Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sponsor :: Emma Graham Designs

So excited to announce another College Prep Sponsor...

I've been watching this brand since its beginnings... and I must say, it's come a long way from the campus trunk show days and I'm SO impressed.

The new Spring collection is really cute.

These are my two favorite dresses on the website right now.

On the left:  The Jordan Dress
On the right: The Mandy Dress

This is the coolest part about Emma Graham Designs I think.... 

You can design your own dress.  I think it'd be great to coordinate a bunch of dresses with your friends/sisters for sorority events.  You pick the style and then the colors.  A great way to stand out!  (Oh, and you can customize hats too for derbies!)

Something to keep your eyes out for is the Campus Collection.  It's only available from August to November, but the game day dresses are so cute!


PS You can be a Design Consultant on your college campus... Check out more information here.


  1. Okay, the create your own dress idea. Brilliant! I can't wait to check them out.

  2. I looove her dresses! Thinking about buying one for Foxfield this year!

  3. So very excited to see Emma Graham as a sponsor of College Prep! Emma and I were Chi O pledge sisters at South Carolina.

  4. I LOVE this concept and I LOVE the styles!! I'm super excited to order some spring dresses :)

  5. Invitation to bloggers: hop on Twitter and tell @emmagrahamdesig why #EGisforme and win a chance to become our fashion correspondent and win an EG Spring Wardrobe!


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