Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Favorites

I just cracked up reading my list of favorites from 2010.  So much has changed... and so much has stayed the same.

1.  Books.  One of my unannounced goals of 2011 was to finish 52 books over the course of the year.  I had no idea how in love I would become with books.  I wasn't even sure if I could finish 52 books... I mean, that's a book a week in addition to school reading!  I am currently reading my 65th and 66th book right now... so technically I only finished 64.  But that's WAY beyond my goal.  Books have allowed me to escape stressful situations, travel around the world, meet new friends, and become a better student.  The more I read, the faster I found myself being able to get through textbook chapters.  In order to save money, because honestly 64 books is expensive, I started checking books out from the library.  Brilliant.  Everyone should get a library card.

(Just a few...)

2.  Music.  At the very end of 2010, I was gifted a subscription to Pandora One.  I typically am not a music fan.  Literally... the most played songs on my iTunes used to be from Baby Einstein soundtracks!!!  However, over the course of the year, I have discovered the true magic of music.  Lyrics written by strangers can match up so perfectly to my life.  I actually listen to music now... and even try to remember some of the words.  I love finding a new song and adding it to a playlist.  Songs can really evoke some great memories.

3.  Apple.  I've been a fan of Apple since eighth grade when I got my first iPod Mini.  However, this year my love for the electronics has been taken to a whole new level.  I got a new Macbook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone.  Brilliant little products.  I have gotten so much use out of all of them.

4.  Entrepreneurship.  This has multiple parts... so please bear with me!  First, I have absolutely loved taking Entrepreneurship at Georgetown.  So much so, in fact, that after I took the course in the Spring I was a teaching assistant in the Fall!  I loved my professor and I loved my fellow classmates.  It was a truly inspiring class and I can honestly say it changed my life.  Also in entrepreneurship... I started my own company!!!!!!!!  I mean, how crazy is that?  TCP, Inc has been so much fun and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future.  Also, I started sending out Prep Talk in January of 2011... I feel like I've been doing it forever so it's hard for me to believe it's only been a year.  Oh... and don't forget Sweet Lemon Magazine!  That's been quite the adventure!

5.  Big decisions.  I spent half of the year as a coxswain and half of the year not as a coxswain.  Quitting crew was a major major major life decision, but I couldn't be happier right now.  It felt weird at the beginning.  Something I had been doing for years and all of a sudden it wasn't part of my daily routine.  It was strange to have no rowing in the summer, and to actually be able to go home on breaks!  I miss my friends, of course, but I'm much happier without the stress.  (I also had an INCREDIBLE semester GPA-wise and I believe there is definitely a correlation there!)

6.  New York City.  This was on my list last year... but my feelings for the city have only grown more intense and more "real."  I've made multiple trips to the city this year and I have fallen more in love.  Oh boy.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for Carly and the Big Apple.  I think this is going to be huge. NYC watch out.

7.  Meeting new friends.  This was also one of my goals for 2010.  (More specifically, I wanted to meet a new friend every week.)  I interned with College Fashionista in the spring and I met some really fun people that way.  I also took trips to New York and met some incredible incredible incredible people.  I also had some friend "issues," but overall, I decided to surround myself with inspiring people and to let go of those who brought me down.  New friends also comes with risks... but the unlikely risk is well worth it when you really connect with someone.

8.  Red jeans & Loafers & Blazers.  Not necessarily all three together (although.... it definitely could work).  These three things have been staples in my closet!  My favorite pair of red jeans, loafers, and blazer.  Each item is extremely versatile.  Love x 3.

(All shots by F.E. Castleberry for Unabashedly Prep... also one of my new friends!)

9.  No meat!  Giving up meat this year was unexpected, but it's been great.  I feel much better and much healthier!

10. J. Crew.  Now J. Crew totally made a comeback this year.  Great for my closet, horrible for my wallet.  But in all seriousness... I have a hard time not finding something new to lust over every time I enter the store.  This year I've bought shorts, shirts, jeans, blazers, shoes, coats, belts, and accessories.  If that doesn't describe the success of the brand this year, I don't know what does.

What were your 2011 Favorites?


Friday, December 30, 2011

NYE Outfits

I know, I know... it's tomorrow night.  But these outfits can (mostly) be thrown together last minute depending on your plans.  Or, you know, you can always make an "emergency" trip to the mall.

Even though it's easy to imagine yourself at some glamourous party, there are so many different ways to ring in the new year.  I put together outfits for five different types of nights.  Whatever floats your boat!!!

