Monday, March 26, 2012

University Chic Twitter Chat

I'm really exciting to be hosting a Twitter chat with University Chic tomorrow night!

I'm really excited! I've hosted a Twitter chat with College Fashionista before and I loved it. This one should be super fun. We'll talk about blogging and fashion. I can also answer questions that you guys have!

Every tweet in the conversation should have #uchicjobtips in the tweet so everyone can follow along. The best way to join a twitter chat is to use a platform to track the tweet hashtag. The best one I've used is called Tweet Chat!

PS I'm going to be on GW's campus somewhere while tweeting... Where's the best place to go? Anyone want to join me at a coffee shop or something?

PPS There's still some time left to enter the giveaway I'm judging with University Chic. More information here.


Check out my interview on!


  1. Wow! If I only I could get that much success on my blog! Good luck with all of your interviews and such!


  2. Loved the Twitter chat last night. :) Today's blog post was about how inspiring it was! Thanks!!!

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