plaid skirts, plaid jackets.... even plaid pajamas!

The end of November is perfect for plaid.  The number one trick when wearing plaid (especially plaid button ups...) load up on feminine touches!  A plaid shirt on its own can seem quite masculine.  Pull out your favorite flats with bows, layers of pearl necklaces, and that black lace skirt in the back of your closet.

Mad for Plaid 1

Featured: Perfect Shirt in Suckered Tartan, Lace Skirt, Viv Flats

More of my picks from J. Crew:


Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm thankful for...

My new friends this year
All my amazing followers :)
The whole family (including the cats)
An amazing Sweet Lemon team
Having a great senior year at Georgetown


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Last week, I went to a book signing for Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style at J. McLaughlin in Georgetown.  I met up with Stephanie from Prepfection.  I'm so happy that she moved to DC!  Can't wait for more fun events with her!

Can I just say, J. McLaughlin was a perfect venue for the signing.

The book is absolutely beautiful!  Stephanie and I are convinced that the book is like a preppy Tumblr in physical form!

And look who we ran into!  sCe from Summer Wind.

Georgetown Cupcakes on the way out!  Stephanie and I headed to Starbucks afterward and I ate mine in about 3 seconds... and we got yelled at by the rudest man that lives (but actually...) in Starbucks.  Happens every time.

We had a blast!

Have you checked the book out yet?  A definite read!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

America Eats Tavern

Well, I'm happy to report that I'm actually capable of having fun.  Remember when I was worried that it wasn't possible?  Possible.


The four of us went out to dinner to celebrate Helen's birthday.  It was beyond amazing.

The food was incredible.
And the company was super entertaining.

You know when you have the perfect group of people together?  Where it's just plain old fun?  This was a great combination of friends!!!  (Nat stood in as my boyfriend for the night!)

America Eats Tavern.
If you're in DC, GO.  As soon as possible!  It's open until July 2012!

I am so not a foodie.  Like, I'm totally content eating a bowl of cereal for every meal.  However, this was by far the best meal I have ever eaten in my life.  Wow.

(We knew we were in a great restaurant when Nat noticed that Ted Allen was at the table next to us!)

Taking pictures with our personal menus... that's how good it was.

The restaurant concept is super cool.  It's all based on American history.  The bill came in a book!

Any foodies out there?


Monday, November 21, 2011

dry humor

It's officially that time of year when my lips, skin, and hair get ridiculously dry.  It's such a strange change from Florida, where there's 99% humidity 99% of the time.  Back home I'm constantly trying to manage the frizz in my hair.

Right now, I can't go anywhere without lip balm.  And I'm definitely considering carrying around hand lotion, although that just is so not me.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't stand this dryness!!!!

Let's go from head to toes here.

I've been using this Hana Shine Shield serum for my hair.  It definitely moisturizes; I use it on my ends (never my roots, yikes).  When my hair is super static-y, I also have been known to keep a dryer sheet in my pocket to combat the finger-in-an-electrical-socket look.

Bobbi Brown gets it right every time.  I start every winter season off with one of these jars.  Tiny, expensive, but definitely the best.  I have to build up my skin's tolerance for moisturizer, otherwise I look really oily... So the first day, I'll use a tiny dap and gradually increase every day.

I alternate between the original Burt's Bees (burns so good) and this Mango Butter.  I love that it smells like a little burst of summer every time I use it.  (The minty one burns my lips really bad if it's super cold outside, so this one is my "outdoor" lip balm!)

Elbows and knees need extra special care when it's dry.  We have been using this Archipelago Botanicals MILK lotion for years in the College Prepster household.  I absolutely swear by it.  Every morning before school, Soccer Mom would put this lotion on our elbows and knees!

For days when I'm getting ready for bed, but my skin is so dry to the point where it hurts to have pajama bottoms on my legs... I could practically take a bath in this stuff.  St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea is super soothing.  I layer it on two, maybe three inches every night!

What tricks/products do you use for dry skin/lips/hair?


Sunday, November 20, 2011

one for everyone

The perfect gift for any girl.

What is a prize ball???



PS Dear Santa, I'd love to find this in my stocking.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

GIVEAWAY :: Knock Knock

I swear, after my last giveaway with Knock Knock, I now see the products everywhere!!!

(Even J. Crew carries a few clever sticky note pads.)

I'm really excited about this giveaway.  It is absolutely perfect for the holiday season that is quickly creeping up on us.  The holiday season means guests (both welcome and unwelcome), hosting parties, and all-around general craziness.  I've teamed up with Knock Knock to give away a "Holiday Survival Kit."

The Kit will have three products!!!

How funny are the little check boxes at the bottom?

Perfect for bribing members of your family for help!

Keep track of chores, housekeeping, and shopping lists on this handy pad.



Required First Entry: "Like" Knock Knock on Facebook and follow College Prep using Google Friend Connect.

Additional entries

1 entry: Post about this giveaway on your blog!  Please include the URL in your comment.

1 entry: Tweet about this giveaway.  (Please include @collegeprepster, @KnockKnock, and a URL to this blog post in your tweet.)

Please comment ONCE and let me know which entries were completed.  
Note: Anonymous comments will not count.  Please login using the Google Friend Connect account that is following College Prep.

Giveaway ends November 25 at noontime.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Salmon Cove

Salmon Cove recently sent me a canvas tote to do a product review.  If you're anything like me, it's impossible to say, "No!" to a tote.  Hello, obsessed with totes.

I have various "favorites" for different types of places I need them for.  

Did you know that DC has a "bag tax"?  If you need a bag, say in the grocery store, you're charged five cents for every one you use.  Even though it's only five cents, it's actually a pretty good idea.  I personally end up bringing a tote or two with me whenever I run errands.

I have a giant Lilly tote that's perfect for lugging tons of library books home, a super thin J. Crew tote that fits little odds and ends from errands, and a massive Bungalow Co. tote that is essential for groceries.

But I didn't really have an "in between" size bag.  Something big enough for a few articles of clothing (um... M St. shopping) and a few things from the drug store.  The Salmon Cove Canvas Tote fits right in!!!  It has two large pockets on the inside and a detachable (matching) keychain.  I really like the weight of the canvas; it's sturdy, but still has lots of flexibility (i.e. isn't stiff).


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