Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seeing Spots

I'm on a polka dot craze right now. Thankfully, I blew through my monthly budget on cab rides... which means I have no money for clothes! Double thankfully, I went shopping with Stephanie and gave her strict orders to not let me buy anything. Triple thankfully, I actually walked out of the store empty handed.

So during the event I hosted at Madewell I kept gravitating towards the polka dots. And they were honestly everywhere. We swung by another event going on at J. Crew (which apparently wasn't actually even happening....?) and found a lot more polka dots.

The one thing that I had the hardest time not buying was this pair of pants!!! Hello, they're so cute! (PS there's Steph in the background!) Also, I had a dress on so I threw on a t-shirt to try the pants on, so disregard the shirt.

I can't find the polka dot version of the pants online, but they do have other cute patterns. They're the Cafe Capri. I think they run a little on the big side, so I suggest trying to go down a size.

More Polka Dot Favorites:

I also tried on these shoes:

So much fun!

Who else is loving dots?!?!?!?!?!

(Clearly I've gone crazy for polka dots.)



  1. I am loving those polka dot shorts from J. Crew and cardigan from Madewell. Too cute!

  2. I bought the polk-a-dot shorts from J.Crew, I love them!

  3. I always love polka dots! Those skimmers are calling my name!

  4. I love those polka-dot shorts! Too cute.
    xo Josie


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