NYE Girl's Night

Who needs a guy to kiss at the stroke of midnight anyway???  (Well, it'd be nice... but not necessary!)  Grab your close girlfriends and get all dolled up.  Set up a fun little photoshoot... or just open your PhotoBooth on your map and take thousands of pictures in your cute outfits.  The best part?  You can kick off your shoes at the first hint of pain.

NYE Dinner & Movie

You can have fun with your outfit even if your night is just a casual dinner and movie date.  Although you may go for flats on a regular night, opt for a little height.  Glam up a comfortable shirt with a statement necklace and cinch your waist with a glittery belt.
NYE At Home
No plans?  This is my kind of New Year's outfit right here.  Cozy up on the couch with the remote control, a bowl of popcorn, and a cup of tea.  Flip between the numerous NYE specials on TV (even Disney.........).  Be sure to set your cell phone alarm for 11:58, just in case you fall asleep!

NYE Date Night

Are you a lucky girl with some super fun date night lined up?  A fancy schmancy party?  Go all out... but keep it classy.  No need for some skimpy dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.  (I mean, honestly... how to girls sit in those dresses anyway!!!)  Turn heads with a classic ensemble.
NYE Babysitting

This may be the highest grossing night for babysitters around the country.  Volunteer to sit for all the neighborhood kids.  Gather everyone up and have a fun night making party poppers and practicing the countdown with everyone under 11 years old.  Go for comfort... it's going to be a long night.

What are your plans?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

thank you

Have you sent out your Thank You notes after Christmas (or Hanukkah)?  It's okay, I won't tell on you if you haven't yet!!!

But now is most definitely the time!!!  I always go to a local stationery store to pick up a pack or two.  This year I went with grey + yellow chevron.  Kind of obsessed.

Obviously, Kate Spade.  Say "Thank You" in a super festive manner!

how KIND of you... I love the message, the simplicity, and the color of this notecard.  I would probably frame it if someone sent it to me!  It's a nice little reminder to be kind :-)

I am in love with this font and the simple, yet somehow simultaneously intricate, design.  Paper Source is a great source for, well, paper.  We have a store right on M St. in DC and I spend way too much time poring over the various odds and ends on the tables.

This is also from the Paper Source, but I think this could easily be a hand-made DIY project.  Instead of using an ink pad for stamps, opt for paint!

Have you written Thank You notes?  Where'd you pick up your cards from?


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


College Prep turned three earlier this week!  I have no idea how I missed this big milestone... I couldn't fall asleep the other night and I was trying to make a list of posts.  And somewhere along the train of my thought, I remembered!  I posted my first College Prep post just after Christmas.  (I wasn't sure of the exact date, and sure enough my trusty little iPhone confirmed my suspicions: College Prep officially turned another year older.)

I love that I started blogging right before the new year.  There's something super clean-feeling about getting ready for the new year and reaching a year milestone.

(The only "birthday" picture I could find where I was blowing out a candle! haha)

Three is also such a weird number.  I've written no fewer than four essays/papers (not an exaggeration) on the number three.  So, I'm especially looking forward to what this year will hold!

Over the years, College Prep has certainly evolved... and the evolution is far from over.  I will be graduating in May and I will have to figure out what to do with the name "College Prepster" and/or if I want to change it at all.  I will be going through tons of personal changes (and, surely, challenges) as I transition from College Life to Real Life.  Certainly, College Prep will have to keep up!!!

Thanks to everyone who reads this silly little blog.  I would probably still write it even if no one read it, but having readers does make it a lot more fun!!!  I love reading your comments.  I love interacting on Twitter. I love answering your emails.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Skin Care Routine

I have had various skin care routines over the years, but I finally have a good system in place that seems to be working.  It's really only based on trial & error plus a little luck.

I definitely don't have perfect skin, but if I do this routine, well, routinely it seems to curb all the gross skin blemishes that creep up.  (Unless I am super stressed, in which case my skin fights back with a vengeance.)  My skin, for the most part, has definitely "calmed down" a lot now that I'm not a teenager.  I like to say that my skin had major teenage angst ;-)

So what's the routine?

I alternate every other night.

Night A: I use the Clarisonic Mia with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.  I have used the other Cetaphil cleansers, but my skin is super sensitive and the gentle is the only one that doesn't dry my skin out.  (And, bonus, it doesn't have a weird smell like the others!)

