Sunday, March 25, 2012

madewell :: event this thursday

(event details at the bottom of the post)

I saw these "True Love Shrunken Oxfords" on the Madewell Tumblr and the email campaign and on my friend's Instagram... and I want one.

Or two.

Or three?

Apparently, they're amazing.  Everyone that I've talked to has sung praises for the shirts.  I'm all about the button ups recently.  They're the easiest thing to throw on when you're feeling exhausted.  (True story, if I'm wearing an oxford, I've likely slept three hours the night before.)

The colors of these oxfords are so pretty and remind me of yummy little pieces of candy!!!  I'm thinking that we should all treat ourselves to one for Easter (or make up some other excuse...).  Because they're amazing.

Want to buy them in store versus online?

(And you just happen to live in the DC area!)

Come to the private shopping party I'm hosting!!!!!

It's this Thursday (March 29) at the Georgetown location.  I'm super excited!!!  Hope to see you there!


PS Tell your friends!


  1. These are the most perfect things ever! I own two and I love them! The colors are just so lovely!

  2. Wish I could be there! Love the colors.

  3. There is a Madewell opening soon in Indianapolis- come host a party there too!

  4. Those are so cute! I'm sure you'll have a great event.

  5. I want ALL of the colors! These are so perfect! Good luck with you're event! I know you're going to do amazing!

  6. These look fantastic - thanks for sharing this, Carly! And have a fantastic event at Madewell - you'll be great!


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