Night B: I only use the Clarisonic every other night so I don't irritate my skin.  But I do like to use a scrub instead.  The St. Ives Apricot is hand's down the best.  I don't know what the secret is in this thing, but I swear it's magic!  It's the perfect consistency and the perfect amount (read: just barely) of smell.  Don't use the Clarisonic with a scrub!!!  Just a warning!

After I cleanse my face, I always follow up with this MAGICAL stuff.

I need a lifetime supply of Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10.  It's literally better than anything you could get from the dermatologist.  It's potent (sorry I'm not sorry) and gets the job done in a big way.  I only use a tiny bit, because it really dries out the skin, but on problem areas this is a NECESSITY.  Even though it's tempting to buy the generic, it really doesn't work as well as the real deal.

How to you get ready for bed?  What products do you swear by?


Monday, December 26, 2011

cake pop overload

Soccer Mom has been baking up a storm.  Cake Pops for everyone... quite literally.  Cake Pops for the neighbors, Cake Pops for parties, Cake Pops for family.

Soccer Mom is quite the baker in general, but the cake pops have taken it to a new level.  I've personally made quite a few trips to Michael's with her to pick up more sprinkles, more sticks, more ribbon, and more chocolate.  It's gotten to the point where she may or may not be ordering in bulk ;-)

I mean, they are pretty cute :-)

She made some for a party a few weeks ago... and received more orders.  How funny is her car loaded with cake pops "out for delivery"?  Just like Santa's Sleigh!

Any cake pop fans out there?


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from the Heitlingers.

(This was our holiday card this year... always a production in our house!!!)


Saturday, December 24, 2011

I love to paint.  There's something super relaxing about sitting down and zoning out and just painting.  Unfortunately, I don't have much time at school to paint.  (And frankly, I don't bring paints to school so I don't get distracted and paint instead of study!)

I sat down this week to paint a few Christmas-y things from around the house.

This is sort of what our front door looks like!

We love old fashioned Christmas lights!!!  I think this strand is super festive.  I'm thinking of getting these printed next year on cards.  

Lopsided Christmas tree.


Friday, December 23, 2011

College Prepster Playlist No. 2

I'm home on Christmas break... and I'm still completely stressed out.  What is wrong with me???  Basically, I need to chilllllllllll out.  The only thing that is seeming to work at the moment is blocking out all the noise in the house (and my head) by listening to a fun playlist.  Here's the second one of the series!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Hanukkah!

This year is a true true true Chrismukkah, which makes for very happy Heitlingers.  We celebrate both holidays and it's always fun when there is an overlap.

We're having a Chrismukkah dinner on Christmas night with the extended family, so we are testing some recipes for the big night.  First up, sufganiyots.  (Also known as Jelly Doughnuts.)  When Sporty Sister and I were little, we used to watch Shalom Sesame... which was basically the Isreali version of Sesame Street and they had this whole thing about sufganiyots!!!

Here's a video of us making the sufganiyots.

They were super delicious.  (Anyone with an iPhone use the 8mm app???)

I also did some digging around and found this video about Shalom Sesame with clips from the Chanukah show... I literally remember every single line???


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Maybe it's just me, but I think Christmas morning requires cute pajamas.  It's probably just because when we were younger my sister and I always wore matching pajamas on Christmas Eve so we could look cute in the morning.  (I have extremely vivid memories of super tight elastic around the wrists of the nightgown that drove me crazy... but I would never think to take them off!)

Here are my cute pajamas for Christmas morning picks:

Do you wear pajamas Christmas morning?  Is it a tradition?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oxfords 3 Ways

Button downs, button ups, or oxfords.  No matter which way you say it, the oxford shirt is a staple in the closet.  I typically wear one at least once a week.  I even have one that's my go-to for rainy days!

I love how the shirts can be worn in completely different ways.  Last night, I was babysitting for four extremely fun (read: crazy) little kids.  I'm talking about wrestling on the floor, wii video games, lifting them up, pulling them apart, and dodging Nerf guns.  I wore a loose oxford with jeans and ballet flats and couldn't believe how resilient the shirt is.  Seriously, when (if?) I have kids (...many years from now) I will definitely wear one, basically, every single day.

Here are three outfit ideas for how to wear an oxford shirt.
Oxford x Sweet

Oxford x Simple

Oxford x Cozy

How do you wear yours?


Monday, December 19, 2011

sweet lemon :: apply to contribute

We're going to start going through and pulling applications for the March/April issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine.

(We can't believe we're already thinking SPRING!  It's crazy!)

If you've already put in an application in the past, don't worry... it's still on file!  If you haven't, but would like to contribute go HERE to apply :-)

Deadline: WEDNESDAY the 28th

The New Headband

Oh boy.  I really do love headbands.  But I have a slight problem with collecting them.  (And J. Crew is the worst worst worst for putting them right by the cash registers!  They're my version of buying chewing gum while in line at the grocery store.)

Now, the real problem occurs when I wear headbands.  To start, I get a horrible headache every time I wear them, no matter what style.

And now that I have new glasses that I actually wear the majority of the time:

I can't even really wear headbands at all, headaches or not.

I think my new headband is going to be little hair clips.  I mean, there are just days when my hair is not cooperating and needs something to tame it!!!  (Anyone else here have bad hair days???  I can't be the only one!)

I saw this on Pinterest (it didn't have a source, so if you know where it comes from let me know and I'll link it up!), and I think it's brilliant.  I have way too many nail polishes and I could paint bobby pins for every single different type of outfit!

J. Crew crewcuts is also a perfect place to find cute little clips.  Always wanted to fit into crewcuts but aren't quite short enough?  Now's your chance!

Are you a headband girl?  Do you use bobby pins or barrettes?


Sunday, December 18, 2011


So you totally dropped the ball and have put of Christmas shopping until the last minute.

(Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us!)

The best news is that shopping in 2011 has never been easier or quicker... and the options are totally fun.  And I can honestly say that if anyone got me any of these things, I would be one happy camper.  And the best part?  The giving doesn't end after just one short present-filled day... it goes on and on!

California Funk and I gave each other Pandora One music subscriptions for a whole year.  I use Pandora all the time.  It's constantly on when I'm in my room, whether I'm studying, straightening my hair, or folding laundry.  Constant!  Pandora One has better quality music than regular pandora and no commercials!!!  This is the perfect gift for a student or really any music guru.

Netflix!  I do not watch a lot of television because I don't have time, but whenever I get terrible bouts of insomnia (it comes and goes) I watch the strangest documentaries on here.  (Oh, and every episode of Mad Men slash Friday Night Lights.....)  You can choose different number of months to give, but this is basically an amazing present for, well, anyone.

I don't use Birchbox... it's not something that I would necessarily buy for myself.  However, I'd totally love to receive it as a gift!  Maybe one of your friends hasn't quite been able to "pull the trigger" on purchasing the beauty boxes and you can do it for her!

Magazine subscriptions can be bought online, too.  The best part about going this route is that it's pretty customizable.  Your friend is getting married in a year? Bridal magazine!  Your sister is in high school?  Teen Vogue!  Your cousins are eight years old?  Highlights!  Your boyfriend's mother loves to scrapbook? Martha Stewart Living!  (Really, you could check everyone off on your list!)

What other ideas do you have for quick and simple (but perfect, long-lasting) gifts?


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Perfect Layers

I am loving the plaid shirt + sweater + pearls look right now.  It's so easy and simple.  Basically, take a plaid shirt. (I prefer a shirt shirt and not a flannel when layering with sweaters.)  Add a sweater on top.  Roll the cuffs of the shirt over the sweater.  Throw on varying lengths of pearls.

I have to put aside my OCD differences when I put together these outfits.  I really can't stand when clothes feel "bunched" up at all... and I may or may not spend about ten minutes just tugging and adjusting the shirt so I can feel 10% more comfortable.

J. Crew is crushing it with their plaids this season.  It's actually quite an issue for me because I can't not pop into the store if I just so happen to be going down M St.  Right?  I mean, hello, super tempting!!!  I could never win ;-)

I just got this one last week.  It's a little big, so if you order one you may have to go down a size, or bring to a tailor.

I loved the plaid, but it's "suckered" so it kinda looks wrinkled.  If you can get passed the wrinkled look, I say to go with this one!!!

Oh... this one looks too fabulous with tons of pearls.  Everyone in J. Crew had it on, but they didn't have my size and I was more than a little disappointed!

I love the v-neck of this cable knit.  It will be perfect to show the collar and some pop of plaid with the pearls.

This sweater is most definitely a splurge, but it's gorgeous.

And you just can't go wrong with the trusty Jackie Cardigan.  For this one, instead of rolling the cuff of the sleeve once, you may have to roll it a few times until it's situated well on the shorter sweater sleeve length!

Have you tried this layering yet?


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